Two Sides Of The Same Coin

June 12, 2020



By Marc Kelley

Syndicated by: Montana News

Of course it's not enough to deal with one hate filled organization at a time, when you can deal with two. Over the last several weeks we have been hearing a great deal about the radical Left Wing group, known as ANTIFA.


This group of people is looking to spread division between Americans by utilizing violence to incite a self perpetuating cycle of hate. ANTIFA has but one goal….to spread anarchy throughout, not only the USA, but the world as a whole.


However, ANTIFA is not alone in their hate filled ideology, there is another group, equally radical in their beliefs; and again, looking to divide America, utilizing hate. Unlike ANTIFA, The Boogaloo Movement, as it is known, has not gotten much media coverage, until they became a necessary evil and convenient group, to blame for the destruction and looting of inner city neighborhoods across our country. By taking a closer look at these two groups, you will quickly see, they are nothing more, than two sides of the same coin.



Both The Boogaloo Movement and ANTIFA, use social media as their chosen vehicle for communication, coordination and recruitment. As each day passes, increasing harm is done to our country through the spreading of hate, encouraged by both Left and Right Wing extremists who hate our country. The tactic of targeting of our children, is in many cases hidden in seemly harmless cartoons and Meme's, posted everyday on social media. Complicit in these tactics are the social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and the latest edition to the cesspool of questionable human




4Chan, has at its foundation, what many of us know as a message board platform; however, a bit deeper dive into the site, reveals a much different and darker glimpse into human behavior. The site is broken up into "threads" or conversations between users. Unlike Facebook or other chat forums, 4Chan allows their users to remain totally anonymous and does not even require a screen name to write or respond to a post.


The site boasts over 22 millions users each month and promises a platform, where its users can post or say virtually anything they want, with only the slightest chance of identification or accountability. To make identification of its users even more difficult, 4Chan threads (conversations) expire relatively quickly and disappear from the platform.


This feature allows 4Chan users the ability to communicate with, and target virtually any group they choose, anonymously and without consequences.



As with any good marketing plan, step one is reaching a large audience; then, presenting an attractive enticement to prospective customers. For this task, 4Chan has chosen the social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Toc.



Access to these well know social media sites, allows groups like ANTIFA and The Boogaloo, to plant the seeds necessary to grow their movement.



The best example of this deceit, can be found in the popular Facebook MEME's featuring, "Pepe the Frog". Pepe the Frog was the 2005 brain child, of comic book writer and artist Matt Furie, invented for his comic book works entitled, "Boys Club." Pepe the Frog, was originally intended to represent the off color, juvenile comedy, many of our children seem to appreciate. However, images of Pepe, gave groups like The Boogaloo, the perfect enticement and recruiting tool, for targeting our children.


Once Pepe's images became an acceptable form of comedy, The Boogaloo Movement began corrupting Pepe's message, with racial slurs and hate related context. Once familiar with images of Pepe on Facebook, Twitter and Tik Toc, many young people followed Pepe onto sites like 4Chan, and the real damage was set into motion. When groups like ANTIFA and the Boogaloo Movement are legitimized, and their dishonest rhetoric is accepted as fact, hate is allowed to fester. Impressionable young people are indoctrinated into a culture of violence, led by professional athletes, celebrities and power hungry politicians, modeling behavior which is contrary to the core principles of respect.



Understanding the foundational ideology of ANTIFA and The Boogaloo Movement, requires one to delve into the murky world of Political Science. However, if one can acknowledge political ideology is not a linear concept, but rather a circular model, it becomes much easier to understand the idea, the further a group moves to the left (liberal), the closer they come to the right (conservative). Essentially, this is the problem we have in Washington DC.


As the political parties appear on the surface to have vast differences and can find no common ground; in fact, they, like ANTIFA and The Boogaloo, are only concerned about keeping and consolidating their power at any cost to the people of our country.


ANTIFA and The Boogaloo Movement have a great deal in common with regards to their ideology. Both groups embrace the anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist views, they believe will bring about social change. Through the political and social theory known as accelerationism, ANTIFA seeks to increase the speed of technological evolution by removing what they view as the restraints of capitalism.


This Marxist ideology is not only the goal of ANTIFA, but has been embraced by big tech, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. By limiting the profit motive (monetary gain) to the ruling class and confiscating emerging technology from the working class, the process of social emancipation and the removal of legal, and political restrictions would be greatly accelerated. On the other hand, The Boogaloo Movement supports the theory of accelerationism, to intensify capitalism, with the goal being to start a second civil war, fought to establish a sovereign state in which citizenship is restricted to members of a particular racial or ethnic group. No matter how you spin the actions or messages, the end result is a police state, in which freedom and liberty, simply cease to exist. 



Under the guise of social justice, groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, hide their true goals. If this were not true, we would be inundated by cries of criticism and outrage, against the politicians who allowed at the burning of inner city neighborhoods, ignore the murder rates in city's like: Chicago and Baltimore and failing infrastructure of our largest city's. But this is Black on Black crime, it flies in the face of the message, America is a racist country, yearning fundamental change and a new, Socialist leadership. In contrast, the Boogaloo Movement, seeks a racial cleansing, spreading disinformation and conspiracy theories aimed at igniting a race war, and once again, pitting brother against brother.


As heavily armed Boogaloo Bois, face off with ANTIFA, the media would have us believe, we have no choice but to dismantle America, defund the police, give up our freedoms and then submit to a ruling class, The choice between the ideologies of Marxism and Fascism, represents no choice at all, as these two groups of radicals, are nothing more and nothing less, than two sides, of the same coin. 

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