Billings Man Justice Alton-James Nall Arrested For Assaulting Officer Dustin Stroble

December 10, 2019






Montana News Disclaimer:  One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal and civil justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

In other words, the prosecution  or Plaintiff's must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime or civil allegations charged or leveled.  Until then the defendant or respondent is considered innocent of the charges or civil allegations

By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings man Justice Alton-James Nall arrested and charged for Assault on a Police Officer.
December 9, 2019, Billings Police dispatched to the Bourbon Motel located at 3314 1st Ave North over an argument between a motel staff member Kimberly Blank.  According to the Bourbon Motel, their records showed that he should have been out because they claim to have given him three extra days to stay.  

Not so, according to Justice Alton-James Nall.

The disagreement between the length of stay was a civil matter and not a criminal case.  

Billings Police Officers advised Nall that he was going to have to leave the motel no later than 1:00 that day.  Officers then promptly left.

Later that day, Billings Police Officers were again dispatched to the Bourbon Motel because it was after 1:00 pm and Nall was refusing to leave the property.

This time Officer Stroble asked for Nall to leave.  Nall started to argue with Officers and stated that he was going to stay yet another day.  

Dispatch informed the Officer on the scene that Nall had a warrant for his arrest.  Officer Stroble then advised Nall that he would be placed under arrest. Requesting Nall to put his hands behind his back, and as he did this, Nall pushed past Officer Wallis and Officer Prindle.

All three Officers Prindle, Wallis, and Stroble, struggled with Nall physically to control Nall.  During the struggle, Officer Stroble received injuries that resulted in swelling above his right eye, and his left elbow and left knee were also allegedly injured.

According to the Billings Police ratings;

Officer Justin Prindle  maintains an (A) rating.  This Officer has not a threat to public safety and can be trusted by the general public.

Officer Zachary Wallis badge#413  maintains an (A) rating. This Officer is not a threat to public safety and can be trusted by the general public.

Officer Dustin Stroble maintains an (A) rating.  This Officer is not a threat to public safety and can be trusted by the general public.


This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

                                                                                                             License# AINS-ID-80896CYP 

                                                                                                             License# USPRESS-ID-80896CYP

                                                                                                             License# IWGP-ID-74810-CYP-19







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