Business Naughty And Nice Retail List For 2019

November 21, 2019





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Companies that recognize and celebrate Christmas.
American Eagle Outfitters
While there are not many Christmas-themed items on the American Eagle
website, the term “Christmas” is used often in their product titles and
descriptions. Give American Eagle a call at 888-232-4535 to encourage them to
carry more Christmas-themed items or email them. About 70 percent of shoppers prefer
greetings of “Merry Christmas” over “Happy Holidays” by retail stores according to a
Rasmussen Poll.

Bath & Body Works
When navigating to the Bath & Body Works’ website, immediately shoppers are
met with Christmas cheer! The website is decorated for Christmas and shoppers
are encouraged to find out “What Christmas Smells Like.” This company is clearly
not afraid to say the word! Contact Bath & Body Works and let them know how much you
appreciate their views on Christmas.

Bealls Department Store
The Bealls’ website has many items that say
“Merry Christmas” or are labeled as
Christmas decorations, including things like ornaments,
decorative pillows and clothing. Call Bealls at 800-569-9038 to thank them for celebrating

Belk’s website uses the word “Christmas” often when labeling products. There are
several Nativity scene decorations and those that have “Merry Christmas” on them.
However, only a few of the garlands and trees were actually labeled “Christmas”
greenery. Overall, Belk does a good job of celebrating the season. Contact Belk or call them
at 866-235-5443 to congratulate them for getting into the Christmas spirit!

Best Buy
While Best Buy is not a department store and thus does not carry traditional
Christmas decorations, they do have quite a selection of Christmas movies and
they also sell Christmas sheet music. Contact Best Buy or call them at 888-237-
8289 to thank them for celebrating Christmas!

Of course, Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland made our list! As a Christian
company, references to Jesus and the Nativity are very prominent and the
products are explicitly labeled “Christmas.” Clearly this company sticks to their
Christian roots and keeps Christ in the center of all they do! Email them at or call at 989-652-9931 to encourage them in their stand for
There are quite a few items labeled as “holiday,” but there are many more
prominent products that are labeled as “Christmas.” There are also plenty of items
that have “Merry Christmas” om them as well as a large selection of Nativity
scenes. Give the company a call at 800-445-3396, email or use
their contact page to express your appreciation!

Though we did not find much Christmas advertising, Dillard’s does have many
decorations in stock labeled “Christmas,” especially ornaments and trees. They,
like Belk, do not shy away in using the holiday’s name and they have many festive
items to buy. Call Dillard’s Department Store at 800-345-5273 or use their contact page to
thank them for keeping Christmas alive and well in their products.

Hallmark carries a variety of products
specifically labeled “Christmas,” especially
wrapping paper and stationery. They also
have a large selection of Nativity scenes. Give Hallmark
a call at 800-425-5627 or contact Consumer Care to
show them your support!

Hobby Lobby Stores
Staying true to their Christian values, Hobby
Lobby celebrates Christmas in the best way.
Their homepage prominently advertises Christmas products and they carry many
products printed with “Merry Christmas.” Many other items are actually labeled as “Christmas”
decorations and there is a large selection of Nativity scenes. Contact Hobby Lobby or call
them at 800-888-0321 to say thank you for celebrating Christmas!

The Home Depot
All of Home Depot’s holiday-themed decorations are
labeled “Christmas” instead of “holiday.” These
include many Christmas trees, Christmas lights,
outdoor Christmas decorations, etc. The categories
of holiday items on their webpage are also labeled as
“Christmas.” Contact Home Depot or call them at 800-466-3337
to show your appreciation for their bold Christmas spirit!


On JCPenny’s website, most of the holiday trees,
garlands and lights are labeled as “Christmas”
decorations. As far as religious items go, there are
several Advent calendars and Nativity scenes from which to select. While these may be a
smaller selection than other Christmas-themed items, they are still a part of JCPenny’s
product lines. Give them a call at 800-322-1189 to encourage them in their celebration of

Kirkland’s home page is already decorated for Christmas, their “Holiday” tab
being adorned with a holly sprig. Under the “Holiday” tab, there are several
different holidays listed, one of them being Christmas. Kirkland’s does not shy
away from using the word Christmas to label decorations, and they also have many items
that include the Nativity Scene. Please contact Kirkland’s or call them at 877-541-4855 to
say thank you for featuring Christmas prominently.

