Is The Billings Police Chief Lying To The Public AGAIN!

February 18, 2020



By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

A series of press releases were released by the Billings Police Department some on the same day, and others later as the story developed.

Billings Police Officer Sgt Gunther stated that a crash took place located at 1st Ave South and South 27th Street.  Sgt Gunther would only say that one victim was transported to the hospital with injuries.  Sgt. Gunther did not elaborate any more than that as the investigation was ongoing.  

A police report #20-11459 was assigned.  Later on, Sgt Gunther once again stated in a tweet, The  second vehicle was located, no injuries reported.   The intersection is now clear.

Later in the early morning hours, Billings Police officers were already searching for  this vehicle earlier in the evening. (Once again, we're dealing with police report #20-11459.)  At about 0036 hrs, 5-6 juveniles fled from multiple Billings Police Officers in a vehicle and fled to the area of Bernard Street and Monad road, a 35-year-old Billings Police Officer attempted to deploy spike strips and that particular Billings Police Officer got in the way and ended up being struck from the fleeing vehicle as it was fleeing from the Billings Police.


Billings Police Chief Rich St. John (Dirty Cop) stated on a radio newscast that the juvenile (male) deliberately struck the Billings Police Officer.

Highly doubtful. 


Remember this is the Same Chief of Police (dirty cop) that lied to the general public regarding Officer Grant Morrison (dirty cop) shooting of Richard Ramirez.  His second human shooting in just a 14 month span.  Later, the City settled with the Ramirez estate.   Remember when the Chief of

Police defended his three Officers of whom were caught in the middle of a sex scandal?


Or how about when the Chief defended Officer Grant Morrison (dirty cop) and lied to the Department of Justice and denied or instead left out the fact that Officer Grant Morrison (dirty cop) was running illegal NCIC reports on unsuspecting females whom Grant Morrison said drove by his house. He then emailed pictures of those women to various NON-police or members of the public.


Suffice it to say Billings Police Chief Rich St John can not be trusted by the public, nor anything he says.

So it is highly doubtful that the young 14-year-old male deliberately with intent, tried killing the Billings Police Officer who threw out the spike strip.


More than likely, the minor child being over his head, scared, reacted incorrectly and did the wrong thing.   More than likely, the Billings Police Officer miscalculated the distance from the speeding car to his person and was in the way and ended up being struck by the passing vehicle as the driver (14-year-old minor) fled trying to evade the spike strip that had been deployed by the Billings Police Officer.

Yet in a press release and drafted by Lt. Wooley.  Lt Wooley stated the following. @1:12 am on 02/15/2020 in the area of Bernard and Monad (same case #20-11459).

Lt. Wooley stated," Billings Police located a vehicle in the area of Bernard South of Monad.  The vehicle fled from the officers multiple times previously in the evening."


Lt. Wooley stated that "Billings Police were shouting commands to the minor occupants that were in the vehicle in question. "


However it is widely known that Billings Police Officers placed themselves in front of the car, which indicates that multiple Officers were potentially and possibly at risk of being struck, run-down, accelerated into and run over by a vehicle and that the motor of the vehicle was still running and was not disabled.

Unfortunately, a Billings Police Officer was injured in the line of duty, but he did not suffer life-threatening injuries; instead, they were "not life-threatening" as the Chief stated on a morning radio show. 


The young officer is only 35-years-old and is considered still a rooky with only six years under his belt.  Billings Police, are once again hiding the facts from the public, they have failed to identify the injured officer just like when Chief Rich St John refused to identify the identity of the three officers involved in the sex scandal until the public forced the departments hand.

Lt. Wooley stated, "The initial Tweet information from the BPD indicated the officer who was struck was attempting to deploy stop sticks.  That information is not accurate. The officer was giving commands as the vehicle was stopped and was not actively fleeing at the time."


Looking at the history of the Billings Police Department and how they continually lie to the public and the media,  More than likely, the 35-year-old Officer got struck while deploying the spike strip.


But it is easier for the police to blame the 14-year-old minor who is wet behind the ears, than for the Billings police to ever, ever take accountability for their own actions.  But then again, look who is the Chief,  St.John.  That says it all. 


The Montana News and our viewers hope for a speedy recovery for the injured Officer.

According to the Billings Police ratings:

update: Jeremiah Adams Badge#430 Rating (F) Listed as a danger to public safety--can not be trusted Officer Adams is being researched for a rating to be applied to this officer. Billings Police Officer Jeremiah Adams stepped in the way of an oncoming car when he threw out a spike strip and was hit by the passing 14-year old boy who was trying to evade the spike strips. Officer Jeremiah Adams has a history of following Billings citizens for blocks and blocks. Attorneys are reviewing tapes that were obtained in an attempt to see if they have enough to file a civil case against him. Also Jeremiah Adams is alleged to be a racist police officer and will target minorities. This officer is a danger to public safety and can not be trusted.


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