Cody Wyoming Police Department News

May 11, 2020




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May 08, 09, & 10, 2020 ARRESTS:

05/08/20 Martin Chambers, Cody, 43,

Arrested for Domestic Battery

05/10/20 Joshua Beacham, Cody, 41, Arrested for DUI – 2nd Off W/In 10 Yrs, DWUS – 2nd Offense, & Probation Violation, (Incident #2005100054) Total 911 Calls – 8 *========================================================================== May 08, 2020 01:38 Patrol-Extra 2005080006 Officer initiated activity at Harvest Church, County Road 6WX, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 08:01 Traffic Stop 2005080016 Officer initiated activity at Gulch St/Yellowstone Ave, Cody. TS - Driver cited for speed. . Disposition: Citation Issued.


*========================================================================== 08:32 Animal Call - Other 2005080021 Occurred on Shoshone Trl South. RP would like to speak w/CEO about her neighbor's aggressive dog. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 10:00 Property-Lost 2005080039 Occurred at GOOD2GO - 17TH St on 17TH St. . RP says she lost her phone and wallet at the gas station just now. Wallet-black zipper wallet, misc cards. Phone-Marilyn Monroe phone case. . Disposition: Informational. *========================================================================== 10:39 Traffic Stop 2005080047 Officer initiated activity at Wyoming River Trips, Yellowstone Ave, Cody. TS - Driver warned for speed. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *========================================================================== 10:58 Traffic Stop 2005080049 Officer initiated activity at 16TH St, Cody. TS - Driver warned for no valid reg. . Disposition: Warning Issued.



