Billings Man Jason D McCalister Allegedly Accused Of Strangulation Says Billings Police Attacked Him And Beat Him During Arrest

February 18, 2020




Syndicated by: Montana News

On February 16, 2020, Billings police dispatched to the 400 blocks of Byrd Street for a PFMA in progress.


According to the complainant who called 911, he stated that his stepfather was hurting his mother.


Billings Police Officer Farrell-Fox arrived and observed a sound coming from inside of the home.   When Police knocked, a young minor opened up the door to the house.  


Billings Police immediately stepped into the home and visually observed Jason Devon McCalister standing in the living room and seemed a bit agitated.


Billings Police Officer Farrell-Fox told Jason Devon McCalister that he was being detained but did not give McCalister any reason for the immediate detainment.   


This type of Police treatment caused a chain reaction from Jason Devon McCalister that caused him to get upset; McCalister started to yell at Officer Farrell-Fox and refused to listen to any of the Officer' verbal commands.


Billings Police Officer Johnson arrived and assisted Officer Farrell-Fox in handcuffing McCalister.


According to Jason McCalister, the Billings Police were being abusive to him and beat him.  As he stated that a woman stepped out of another room and said: "you already beat me."


McCalister moved and adjusted his standing position.  This movement caused the Officers to handle McCalister more aggressively.


The Billings Police Officer then escorted Jason McCalister to their patrol car.   Jason McCalister resisted sitting in the patrol car, so Billings Police Officers used force to get him to comply with getting in the patrol car and sitting.


According to Jason McCalister, he accuses the Billings Police of attacking him as Officers were pulling and pushing McCalister to get him into the patrol car, alleging police brutality.


Once McCalister was advised that he was under arrest, he wanted the female arrested as she had scratched him McCalister claimed.


During the investigation, and after McCalister had his Miranda warning read to him, he agreed to talk further with the Billings Police Officers.


During that conversation, McCalister indicated that he and N.G. got into an argument over kids not behaving.  When asked why N.G. would say that he choked her,  McCalister told Officers that N.G. is always lying about things and making up things still trying to be a victim when in fact, nothing had happened to her.


Lately, N.G. would come home with bruises and scratches on her and would never tell him how she got them but would always say that "the animals did it."


 Billings Police Officers Farrell-Fox, Unruh, Q Johnson, Sgt Becker were all involved with this incident and according to the Billings Police Ratings  at


Officer Farrell-Fox is being researched for a rating to be applied to this officer. and of now has no negative ratings


Billings Police Officer Officer Unruh Badge#**** Rating (A) This officer is being researched to assign a proper rating based on public comments coming to the Montana News News room.


Sgt. Bret Becker Badge #301  currently maintains a (A) rating.


Officer Q. Johnson currently maintains an (a) rating. 



All of these Officers having good ratings, can be trusted by the general public and are NOT considered a threat to public safety.





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