Cody Wyoming Police Department News

February 14, 2020



Syndicated by: Montana News


01:23 Patrol-Extra 2002120005 Officer initiated activity at Heights Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================04:41 Patrol-Extra 2002120013 Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================06:59 Motor Vehicle Crash 2002120016 Occurred on Platinum Ave. MVC. . Disposition: See Case.*==========================================================================07:47 Miscellaneous Assistance 2002120020 Occurred at 11TH St Hill on South Fork Ave. . RP called and stated that there are a lot of vehicles stuck on hill. . Disposition: Referred to Other Agency.*==========================================================================08:02 Patrol-Extra 2002120022 Officer initiated activity at Eastside Elementary School, 17TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================08:05 Traffic Stop 2002120023 Officer initiated activity at Big Horn AVE/19TH St, Cody. TS-Driver warned for speed school zone no proof liability insurance. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================08:06 Patrol-Extra 2002120024 Officer initiated activity at Sunset Elementary School, Sheridan Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.


08:10 Traffic Stop 2002120025 Officer initiated activity at Circle Drive Park, 16TH St, Cody. TS-Driver citation speed in school zone, warned for distracted driving. . Disposition: Citation Issued. *==========================================================================08:50 Traffic Stop 2002120032 Officer initiated activity at Midway Auto Sales, Big Horn Ave, Cody. TS-Driver warned for speed. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *==========================================================================09:01 Threats 2002120034 Occurred at Cody High School on 10TH St. . RP states threats have been made on her sons life. . .*==========================================================================09:17 Traffic Stop 2002120036 Officer initiated activity at Beck Ave, Cody. TS-Driver Citation issued no proof liability insurance warned for failure to yield right of way ft display front license plate and no right turn signal. . Disposition: Citation Issued.*==========================================================================09:41 Motor Vehicle Crash 2002120038 Occurred at Canyon AVE/8TH St. Blue Toyota 4 runner vs White GMC Sierra. Driver warned for careless driving. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================10:07 Child Welfare 2002120040 Occurred at Park County Library on Heart Mountain St. . Purple coat skinny jeans with baby and son subject grabbed son by coat and pushed him to the ground. Approx 4yom. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==========================================================================10:57 Traffic Stop 2002120045 Officer initiated activity at Cougar Ave, Cody. TS-Driver warned for stop sign violation and careless driving. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *==========================================================================11:10 Traffic Stop 2002120048 Officer initiated activity at 3H Bar Liquor, Big Horn Ave, Cody. TS-Driver citation no liability insurance warned for unsafe lane change. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================11:19 Parking Problem 2002120051 Occurred at 18TH St/Central Ave. Old Chevy truck parked on street illegally. . Disposition: Gone on Arrival.*==========================================================================12:35 Traffic Stop 2002120063 Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS-Driver cited for license restrictions 2 non family members in vehicle and warned for following to close. . Disposition: Citation Issued.*==========================================================================12:36 Child Welfare 2002120064 Officer initiated activity at Cody High School, 10TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================13:15 Drug Related 2002120066 Officer initiated activity at Cody High School, 10TH St, Cody. Subject keeps leaving class and going to the restroom across the school instead of near his class. Very suspicious and his eyes appear droopy when he returns. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================


14:01 Traffic Stop 2002120068 Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS - Warned for windshield obstructed. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================14:17 Traffic Stop 2002120069 Officer initiated activity at Jubys Trailer Crt, 19TH St, Cody. TS- Cited for no registration. . Disposition: Citation Issued.*==========================================================================14:43 Trespass Complaint 2002120072 Officer initiated activity at Jubys Trailer Crt, 19TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================15:19 Patrol-Extra 2002120075 Officer initiated activity at Livingston Elementary School, 12TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================15:40 Traffic Complaint 2002120079 Occurred at Holiday Inn on Sheridan Ave. . Vehicle driving erratic, swerving in the lanes pushed RP off the road -ls headed to Walmart - Red Semi truck, tandem trailer, name of Adler written on the side. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================16:42 Property-Found 2002120085 Occurred at Kincheloe Plumbing on 12TH St. . Brown leather western wallet w /silver medallion and sliver bead work, no cash, ID and hunting license. . Disposition: Returned to Owner.*==========================================================================16:46 Nuisance Complaint 2002120087 Occurred at Rumsey AVE/10TH St. RP states that her neighbor is not shoveling his sidewalk. . .*==========================================================================17:15 Welfare Check 2002120089 Occurred on 29TH St. RP received email from subject saying she is scared, passed out last night from migraine, RP would like an officer to check on her and see if she is in need of medical assistance. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================18:00 Motor Vehicle Crash 2002120093 Occurred at Best Western Ivy Inn on 8TH St. . RP said someone backed into her car at location, subject left a note - R P will be in the lobby of the ivy. . Disposition: See Case

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