How COVID-19 Spreads

March 10, 2020


By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

So let's look past all the Liberal Media, and Radical Democrat political weaponizing of the Coronavirus and learn real facts about it, minus the Liberal Media Spin.


So precisely, what are the symptoms of Coronavirus or commonly code-named COVID-19?


They are as follows:  A. Fever  B. Coughing C. Shortness of breath.


It appears as if the COVID-19 will appear 5-9 days later in severe cases, has been know to show symptoms in two days after infection.  All depending on the individuals' state of health.


The virus can hide out for as long as fourteen days once a person is exposed, commonly known as an incubation period.



So far, the virus seems to spread from person to person between individuals who are in close contact with each other, typically less than 6 feet apart.


It can spread via respiratory droplets that are produced when a person infected with the COVID-19  coughs or sneezes.


If droplets land near the nose, mouth or eyes of any person that is within 6 feet or have possibly inhaled the droplets into their lungs, they also have now been infected.


The CDC thinks that the virus can also spread by touching various surfaces or objects that may have the COVID-19 virus lingering on it.   The life of the virus outside of the human body has about a 9-hour life span, according to the CDC. 


The CDC does not think; however, that surfaces we touch are the primary way it spreads; however, it can spread via surfaces to some degree.  


The medical experts think that the virus will spread before people show symptoms.  It, however, is a sure thing that the most time contagious time to spread the virus is when the person is sick.


So far, the range of COVID-19 shows that some cases are very mild, with some people having no symptoms but are infected with the virus.  Older people are the age group that needs to be most protected, as it seems that the illness affects them more.  If an older person has any heart disease or lung disease or diabetes or have weak immune systems, they are considered a higher risk of developing a severe case of COVID-19 illness, which in some cases will cause the death of the aged.  

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