Ipso Facto, Columbo, Oreo: It Sounds Like Latin

January 3, 2020



By Marc Kelley

Syndicated by: Montana News

Over the last few weeks, we have heard an inordinate number of Latin phrases, tossed around by people who should know how to correctly use the terms or at least have a basic understanding of their meaning. Alas my friends, there has been no outbreak of intelligence; and once again, we have been lectured by the self proclaimed, political ruling class and their media mouth pieces, on their command of the spoken word. The latest tactic employed by the overpaid political hacks, suffering from Trump derangement syndrome, is to attempt to impress us with their command of language. Driven by the use of their "word of the day", vocabulary builders, these pompous and impetuous morons, are once again, assuming the good people of our country, are simply too stupid to grasp the meaning of their polysyllabic drivel.





The lessons which should have been learned in 2016, continue to evade the occupants of the Washington, DC "swamp", as well as the bi-coastal, self proclaimed, enlightened crowd. Unwilling or unable to accept their own shortcomings, they continue to claim, their "perception"; is in fact, "reality." Just one of the problems with this line of thinking; is the fact, the hard working people who live in "fly-over" country, have no problem recognizing the truth, from a line of BS. For years, in the ER, we used the term "janitor x-ray"…meaning, an injury so obvious, the janitor could look at the X-ray and tell you, the bone was broken. It's not rocket science, it doesn't take an advanced degree in complex systems or imaginary numbers…it simply takes "common sense." By using this same approach, we know when someone is trying to blow smoke, up our backsides. Anyone who assumes we are not paying attention or we are too stupid to grasp such concepts, commits the offense of mistaking our kindness, for weakness.





Just because something sounds similar to something else, does not mean, it IS, that thing. What we are experiencing from the media and the professional politicians today, was once commonly referred to as, "gas lighting." Gas lighting, is the attempt to make people question their judgment or sanity, by systematically repeating a lie. Throw in some fancy words, a bit of Latin and ipso facto, Columbo, Oreo, we have a story which sounds real, but is far from the truth.





The depth of this charade is revealed when we see the political pundits on both side of the aisle, as they attempt to "educate" us on the Founding Fathers and their intentions when constructing our Constitution. The very same people who told us the monuments to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin, must be removed from our history because these men were not only slave owners, but lacked the moral fabric which is America, are now lecturing us on the virtues, these men held so dear. While it is possible, two apparently opposite things can be true at the same time, to weave a tale such as this, is simply a bridge too far. Apparently, the hypocrisy we are witnessing, knows no bounds; and yet, even the janitor, can tell you with a single glance, this is a steaming load of fertilizer.





Ipso facto, is in fact Latin, and means "by the very fact." Columbo is in fact, the capital city of Sri Lanka and Oreo is in fact, America's favorite cookie. Even though all three terms may sound like Latin…they are not. Using the same rationale pushed on us by the media, We the People, will always be able to tell when politicians are gas lighting us. Once again, it is not rocket science, we can tell they are lying….ipso facto, their lips are moving.







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