Kmart’s holiday decorations section under their “Seasonal” tab is labeled as
“Christmas.” Many of the tree ornaments are labeled “Christmas,” as are most
of the trees. Show your support for Kmart by contacting them on Facebook, Instagram and

Kohl’s is definitely getting into the Christmas spirit! When searching “Christmas”
in the search bar, several options mentioning Christmas items appear at the top:
“Christmas Decorations, Christmas Clothing, Christmas Kitchen & Dining,
Christmas Bed & Bath and Christmas Jewelry.” The use of the word Christmas is very
prominent and there are also many items depicting the Nativity scene. Reach out to Kohl’s
through Instagram or Twitter to say thank you!

Lehman's Hardware - While the use of the word “Christmas” is not as prevalent
on Lehman’s website as it is on others, many items in stock are labeled as
“Christmas” and several feature Nativity scenes. Contact Lehman’s Hardware
online to encourage them to feature more Christmas items!

When searching for “Christmas,” several different categories pop up. All of Lowe’s
holiday decorations are labeled as “Christmas” decorations and they also have a
specific section for “Christmas supplies.” Call Lowe’s at 800-445-6937 or contact
them online to show your appreciation for their bold love of Christmas!

Similar to Lowe’s, when we searched for “Christmas” items on Macy’s website,
there were multiple categories of Christmas products that appeared. Several of
the items they sell actually say “Merry Christmas,” and the term “Christmas” far
outweighs their use of the word “holiday” when describing decorations. Reach out to Macy’s
to tell them Merry Christmas!

Several of the items Menards sells say “Merry Christmas,” and there are also quite
a few Nativity items. When searching specifically for “Christmas” items, three
large categories clearly labeled Christmas pop up - “Indoor Christmas, Outdoor
Christmas, and Christmas Lights.” Thank Menards for their prevalent use of the word

“Christmas” by contacting them on Twitter or Instagram.

This beautiful department store is not shy about offering many ”Christmas” items,
including a glass Nativity, angel figurine and Christmas trees. Make sure and
email or call Nordstrom at 888-282-6060 and thank them for their wonderful

celebration of Christmas!
Old Time Pottery
On their home page, Old Time Pottery claims to be “Your Largest Christmas
Store!” They have a large selection of Christmas trees, ornaments and other
decorations. Most of their items are labeled as “Christmas” rather than “holiday.”
Give Old Time Pottery a call or reach out on social media to say thank you for being our
“Largest Christmas Store!”


Sears does not use the word “Christmas” to label their categories on the website
as much as other stores, although they do have a “Christmas” section under the
“Seasonal” items tab. However, there are very few Nativity scenes to choose from
and few things that say “Merry Christmas.” Overall, Christmas is mentioned but the word and
references to Christ could stand to be more prominent. Contact Sears on Facebook,
Instagram, or Twitter to encourage them to step up their Christmas game.

There is little use of the word “Christmas” on Staples’ website, but there is
definitely a large variety of products like stationery and wrapping paper that
mention the name. Staples also has thousands of Christmas decorations and
Christmas-themed office supplies. Call Staples at 800-333-3330 to show your support for
their recognition of Christmas in their product lines!

Walmart made our list very quickly. The company is not afraid to label their
website categories as “Christmas” decorations and many of their Christmas items
are labeled as “Christmas” rather than “holiday.” There are also MANY options for
Nativity scenes. However, only some things say “Merry Christmas” and there are more items
that say “Happy Holidays.” Contact Walmart through their website and say thank you for
celebrating Christmas!



Companies that silence and censor Christmas.

Academy Sports + Outdoors
This sporting goods store is on our Naughty List due to the lack of Christmas
references in products and advertising. Holiday and gift giving seem to receive
more attention than the true Reason for the season. Be sure to contact Academy
at 888-922-2336 and kindly request that they bring Christmas back into their stores.

