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November 18, 2019





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November 15, 16, & 17, 2019 ARRESTS:

11/15/19Hannah S N

elson, Cody, 22, Arrested for Warrant, (Incident #1911150087)

11/15/19Nyle Harris, Cody, 28, Arrested for an Arrest & Hold Order for Probation & Parole,

(Incident #1911150104)

11/15/19Kristan Koltes, Cody, 30, Arrested for an Arrest & Hold Order for Probation & Parole, (Incident #1911150111)11/16/19

Isidro Morales Rodriguez, Cody, 34, Arrested for DUI & FTM Single Lane, (Incident #1911160003)11/17/19

Vincent Smith, Paterson, NJ, 53, Arrested for DUI – 1st Off W/In 10 Yrs, FTM Single Lane & Carry & Display of License, (Incident #1911170006)Total 911 Calls - 8 *========================================================================November 15, 201900:15 Citizen Contact 1911150001Officer initiated activity at Grannys, Sheridan Ave, Cody. W/ male. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*========================================================================07:45 Patrol-Extra 1911150010Officer initiated activity at Livingston Elementary School, 12TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*========================================================================07:56 Patrol-Extra 1911150012Officer initiated activity at Sunset Elementary School, Sheridan Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*========================================================================10:28 Property-Found 1911150033Officer initiated activity at 11TH St/Elm Ave, Cody. Found set of camper keys w/Support the Troops and receiver lock. . Disposition: Informational.*==========================================================================10:29 Traffic Stop 1911150034Officer initiated activity at 8TH St, Cody. TS - Cited for speed. . Disposition: Citation Issued.*==========================================================================11:07 Miscellaneous Assistance 1911150038Officer initiated activity at Lockhart Inn, Yellowstone Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Unable to Assist.*=========================================================================


12:01 Drug Related 1911150046Occurred in Cody. . RP has text messages that show another individual that is drug running. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================12:50 Civil Standby 1911150051Occurred at Senior Center - Cody on 16TH St. . RP says there is a big meeting at the senior center today and its getting kinda heated, she is requesting LE presence to keep the peace. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================13:01 Other Law Violations 1911150052Occurred at Meadow Lane Ct/Meadow Lane Av. The alley between these two streets, RP says there has been some illegal dumping of motor oil in the alley, he would like it documented. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================13:12 Theft 1911150053 Occurred at Mountain View Manor on 11TH St. . RP would like to report the below listed person stole his 1911 45 Citell gun. RP is in the lobby. . Disposition: Unable to Assist.*==========================================================================14:17 Warrant Service Attempt 1911150063Officer initiated activity at Pioneer Ave, Cody. . Disposition: No Service.*==========================================================================15:04 Motor Vehicle Crash 1911150071Occurred at Jubys Trailer Crt on 19TH St. . RP state that someone damaged a steel pole in his yard. . Disposition: See Case.*==========================================================================16:12 Road Hazard/Blockage 1911150076Occurred at 12TH St Hill on 12TH St. . Bales of hay in rd. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================16:13 Patrol-Extra 1911150078Officer initiated activity at Beck Lake Park, 14TH St, Cody. Written warning for animal at large. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *==========================================================================16:43 Threats 1911150085 Occurred on Pioneer Ave. Has a neighbor threatening her with bodily harm. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================16:47 Warrant Service Attempt 1911150087Officer initiated activity at 29TH St, Cody. Warrant attempt. . Disposition: See Case.*==========================================================================17:03 Animal Call - Other 1911150088Occurred at Sierra Trading Post on 8TH St. . Deer struck by a vehicle still alive may need to be put down per passerby. . Disposition: See Case.*==========================================================================18:13 Intrusion/Holdup 1911150093Occurred on Cherokee Rd. Audible burg alarm patio room motion detector. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================18:33 Trespass Complaint 1911150094Occurred on Baker Dr. Wanting subject trespassed from her property. . .*==========================================================================18:34 Trespass Complaint 1911150095Occurred on Rumsey Ave. Wanting subject trespassed from her property. . .*==========================================================================19:23 Assist other Agency 1911150098Occurred at Irma Hotel on Sheridan Ave. . Possible probation violation. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================20:10 Miscellaneous Assistance 1911150101


