State Rep Ilhan Omar IS NOTHING BUT A CRIMINAL And here is the PROOF

July 23, 2019





                          (Hennepin County Jail Criminal Mug Shot of State Rep Ilhan Omar)



By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter


Syndicated by: Montana News

No wonder why the Radical Terrorist  Muslim, State Rep Ilhan Omar acts and talks the way she does.   She is a CRIMINAL.  Here is Proof.

The now State Democratic radical NUT WING, Ilhan Omar was arrested back in the year of 2013.  For what one would ask?

She was arrested for trespassing and booked into the Hennepin County Jail and on her criminal file it states, " To Prevent Further Criminal Conduct."

It not only appears that Ilhan Omar hates any President in authority over which currently would be President Donald Trump, Omar was a radical Muslim terrorist  who  tried to cause the former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud problems  just like she is trying to do to the well like American President Donald Trump.

Yes, that is correct Ilhan Omar was arrested on January 18, 2013, at a Minneapolis Convention Center which was featuring the former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.
Somali President was staying overnight in the Hotel Ivy.  Ilhan Omar followed and stalked the former Somali President everywhere the Presidential convoy including at the hotel.

Minneapolis police according to a police report stated that the hotel staff called for the police to clear out their lobby because there were large crowds of Radical Muslims who were not welcome on the premises and the needed to be escorted off of the property immediately.  

According to some of the Hotel staff who asked to remain anonymous, told the Montana News Investigative reporter that Ilhan Omar was a trouble maker then and  based on her current conduct as a State Representative is even worse regarding her conduct in public.

Ilhan Omar was argumentative with police.   The proverbial loud mouth that she is known for, refused to leave because she claimed that the former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud,  needed to be "impeached" when he was president.   Does that comment of Muslim, Ilhan Omar sound familiar?

Ilhan Omar was very combative with the Police department Officers just like Omar was Combative with the ICE agents.

President Trump was correct by telling her to go back to where she came from.    American freedom-loving God-fearing, Gun-toting Americans stand by Presidents Trumps tweet.  It's not about racism but about Ilhan Omar's criminal activity.  She is nothing but a common criminal.  Yes, you are a common Democratic Radical Muslim Terrorist.  GO Back To Where You Came From Ilhan Omar, since your making it very clear that you do not like America and what America stands for.


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