Barnes & Noble
Once again, Barnes & Noble is on our Naughty List, as this well-known bookstore
places little acknowledgement on the Christmas season, but rather the “holiday”
season and gift giving. Although this store sells Christian products, this bookstore
has lost focus on the Reason for the season. Call Barnes & Noble at 800-843-
2665 to encourage them to bring the Christmas season back to their stores.

Burlington Coat Factory
Burlington made the Naughty list this year, featuring “Hot Holiday Deals” and gift
cards emphasizing “Happy Holidays.” In addition, they lack any emphasis on gift
giving for the season and severe lack of Christmas advertising with biblical
meaning. Each ad or marketing concept starts strong with Christmas-themed
products but loses meaning through emphasis on giving and receiving. Call Burlington at 855-
355-2875 to graciously request a purposeful Christmas theme in their stores.

Dick's Sporting Goods
With no reference to “Christmas” and less than a handful of “holiday” references
within product associations and advertisements, this sporting goods store
remains on our Naughty List. It uses generic Christmas colors in design yet lacks
any reference to the Reason for the season. This sports store ignores the most important Gift
of Christmas. Contact Dick’s at 877-846-9997 to encourage the organization to include Christ
in their “Christmas” seasonal marketing plan.

Gap, Inc.
There are no references to “Christmas” or any biblical elements within product
associations and advertisements. Only “holiday” is used to refer to the upcoming
season. Gap has oscillated over the years, but this year it is back on the Naughty
List. In 2013, Bill Chandler at GAP Inc. issued a letter in which he referenced “Christmas” nine
times and wrote that every store window will have signs saying “Merry Christmas.” He
concluded “. . . we hope you’ll agree that our Gap Inc. family of brands, including Gap and
Old Navy, are Christmas friendly this holiday season.” In the years since the announcement,
GAP, including the affiliated Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta, have shown a decline
in Christmas friendliness with reduced references on their website and in stores. Call 800-
333-7899 to politely encourage GAP to strengthen their ties to Christmas.

J. Crew Outfitters
Unfortunately, there are no references to “Christmas” or any biblical elements
within product associations and advertisements. The term “holiday,” however, is
used more frequently. J. Crew’s home page remains void of any mention of
“Christmas.” Contact J Crew at 800-562-0258 to let them know that consumers buy their
products during the “Christmas” season specifically for “Christmas” gifts.

The Limited
The Limited is about winter and gift giving, but any Christmas reference is vague.
Call them at 877-737-7544 and tell them that you will be shopping where Christmas
is celebrated and named.

The Loft
The Loft scarcely uses “holiday” in the marketing campaign and “Christmas” is
not found. The campaign is more geared toward the winter season than anything
else. Call The Loft at 888-563-8444 to kindly request a Christmas campaign.

Lord and Taylor

Lord and Taylor are praised for their 5th street holiday window and incorporate
the “Christmas” language into their products and marketing. However, the
company, like many others, falls short of portraying what the Christmas season
is about. Their reindeers and printed Santas hide the love of the Nativity and
reason for gift giving. Contact Lord and Taylor at 800-223-7440 to politely request an
authentic Christmas theme.
Rite Aid Pharmacy

Christmas is not the main focus of the holiday season at Rite Aid. The company
uses phrases such as, “Holiday shop,” the “destination for all your holiday needs”
and “shop Rite-Aid for the best holiday offers” without any mention of the real
Reason for the season. Be sure to contact Rite Aid at 800-748-3243 and remind them why
Christmas is celebrated.

This large store has surprisingly few mentions of “Christmas” but has references
to “pack your season full of merry” and offers “seasonal ugly sweaters” and a
“secret gifting room.” Christmas is mentioned but it is not a main focus. You can
contact Target at 800-440-0680 and encourage them to not be so bashful about Christmas.

TJ Maxx
With no reference to “Christmas” and only a handful of “holiday” references within
product associations and advertisements, this department store remains on our
Naughty List. “Christmas” is not found at TJ Maxx or any of its sister companies
Marshalls, Sierra Trading Co., Homesense and HomeGoods. Call 800-926-6299 to encourage
TJ Maxx to open their arms to customers who celebrate Christmas.

This store refers to the term “holiday” frequently and only one reference to the
term “Christmas” on the website. Call Walgreens at 800–925–4733 and
encourage them to bring the Christmas spirit back into their stores.



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