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July 30, 2020



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July 29, 2020ARRESTS:07/29/20 Torrie Vanpelt, Cody, 27, Arrested for Probation Violation, (Incident #2007290009)07/29/20 Whitnee Lopez, Cody, 24, Arrested for Warrant, (Incident #2007290099)Total 911 Calls – 2 *==========================================================================01:07 Patrol-Extra 2007290007 Officer initiated activity at Green Acres Mobile Home Park, Rocky Rd, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================01:21 Reddi Report 2007290009 Occurred at Maverik North on Big Horn Ave. . White jeep intoxicated female driver went into the above location to buy more alcohol. . Disposition: See Case. *==========================================================================03:12 Patrol-Extra 2007290013 Officer initiated activity at Mentock Park, Blackburn Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================03:24 Assist other Agency 2007290014 Officer initiated activity at Wal-Mart, Yellowstone Ave, Cody. WHP requesting assistance status checking Pat34. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==========================================================================07:47 Intrusion/Holdup 2007290017 Occurred at Park County Library on Heart Mountain St. . Reception Desk Panic. . Disposition: False Alarm.*==========================================================================08:05 Animal- Deceased 2007290018 Occurred on 31ST St. RP advised deceased deer on the lawn. . Disposition: Completed. *==========================================================================08:10 Miscellaneous Assistance 2007290019 Occurred on Rumsey Ave. Rp has questions about subjects having large fires in the yard at night. . Disposition: Unable to Assist.





*==========================================================================08:40 Welfare Check 2007290022 Occurred on 23RD St. Requesting a welfare check on the below listed person. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================08:48 Abandoned Vehicle 2007290024 Occurred at Lds Stake Office on Heart Mountain St. . Veh parked in lot for the last 2 months. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================10:15 Animal-Stray 2007290036 Officer initiated activity at Mountain View DR/21ST St, Cody. Tan Pomeranian running at large. . Disposition: Completed. *==========================================================================10:28 Child Welfare 2007290038 Occurred in Cody. Possible child abuse. . .*==========================================================================10:55 Suspicious Activity 2007290040 Occurred at Big Horn Liquor on Big Horn Ave. . Empty lot btwn liquor store and Joe's Auto, Uhaul trk and vans parked with a large group of people taking things out of the veh. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==========================================================================11:03 Animal Call - Other 2007290042 Occurred on Sage Ave. Rp has concerns regarding the dog across the street. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================11:36 Traffic Stop 2007290046 Officer initiated activity at Stampede Ave, Cody. TS-Driver warned for obedience to traffic control devices. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *==========================================================================11:59 Traffic Stop 2007290050 Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS-Driver cited for driving while license canceled, warned for speed and no seatbelt. . Disposition: Citation Issued. *==========================================================================12:54 Suspicious Activity 2007290056 Occurred at Wal-Mart on Yellowstone Ave. . 1230-1240//2 juv males bought lighters, and overheard the kids talking about how they were excited to start a fire. Kids were last seen on their bikes at the museum. . Disposition: Unable to Locate.*==========================================================================12:57 Property-Found 2007290058 Occurred at Eagle Real Estate on Sheridan Ave. . Rp found keys on the ground in front of the door of business. . Disposition: Returned to Owner.*==========================================================================14:05 Assist other Agency 2007290067 Occurred on E Ave. Rp would like assistance w/a child welfare. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================14:48 Other Law Violations 2007290069 Occurred on Tri Power Ct. Rp says that the gas has been siphoned out of her vehicles. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==========================================================================


15:44 Miscellaneous Assistance 2007290075 Occurred on Olive Glenn Dr. Rp has numerous questions about his neighbors barking dogs and leash laws. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================15:57 Threats 2007290079 Occurred at Parkway Trailer & RV Park on Yellowstone Ave. . Rp says that a woman threatened her. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================16:09 Miscellaneous Assistance 2007290080 Occurred on River View Dr. RP states that her neighbors kids are throwing water balloons. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================16:34 Trespass Complaint 2007290083 Occurred at Parkway Trailer & RV Park on Yellowstone Ave. . RP would like to trespass the below listed person from the trailer park. . . *==========================================================================16:45 Miscellaneous Assistance 2007290085 Occurred at Jubys Trailer Crt on 19TH St. . Rp would like to speak w/an officer about a man who has been hanging around the park. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==========================================================================18:47 Animal-Stray 2007290093 Occurred at Jubys Trailer Crt on 19TH St. . Rp says that there is a small white dog that is out every night. . Disposition: Unable to Locate.*==========================================================================19:25 Road Hazard/Blockage 2007290095 Occurred at 17TH St Hill on 17TH St. . Rp says that there is a construction truck stuck on the hill. . Disposition: Gone on Arrival.*==========================================================================19:28 Trespass Complaint 2007290096 Occurred on 29TH St. Rp says that the listed couple trespassed. . Disposition: Unable to Assist. *==========================================================================19:28 Other Law Violations 2007290097 Occurred at Jubys Trailer Crt on 19TH St. . Open brush fire. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================19:35 Traffic Stop 2007290098 Officer initiated activity at Best Western Ivy Inn, 8TH St, Cody. TS - Warned for speed 41/30. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================19:54 Warrant Service Attempt 2007290099 Officer initiated activity at Shoshone Court Apartments, Pioneer Ave, Cody. . Disposition: See Case.*==========================================================================20:34 Traffic Stop 2007290101 Officer initiated activity at Big Horn Ave, Cody. TS - Warned for speed. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *==========================================================================22:48 Intrusion/Holdup 2007290106 Occurred at Pizza Hut on Yellowstone Ave. . Panic alarm. . Disposition: Informational.

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