*========================================================================== 11:11 Citizen Contact 2005080051 Officer initiated activity at Rumsey Ave, Cody. Out w/female. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 11:34 Citizen Contact 2005080053 Officer initiated activity at Central Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 11:49 Extra Patrol Request 2005080054 Officer initiated activity at Friends of Buffalo Dam Center, Sheridan Ave, Cody. On Foot. . Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 12:16 Fraud Related 2005080059 Occurred on Stampede Ave. RP's social security number has been compromised. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 15:33 Animal Call - Other 2005080084 Occurred on Bleistein Ave. RP says that the dog at this address gets out all the time and she's afraid it might get hit. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 16:34 Suspicious Activity 2005080088 Occurred at Maverik South on 17TH St. . RP advised that there is a white transport bus, 2 males dressed jeans and camo jackets. . Disposition: Unable to Locate. *========================================================================== 16:49 Theft 2005080090 Occurred at Jubys Trailer Crt on 19TH St. . RP says that there was a break in at the office of the above location and stole 2 guns (unknown make model). She believes the theft happened within the last 5 weeks. . Disposition: See Case. *========================================================================== 18:06 Civil Standby 2005080097 Occurred on 13TH St. RP needs a officer for civil standby, advises that the female won't let him get his things. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 20:37 Disturbance 2005080108 Occurred on Draw St. RP is hearing loud noise coming from the west of them, doesn't think it is the High School. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 21:18 Patrol-Extra 2005080114 Officer initiated activity at Cody Rodeo Grounds, West Yellowstone Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 21:57 Traffic Stop 2005080117 Officer initiated activity at Yellowstone Ave, Cody. TS- Driver cited for Interference/Cited for speed 44/30/Cited for Driving while suspended. . Disposition: Citation Issued. *========================================================================== May 09, 2020 01:25 Miscellaneous Assistance 2005090002 Officer initiated activity at A St, Cody. Out with car alarm going off. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 02:05 Citizen Contact 2005090003 Officer initiated activity at Ace Hardware - Cody, 17TH St, Cody. Out with vehicle at Beck Lake behind Ace Hardware. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 08:11 Miscellaneous Assistance 2005090012 Occurred at Bunkhouse Apartments on 15TH St. . RP wants to talk to an officer about various issues. . Disposition: Unable to Assist. *========================================================================== 08:55 Patrol-Extra 2005090013 Officer initiated activity at Wal-Mart, Yellowstone Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 10:30 Welfare Check 2005090020 Occurred at Jubys Trailer Crt on 19TH St. . RP hasn't heard from her son in 2 weeks. Would like him to call her. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 11:10 Miscellaneous Assistance 2005090023 Occurred at Bunkhouse Apartments on 15TH St. . RP says her car alarm was going off so she knows that someone was trying to break into it. . Disposition: Unable to Assist. *========================================================================== 12:03 Animal Call - Other 2005090026 Occurred at Cougar Ave/Freedom St. RP says there is a horse with a bleeding shoulder-palomino w/one eye. . Disposition: Unfounded. *========================================================================== 13:30 Property-Lost 2005090032 Occurred on Alger Ave. RP is missing a smooth leather black wallet. Contains his stimulus checks and all debit cards, DL etc. . Disposition: Informational. *========================================================================== 14:53 Property Damage 2005090036 Occurred at Burger King on Mountain View Dr. . RP says that someone stabbed something into the side of her tire. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 17:13 Animal-Stray 2005090043 Occurred on Monte Vista Ave. RP has an older Husky mix w/red and black collar. . Disposition: To Animal Shelter. *========================================================================== 20:40 Parking Problem 2005090054 Officer initiated activity at Blackburn Ave/Cougar Ave, Cody. . . *========================================================================== 21:29 Citizen Contact 2005090058 Officer initiated activity at Lucky’s Car Wash, Sheridan Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 21:35 Citizen Contact 2005090059 Occurred at Bragg Plumbing on Sheridan Ave. . . Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 21:44 Traffic Stop 2005090061 Officer initiated activity at 10TH St/Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS- Driver warned for speed. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *========================================================================== 22:19 Patrol-Extra 2005090062 Officer initiated activity at Grace Baptist Church, County Road 6WX, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 22:31 Patrol-Extra 2005090063 Officer initiated activity at Beck Lake Park, 14TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 22:51 Traffic Stop 2005090065 Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS- Driver warned for no license plate light/Improper display of registration. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *========================================================================== 23:04 Harassment 2005090067 Occurred at Cody Law Enforcement Center on River View Dr. . RP would like to report an ongoing harassment issue. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== May 10, 2020 03:04 Traffic Stop 2005100005 Officer initiated activity at Cody Ave, Cody. TS - Warned for no tail light on the trailer & failure to signal / advised of the requirements for WY DL and registration. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *========================================================================== 03:54 Intrusion/Holdup 2005100007 Officer initiated activity at Canyon Ave, Cody. Car alarm. . Disposition: Nothing Found. *========================================================================== 07:42 Patrol-Extra 2005100013 Officer initiated activity at Grace Baptist Church, County Road 6WX, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 07:52 Welfare Check 2005100015 Occurred on Kenmar St. Elderly female was passed out in front of RP's house. . Disposition: Unable to Locate. *========================================================================== 10:42 Child Welfare 2005100020 Occurred on White Water Ave. . Disposition: Unfounded. *========================================================================== 12:11 Building Burglary 2005100022 Occurred on A St. RP says that his son's house was broken in to. . Disposition: See Case. *========================================================================== 18:15 Domestic 2005100037 Occurred on 16TH St. RP-states calling for a friend and the below listed subject slammed victims head on wall. . Disposition: See Case. *========================================================================== 18:23 Reddi Report 2005100038 Occurred at Wal-Mart on Yellowstone Ave. . RP says that a man tried to start a fight with a assoc that told him not to park on the sidewalk. . Disposition: Unable to Locate. *========================================================================== 21:52 Other Accident 2005100046 Occurred at A Plus Secure Storage on Robert St. . RP says that someone tried to break into his storage lockers, he is on site and will meet the officers at the gate. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 23:10 Traffic Stop 2005100054 Officer initiated activity at 16TH St, Cody. . Disposition: See Case.

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