Leave The Battle With Your Shield Or Being Borne Upon It

August 13, 2019







By: Marc Kelley

Syndicated by: Montana News

In 480 BC, a great battle was fought over freedom, liberty and weapons. Vastly outnumbered, out-gunned and surrounded, three-hundred men refused to lay down their weapons and surrender. In a battle which lasted seven days and cost the life of every single soldier, these brave men, willingly gave their last full measure of devotion, rather than submit to tyranny. When given one last chance, to surrender their weapons and be allowed to live, the Spartan leader, King Leonidas responded…..Molon Labe….Come Take Them.


This is, as you may recognize, the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, which was retold, in the 2006 film, 300. Today, the phrase Molon Labe, rings out as part of the pro-second Amendment movement. It echos a strong belief in the ideals of personal freedom and the right to self protection. Molon Labe has come to represent the indomitable understanding, American's have the right to keep and bear arms and they will not be surrendered to anyone, without a fight.


This last weekend, our country once again, witnessed a horrific example of the evil which walks amongst us; and yet again, the liberal talking heads, want to lay blame for the actions of mentally unstable individuals, at the feet of law abiding gun owners. Once again, before the fallen could be removed from the scenes, our do nothing politicians and Fake News media, began their mis-informed cries, for more gun control. The truth of the matter is, violence in our country, is but a symptom, of a much worse disease. While the media would have us believe, the people of the United States hate each other because of racism and a lack of tolerance, they ignore the fact what we really have, is a "sickness of the soul." There is no single solution to the violence we are witnessing, because there is NOT a single cause. Anyone who tries to tell you, we can stop violence thru legislation, has obviously never picked up a history book. History is replete with examples, of how legislation has been used in an attempt to change morality and was always met with the realities, of corruption and self-enrichment.


The only way to stop shooting each other, is to make a choice….are we a country of law and order, or are we a country of anarchy, disrespect and corruption. We cannot have our cake and eat it too. either we respect the rule of law, or we do not. We must never condone violence against another human being based on political ideology and a clearer example will never be found, than in the events of El Paso and Dayton. On Saturday, a Right-wing madman shoots up a Walmart in Texas and on Sunday morning a Left-wing madman shoots up a bar in Ohio. The media goes into a feeding frenzy, otherwise intelligent people make incredibly stupid statements, and our politicians view the tragedy as an opportunity to raise money for their political campaigns. Our politicians and the media have much to say about the violence which fits their political narrative; while at the same time, finding no time, to address the fact in the same weekend, Chicago experienced thirty-two separates shootings, leaving seven dead and fifty-two wounded. The difference of course, in the coverage of these events, is easily explained.


There is no political capital to be gained. Chicago has the nations toughest gun laws and the city has been run by Democrats for decades. Even the "Windy City Messiah", Barrack Obama, turned a blind eye to his neighbors; yet, wiped away his tears, following the Sandy Hook Shooting, which fit so tightly into the anti-gun narrative. 


For several years we have watched as our Police Departments have been attacked, berated and accused of being assassination squads. Orders have been handed down by many liberal mayors to "stand down", as violence plays out in cities across our nation. Yet, who do we call when evil rears its ugly head? Who do we call when someone we love is being attacked? The very same cops, who once again, while everyone else was running away from the sound of gun fire, ran toward the sound, putting their own lives at risk, for people they never met. Thank God these brave souls were on the scene and had not had to go back home to change their wet clothes, after being drenched with water by the ignorant and disrespectful anarchists, protected in the self-proclaimed, "sanctuary cities."


Our politicians and their mouth piece, Fake News media are not alone in this self serving depravity. The cesspool of deviant human behavior, we call "Social Media", has provided a vehicle for spreading violence, hate and mis-information in our country. Staring at our phones, rather than participating in face to face communication, has created a pool of lonely, socially marginalized, angry individuals, who lack the coping mechanisms necessary to deal with everyday life. Isolated and shielded by anonymity, many choose to participate in the cyber mob mentality of group think; whereby, attacks on anyone, are seen as acceptable social norms. Meme's on Facebook showing President Trump and Charles Manson, side by side with the caption, "neither of these men ever killed anyone….their followers did", are not helpful. Posting this vile and ignorant point of view, serves only as a twisted justification for continued violence. Big Tech, has facilitated the disintegration of socially acceptable behavior and morays and ushered many into a culture, where no one is responsible for their words, let alone their actions. 


It is very easy to assign blame for these horrific acts. All one needs to do is to turn on their television set and listen to the Fake News, pseudo celebrities as they explain "guns are the reason for the violence", while in the very same breath, berating those of us who do not live on California or New York. Long ago, the US Justice System, gave way, to a legal system; whereby, if you have the monetary means and associate in the right social circles, you are …to use a tired liberal talking point…above the law. The Democrat Party supports late term abortion to the point of infanticide, while lecturing the country on the immorality of the death penalty for convicted murders, Scott Peterson and the Boston Marathon Bomber. What does it say about a culture which places more worth, on the life a convicted murder, than it does on an innocent new born child? Regardless of how you feel about Jussie Smollett and his Chicago hoax or the "sweet deal" given pedophile and child sex trafficker, Jeffery Epstein, the message from the ruling class is clear….what about the working men and women…."let them eat cake". 


Angry and ignorant is no way to go thru life. Using vitriolic attacks on anyone who dares disagree with your political views, is a recipe for the continuation and the escalation of violence and intolerance. Socialism is nothing more than modern day slavery; whereby, the powerful want to control the masses. Like Pied Piper's of Hamelin, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders promise they alone have the answers…FREE EVERYTHING….the only cost…your liberties. Like King Leonidas in 480 BC, we respond….Molon Labe.



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