Occurred on Alger Ave. RP- thought he heard a loud boom like a gun shot. . Disposition: Unable to Locate.*==========================================================================20:23 Citizen Contact 1911150103Officer initiated activity at LDS Stake Office, Heart Mountain St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================20:30 Assist other Agency 1911150104Officer initiated activity at Probation And Parole - Cody Offi, Stampede Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==========================================================================21:09 Harassment 1911150106Occurred on Highway 120 N. RP States she has a female harassing her via the phone. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================21:38 Traffic Stop 1911150107Officer initiated activity at Big Horn Ave, Cody. Ts- Driver warned for fts stop sign and illegal left hand turn. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================21:52 Miscellaneous Assistance 1911150108Officer initiated activity at Big Horn Ave, Cody. Motorist assist blown tire. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================22:10 Assist other Agency 1911150111Officer initiated activity at 19TH St, Cody. . Disposition: See Case.*==========================================================================22:26 Assist other Agency 1911150114Officer initiated activity at Cody Motor Lodge, Sheridan Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================23:01 Traffic Stop 1911150116Officer initiated activity at Majestic Lube, Yellowstone Ave, Cody. TS - driver warned for speed and FTM single lane. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================23:11 Traffic Stop 1911150118Officer initiated activity at 8TH St, Cody. TS - Driver warned driver side headlight out. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================23:38 Traffic Stop 1911150122Officer initiated activity at Holiday Inn, Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS - Driver warned for illegal Right hand turn/Failure to Maintain. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *==========================================================================November 16, 201900:00 Traffic Stop 1911160001Officer initiated activity at 12TH St/Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS- Driver warned for failure to stop at a stop sign. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================00:17 Traffic Stop 1911160003Officer initiated activity at Buffalo Bill Center Of The West, Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS- Driver arrested on DUI. . Disposition: See Case.*==========================================================================05:17 Traffic Complaint 1911160012Occurred at 17TH St/Stampede Ave. RP says there is a white dodge pick up Swerving in and out of the lanes that cut him off. . Disposition: Unable to Locate.*==========================================================================09:42 Animal- Deceased 1911160020Occurred at New Cemetary on E Ave/Cooper Ln W. . RP says there is a dead deer on the side walk in front of the cemetery. . Disposition: Unable to Locate.


*==========================================================================10:04 Traffic Stop 1911160024Officer initiated activity at Big Horn Ave, Cody. TS - Cited for expired registration. . Disposition: Citation Issued.*==========================================================================11:58 Traffic Stop 1911160029Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Powell. TS - Cited for expired registration. . Disposition: Citation Issued.*========================================================================15:12 Property-Found 1911160038Occurred at Silver Dollar Bar on Sheridan Ave. . RP states that a coat was left at the bar. . Disposition: See Case.*==========================================================================15:41 Animal-Stray 1911160040Occurred at 14TH St/Alger Ave. Black and white pit bull type dog, really friendly, last seen running around this area. possibly heading east. . Disposition: Unable to Locate.*==========================================================================16:03 Animal-Stray 1911160043Occurred at Paul Stock Aquatic And Recreation on Heart Mountain St. . Black lab/border collie mix RALcurrently running in the parking lot btwn rec center and canal park area * C23 took the dog to shelter *. . Disposition: To Animal Shelter.*========================================================================18:12 Parking Problem 1911160050Officer initiated activity at 13TH St/Rumsey Ave, Cody. Vehicle parked illegally. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================18:20 Theft 1911160051 Occurred on Big Horn Ave. Prescription drug was taken from residence, said her doors were locked. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================22:10 Traffic Stop 1911160066Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave/North St, Cody. TS - driver warned for not carrying license, failureto display registration. Cited for speed 45/30. . Disposition: Citation Issued.*==========================================================================22:47 Assist other Agency 1911160069Officer initiated activity at 12TH St/Beck Ave, Cody. With 1117 on fst's. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================22:56 Patrol-Extra 1911160072Officer initiated activity at Wal-Mart, Yellowstone Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================23:12 Traffic Stop 1911160073Officer initiated activity at 12TH St/Beck Ave, Cody. Ts- driver cited no valid insurance and expired registration. . Disposition: Citation Issued. *==========================================================================November 17, 201901:26 Traffic Stop 1911170002Officer initiated activity at Bleistein Ave, Cody. TS- Driver warned for improper backing. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================01:49 Traffic Stop 1911170006Officer initiated activity at 12TH St/Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS- Driver arrested on DUI. . Disposition: See Case.*==========================================================================06:27 Assist other Agency 1911170009Officer initiated activity at Probation And Parole - Cody Offi, Stampede Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.


