The Virginia Gun Rally: Fanning The Flames Of Civil War

January 24, 2020








By: Marc Kelley

Syndicated by: Montana News

This past Monday, we were expected to acknowledge, if not celebrate, the life of one of Americas' greatest men. A man who believed, if we were to be judged, that judgement should be for the content of our character, and not for the color of our skin. Dr. King, used his belief in God, his powerful voice and his undying commitment to justice and equality for all people, to bring about change during a very divisive time in our country. Dr. King's messages were shaped by a vision of the United States, as a great, just, and prosperous land of opportunity for all. Dr. King did not choose to denigrate our country or marginalize any group, nor did he believe in deception for personal or political gain.


Dr. Kings' teachings were meant to inspire each and every American, to be proud of our country, to speak up against injustice and to love our neighbors. Following these beliefs, we each should strive to live up to the ideals upon which this country was founded; and of which, Dr. King, spoke so eloquently. Yet today, fifty-two years after Dr. Kings assassination, the media contends, the people of our country are divided and filled with the great hate of intolerance; as if, Dr. Kings words were never spoken.





There can be no clearer example of the collaboration between the liberal elites and the pro-Democrat media, than the events which played out last Monday in Virginia. Gun owners came together to protest newly proposed Virginia legislation, covering a host of gun issues, including, criminalizing the ownership of any weapon, the State deems to be illegal. It is this intentionally vague language, which is particularly troubling to lawful gun owners. Thanks to the requirement to publish proposed changes to our laws, anyone willing to take the time, can simply do a Google search for: 2020 proposed changes to Virginia gun laws, and read for yourself, the lengths the Democrat controlled Virginia legislature, is pursuing their anti-gun agenda.






As you research these proposed changes to Virginia law, the agenda and end game to this legislation, becomes very clear. No longer do the Democrats hide their intentions to take away our firearms by criminalizing their ownership; but rather, they have embraced this concept whole heartedly. This campaign began months ago, driven by many anti-gun groups and political lobbyists, pouring money into the political campaigns of liberal candidates. Conspiring with CNN and MSNBC, the Democrats, focus group tested the message, they believed would sway public opinion and pave the path to repealing the Second Amendment.


The message would be clear, unless we remove the guns from our country, we will, sure as the day is long, suffer another civil war. As if playing their part in the Democrat script, the people of Virginia, became more and more outraged by the brazen acts, committed by a legislative body, they considered to be tyrannical. As we often do in this country when we feel an injustice has occurred, the people of Virginia began organizing their own protest. The date of January 20, 2020 was chosen and the word sent out…if you support the Second Amendment and believe the politicians in Virginia have gone too far, join us as we march in protest to the Virginia State Capital.



Unable to contain their euphoria and believing their evil plan might just work, the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC began their reporting on the scheduled protest. CNN reported… Breaking News…A mob of armed white supremacists and white nationalist prepare to storm the Virginia State Capital. In a front page story, the Washington Post warned its readers, a hoard of gun toting Trump supporters were marching on the Virginia Capital, to "fan the flames of civil war." MSNBC posted a Ben Collins article, from its sister company NBC, reporting "Virginia residents fear Mondays rally of white nationalists and militia groups will turn violent.



" In response to the media's narrative and right on cue, following the planned script to the letter, Virginia Governor, Ralph "blackface" Northam, declared a "State of Emergency," banning all firearms and weapons from the capital grounds, in an effort to hold back the siege.




And then it happened….Monday arrived, and tens of thousands of armed citizens from Virginia and surrounding states arrived at the State Capital. The protest began with a call for violence in that all too familiar battle cry….The Pledge of Allegiance. Things got so far out of hand, NBC News Correspondent, Gabe Gutierrez was forced to post video of the protesters he reported as chanting, "we will not comply". Only when a real time video surfaced, complete with audio, was the truth revealed. The crowed was not chanting, they were reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. From there, things only went from bad to worse, as Virginia State law enforcement officers arrived on the scene, not to tamp down the violence, but to join in the protest, showing their support for the lawful gun owners and vowing not to enforce any new guns laws they believed would be "unconstitutional."


The truth you will never hear from the media or the Democrats, is Mondays Pro-gun Rally, was a huge blow to the gun grabbing lefties and the "Fake News" media alike. While they did their best, as they always do, to paint lawful gun owners as: ignorant, Bible thumping, hillbillies, chewing on their toenails while shopping at Walmart, the truth has now become history. There was no violence, no fanning the flames of civil war and no reason to fear, a law abiding gun owner. As if taking a page from Doc Holliday role in the movie Tombstone, in an exhausted, drunken, daze, the media has not yet begun to defile themselves.




They no longer speak truth or care about our values, our country or our Constitution. When President Trump ordered the drone strike which killed the Iranian terrorist Solemani, and the world waited for an Iranian counter attack, the media hoped that attack, would kill Americans. Once again rooting against America, so they could report, Trump is unstable and is leading us into World War III. As our economy has become the envy of the world, the media prays for a recession, again rooting for failure, so they can say, Trump knows nothing about a global economy. As Mondays Pro-gun rally came and went, free from violence and civil war, the media must now turn their efforts to yet another fabrication, to support the liberal narrative. Make no mistake, the Democrats do not want change in our country, they want a revolution. A revolution which will fundamentally change our country, from the most prosperous nation on earth, into a dystopian, Socialist nightmare.


As the media condemns gun owners as white supremacists, their behavior stands in stark contrast to the pass they have given to Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, on his own expressions of racism. People who hate our country, will never fight for it; yet, history has shown time and time again, those who love our country, will, give their last full measure, defending it. In what seems to be lost on the liberal left, are the crowds coming out to support President Trump and our Country. While the Democrats struggle to get a few hundred supporters to attend their town hall meetings, tens of thousand of Trump supporters line up for hours, in advance of his rallies. Perhaps, the left should consider the turnout seen in Virginia last Monday, before THEY begin, to fan the flames of civil war.




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