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December 3, 2019




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For December 02, 2019

ARRESTS:None at this time

00:52 Intrusion/Holdup 1912020004 Occurred on West Circle Dr. Door number 2 alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm. *==========================================================================02:09 Patrol-Extra 1912020005 Officer initiated activity at Heights Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================02:13 Suspicious Activity 1912020006 Officer initiated activity at Ace Hardware - Cody, 17TH St, Cody. Suspicious vehicle. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==========================================================================07:40 Patrol-Extra 1912020010 Officer initiated activity at Cody Middle School, Cougar Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *==========================================================================07:46 Patrol-Extra 1912020011 Officer initiated activity at Eastside Elementary School, 17TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================07:52 Animal-Stray 1912020012 Occurred at Rawhide Coffee Company on Sheridan Ave. . RP says there is a German Shepard with an orange collar RAL in the area. . Disposition: Unable to Locate.*==========================================================================07:53 Patrol-Extra 1912020013 Officer initiated activity at Livingston Elementary School, 12TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.





08:07 Patrol-Extra 1912020014 Officer initiated activity at Sunset Elementary School, Sheridan Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. 08:07 Intrusion/Holdup 1912020015 Occurred at Park County Animal Shelter on Highway 14-16-20 E. . Front door alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.*=08:35 Motor Vehicle Crash 1912020016 Occurred at Finishing Touch Towing on Big Horn Ave. . MVC Blue suv Swerved off the road - on a transformer. . Disposition: See Case.*==========================================================================09:28 Animal-Noisy 1912020022 Occurred on Hardpan Ave. RP would like to report dogs barking in the above area. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==========================================================================10:39 Motor Vehicle Crash 1912020031 Occurred at Central AVE/17TH St. Car vs bicycle - RP advised male ran into his vehicle with bicycle, male then took off on foot toward Maverik -mid 20wm- black sweatshirt and jeans. . Disposition: See Case. *==========================================================================11:00 Intrusion/Holdup 1912020033 Occurred on Yellowstone Ave. Door number 17 alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm. *==========================================================================11:06 Probation Violation 1912020035 Occurred at Cedar Mountain Center on Sheridan Ave. . RP says that the added individual is going to be released from the above medical center which would put her in violation of her probation. She would like to speak with an officer. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================12:01 Fraud Related 1912020042 Occurred on Stampede Ave. Husband rcv'd ltr from child support services out of Cheyenne saying he owes large amount of money, wanting to speak with an officer. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================13:00 Attempt to Locate 1912020047 Occurred at Albertsons Food & Drug on 17TH St. . Mother got out of vehicle by Albertsons after a verbal argument with RP. She has not yet returned home. . Disposition: Cancelled. *==========================================================================13:20 Assist other Agency 1912020049 Officer initiated activity at Buffalo Bill Cody Motor Lodge, Sheridan Ave, Cody. . Disposition: No Service.*==========================================================================14:29 Traffic Stop 1912020055 Officer initiated activity at Big Horn Ave/Blackburn St, Cody. TS- Warned for expired registration. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *==========================================================================14:39 Animal-Noisy 1912020057 Occurred on Mountain View Dr. RP states that her neighbor’s dog has been barking nonstop. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*=========================================================================



14:57 Patrol-Extra 1912020062 Officer initiated activity at Eastside Elementary School, 17TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*14:58 Patrol-Extra 1912020063 Officer initiated activity at Sunset Elementary School, Sheridan Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *==========================================================================15:08 Traffic Stop 1912020065 Officer initiated activity at Circle Drive Park, 16TH St, Cody. TS - Warned for speed. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================15:11 Welfare Check 1912020066 Occurred on West Yellowstone Ave. RP hasn't spoken to his father, listed below, since September and is worried about him. . Disposition: Unable to Locate. *==========================================================================15:24 Patrol-Extra 1912020069 Officer initiated activity at Cody Middle School, Cougar Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *==========================================================================16:46 Motor Vehicle Crash 1912020078 Occurred at Park County RV on Blackburn Ave. . RP states that a 2-tone blue chevy 95 model truck hit a RV and then took off . . Disposition: See Case. *==========================================================================16:53 Reddi Report 1912020080 Occurred at Albertsons Food & Drug on 17TH St. . Anonymous RP advised female driver in blue ford mustang swerving going up the hill (description does not match plate). . Disposition: Nothing Found.*==========================================================================20:38 Trespass Complaint 1912020099 Occurred on 16TH St. RP would like to trespass the below listed person from the above location. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================21:03 Traffic Stop 1912020102 Officer initiated activity at Highway 120 N/County Road 2AB, Cody. TS - Cited for no proof of insurance and expired registration/ warned for failure to maintain lane & Speed. . Disposition: Citation Issued.*==========================================================================21:30 Motor Vehicle Crash 1912020104 Occurred at North Park DR/16TH St. RP slid into a parked car. . Disposition: Assistance

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