*==========================================================================07:39 Theft 1911170012 Occurred on Big Horn Ave. RP says that someone has been trying to break into her apartment and steal her medication. Ref inc:1911160051. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================08:38 Traffic Stop 1911170015Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS - Warned for speed. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================08:46 Traffic Stop 1911170016Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS - Warned for speed. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================09:08 Traffic Stop 1911170017Officer initiated activity at Blackburn Ave/Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS - Cited for speed. . Disposition: Citation Issued.*========================================================================10:02 Traffic Stop 1911170020Officer initiated activity at Noon Break, Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS - Warned for registration. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================10:38 Property Damage 1911170025Occurred on Bleistein Ave. RP states that the below listed person broke the RP door frame. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================11:31 Motor Vehicle Crash 1911170027Occurred on Sheridan Ave. RP says that someone ran over his business sign last night. . Disposition: See Case.*==========================================================================11:56 Traffic Complaint 1911170029Occurred at Cody Law Enforcement Center on River View Dr. . RP said there was a white car that was driving very poorly, he has a picture of the plate and wants to speak with a LE officer. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================12:55 Traffic Stop 1911170031Officer initiated activity at Stampede Ave, Cody. TS - Warned for stop sign violation. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================13:12 Suspicious Activity 1911170032Officer initiated activity at Trinity Lutheran Church, Sheridan Ave, Cody. Vehicle. . .*==========================================================================15:38 Animal-Stray 1911170037Occurred at Irma Hotel on Sheridan Ave. . RP states that a border collie w/bandana RAL in the area. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================18:05 Animal-Stray 1911170048Occurred at Mentock Park on Blackburn Ave. . Found bunny white with black spots. . Disposition: Informational.*==========================================================================19:09 Disturbance 1911170053Occurred at Jubys Trailer Crt on 19TH St. . RP said husband tried to get phone back then lent an ex friend, it turned into a verbal altercation, male first of , lives in a white trailer , subject lives in a white trailer after you make a left from main entrance, past the landlords residence. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================20:10 Traffic Stop 1911170056Officer initiated activity at 8TH St/Allen Ave, Cody. TS - Driver warned for failure to signal and no dl inpossession. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================


21:26 Traffic Stop 1911170061Officer initiated activity at Wyoming Home And Ranch, Big Horn Ave, Cody. TS - Driver citation no proof insurance Warning FTM lane and Failure to dim high beams. . Disposition: Citation Issued.*==========================================================================21:42 Traffic Stop 1911170063Officer initiated activity at Sheridan AVE/23RD St, Cody. TS- Citation for no proof insurance. Warningfor speeding obstructed license plate no license plate light. . Disposition: Citation Issued.*==========================================================================22:00 Traffic Stop 1911170065Officer initiated activity at 19TH St/Pioneer Ave, Cody. Ts Driver Warned for pass headlight out and nolicense plate light. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================22:14 Traffic Stop 1911170066Officer initiated activity at Wendys, Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS Warning license plate light out. . Disposition: Warning Issued.*==========================================================================22:26 Patrol-Extra 1911170067Officer initiated activity at Wal-Mart, Yellowstone Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.*==========================================================================22:49 Disturbance 1911170069Occurred at Jubys Trailer Crt on 19TH St. . RP hears banging sounds coming from trailer to the west ofhers. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================23:37 Animal-Stray 1911170072Occurred at Sunset Elementary School on Sheridan Ave. . 3 horses and a pony. .

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