The Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave

May 20, 2020


By Marc Kelley

Syndicated by: Montana News

As we continue down the road to overcoming COVID-19, it becomes vitally important to understand what we are all going through, is a form of trauma. For most of us, the trauma we will experience, will not come in the form of physical injury, but rather, will be the result of continuous mental pressure, brought about by feelings of helplessness, fear and anxiety. Make no mistake, trauma resulting from emotional stress is every bit as destructive as physical trauma; and as such, must be addressed, processed and understood, if we are to develop the coping mechanisms needed to manage the effects.


It is important to recognize, we are not alone in dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Like any other shared traumatic event, the experience itself leads to shared insight and feelings of closeness to others, who experienced the same event. It is human nature to feel empathy when witnessing suffering, and it is this empathy itself, which can be healing. As each day arrives, we all have a choice to make. Should we live our lives in fear, isolated from the most precious parts of our lives or should we choose to live free, encouraged by the actions of those who have come before us?


A very wise women once explained to me, "people are about as happy as the choose to be". As a young boy growing up, I failed to grasp the importance and wisdom in this simple statement, its message lost, on the innocence of my youth. And now, as an old man, viewing the world retrospectively, I understand the message and have come to appreciate the peace, which can be garnered by a simple choice.


All over our great nation, we are witnessing people helping strangers and neighbors alike, through simple acts of kindness. Again and again, we have heard the stories of how survivors of COVID-19, fought for their lives and beat the odds, the "experts" had given them. Grateful and humbled by their experience, these survivors thank the people who cared for them. From this shared experience, those who were once considered strangers, are now considered family.



One does not have to look very far, to see examples of the trauma brought on by COVID-19. Everyone is hungry for information on the virus; and yet, when we tune into the news for that information, we are spoon fed, opinions, conjecture and in some cases, outright disinformation. We see epidemiological models which time and time again, have proven to be inaccurate. The nightly news has become nothing short of an insidious Chinese water torture, filled with its drip, drip, drip of partisan, political finger pointing. The "experts" now expect us to believe, the lives we knew before COVID, are now gone forever.


Never again will we shake hands, hug our friends or sit-down to share a meal, with the most important people in our lives. And now, we are presented with perhaps the most frightening pieces of information of all… our economy will never recover, our only hope is the complete implementation of Socialism and our new normal, will be the equal sharing of misery by all.


Which brings us back around full circle to the idea, people are about as happy as they want to be. Everyone should take a moment and remember who we are as a people, where we came from, and the hardships we have endured. We are not people who will blindly follow, because it is easier. We are not people who will choose to live in fear, giving up the freedoms and liberties, paid for by the blood of so many of our brothers and sisters. We are not people who will choose a handout, rather than a hand-up.


America was built with the blood, sweat and tears of the working men and women of our land. Strong people, strong in our beliefs, our faith and our attitudes. We understand, nothing in life is free and life itself is not guaranteed…so we work hard, building a better future for our children, than the past we will leave behind. Most import of all, we understand we are not alone in these beliefs. Just as we always have, we will continue to help each other, we will continue to pray for each other, we will trust in The Lord, and we will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, bow our heads.


We are Americans, and we FEAR NOT, giving our last full measure of devotion, fighting for our rights. We are Americans, we live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave; and, we will make sure America remains true to the vision, so clearly seen by of the original Deplorable's, 244 years ago. 





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