Billings Police Ping Victims Phone Without Warrant To Get Location Information: In Montana Location Information Is Protected In Montana

March 5, 2020


Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings man Clayton Wayne Ramsey arrested and charged for PFMA, Partner Family Member Assault his first Offense and Criminal destruction or tampering with a communication device.


According to the Billings Police Department notes and incident report, Billings police responded to the North Park area for a disturbance in progress.


The 911 called stated that she had received a call from her daughter and that her daughter was crying.   


According to the complainant who called the Billings police, she identified her daughter's boyfriend as Clayton Wayne Ramsey.


Billings police without a warrant started to ping the phone of her daughter but were unable to locate the complainant's daughter.  


NOTE:  (police were pining the victims' phone, not the accused perpetrator.). They did this without a warrant.


Billings police were not able to locate the victim by pinging her phone. Just minutes later, the mother called the dispatch center and stated that Clayton Ramsey had her daughter's phone number and that she could hear her daughter in the background.  At approximately 12:15 pm, the daughter called dispatch and stated that she was inside an unknown address.


The mother called dispatch again and stated that her daughter told her if she called the cops, she would never see her daughter again.


At about 12:19 pm, Clayton Ramsey called and stated he was taking P.H. home, and at about 12:33 pm, Officers had been informed that P.H.  had returned home.


In summary, P.H. stated that she was staying at Clayton Ramsey's home the night before and tried to leave around 9:40 am, but that was forced to remain as Ramsey would not let her go the property.  Ramsey grabbed her ponytail and threw her down then dragged her across the carpet.  


Between 9:40 and midnight, she tried to escape again but physically stopped.


At one point, P.H. stated that she told Ramsey that if he let her go, she would not call the cops.


Ramsey accused of then strangling her by using both hands.


Five or six times he would strangler her to the point of rendering her unconscious, she stated.


At one point, she remembers clawing at Clayton Ramsey's face and neck as she was about to pass out; also she heard a popping sound coming from her chest area as her head and neck we pressed into the floor.


Clayton Ramsey is accused of also backhanding her across the face, chasing her into the bathroom.  As she called 911, Clayton Ramsey accused of taking her phone and breaking it.


Once Billings police located Claton Ramsey, they detained him.  Officer Sgt Conrad discovered a grinder in Clayton Ramsey's pocket.  The mill had a residue of fresh marijuana. 


Billings Police, who were involved with this incident, is Officer Cook, Detective Lausch and Sgt Conrad.

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