Billings City Councilman Chris Friedel and Representative of Friedel LLC and Co-Owner Of Friedel LLC including CPS In HOT seat in Federal Court Over Taking Child From Mother Krissy Sanchez

July 16, 2019






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Montana News Disclaimer:  One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal and civil justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

In other words, the prosecution  or Plaintiff's must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime or civil allegations charged or leveled.  Until then the defendant or respondent is considered innocent of the charges or civil allegations

By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Former Laurel resident Krissy Sanchez is taking on DPHS CPS.    In a Federal lawsuit  filed against DPHHS, CPS, Steve Bullock, Laura Smith, Laurel Police Department, Jason Larson, Jenn Webber

Steve Bullock is the Liberal out of touch Democrat Governor to the State of Montana and is currently making a wasted attempt for President.  Sanchez is going after him in both in his individual and official capacity.

Laura Smith works as the Branch manager at the Economic Services in Helena.  Her email address is  Sanchez is going after her in both her individual and official capacity.

Jenn Webber is the Supervisor for CPS her contact number is 406-657-3120 Krissy Sanchez is suing her in her individual and official capacity.

Laurel Police Department is being sued as a department and against the Officers individually who were involved in conducting an illegal incident.

Jason Larson, the Regional Administrator for DPHHS/CPS, is also being sued in his individual and official capacity.

Kasia Harvey's
Jessica Moorehead
Moreover, Friedel LLC accused of illegal activity.   Billings City Councilman Chris Frideil, accused of committing illegal activity.

In Short form, here is a summary of what went down according to Krissy Sanchez.

CPS worker Jenn Webber authorized a social worker to remover Sanchez's son with no evidence of imminent danger or abuse nor Court order or warrant.

CPS worker Jason Larson also authorized the removal of the child with no imminent danger, court order authorizing the removal of said minor child.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock was caught overstepping his authority to authorize the removal of the child in retaliation for several complains made on him including online public petitions.

Laura Smith was the one who directed Jenn Webber and Jason Larson to remove said minor child yet having no factual basis of the child being in danger nor eminent emergency or court order and no proof of child being abused or neglected in any shape manner or form.

CPS caseworker Kasia Harvey using physical violence removed said minor child ripping a minor child out of the car seat that he was sitting in not even taking the time to unbuckle the child from the car seat which caused physical, emotional and significant pain to the minor male child.

CPS worker Jessica Moorehead knew full well that every day in question that state safety people were in contact with the minor male child and his mother daily for up to 6 hours at a time if not more. Jessica Moorehead deliberately broke the law based on her actions.

Laurel Police Officer#1 refused to present any warrant when asked or court order for the removal of the male minor child.  Fact is he never had a warrant or order from any court and knew he was breaking the law.

Laurel Police Officer #2  physically assaulted Krissy Sanchez and forcibly removed Krissy Sanchez from her vehicle to separate her from having any ability to be close to her screaming child who was being hurt physically by Karisa Harvey as she was ripping by force the child tearing him from his car seat that the minor child was seat belted into.  Officer #2 also had no legal basis to touch the person of the minor male child nor his mother, Sanchez.

Laurel Police Officer #3 just stood around and failed to intervene and stop Officer #1 and Officer #2 from conducting illegal activity at the beckoning and encouragement from CPS caseworkers.  Officer #3 also restricted Krissy Sanchez from walking a few feet away as she was calling her attorney.  Sanchez had committed no crime, nor was there any imminent danger for anyone present.

Also, of course then there is the Freidel LLC,  City Councilman Chris Friedel's illegal actions that Sanchez accuses him of committing.   City Councilman Chris Friedel and Freidel LLC  illegal actions will be covered in a separate article.

In April of 2018, Krissy Sanchez arrived home from her errand of the day.   As she was getting out of her car to unbuckle her child from his seat belt, A Laurel Police Officer, Officer #1 arrived and pulled his car up next to hers.  He stated that he needed to talk to her.  Sanchez being compliant, stated, "Ok, what is going on."  Laurel Police Officer #1 barked an order for her to move away from her car,  Sanchez then questioned Laurel Police Office#1 why?, that the Officer could talk to her where she was currently.

Furthermore, it was hot that day, and being hot out outside, she stated that her son is in the car, and it is too hot for him to be just sitting in an enclosed vehicle.

Laurel Police Officer #2 arrived and got out of his vehicle walked up to Sanchez without saying a word to her and assaulted Sanchez and grabbed Sanchez violently forcibly ripping her male minor child away from his mother causing great harm to both the minor child and  Sanchez both physically and emotionally.  Laurel Police Officer #2 aggressively and displaying total hatred, pulled the mother and son apart injuring both the son and Sanchez in more ways that one.

Sanchez's head was spinning, she states, she was scared and confused as Krissy Sanchez knew that she had done nothing wrong.  Her son was screaming in pain by what Laurel Police Officer#2  had just done to the little boy,  violently grabbing his little arms and squeezing them trying to separate him from his mother in a forcible manner.

Finally, a woman stepped in and told Sanchez that the Officers needed to talk to her.  

Krissy Sanchez asked her why?

So who was she?  

Later Sanchez discovered, that the woman was a CPS worker by the name of Kasia Harvey, but at the time Kasia Harvey did not identify herself to Sanchez that she was a CPS caseworker and that she was there to take her son.

The Laurel Police Officers then proceeded to remove Sanchez's dog from her car threatening to dispatch the dog (kill) if the dog bit them.   The dog was defending its property, and as far as the dog knew, the Laurel Police Officer and the CPS caseworkers were actively assaulting Sanchez and her little boy.  In a Dogs world, they bite to protect their masters from being harmed.

Finally, Sanchez was informed by Police Officers and the CPS worker that she had used METH.  Sanchez was shocked and knew that this was furthest from the truth as she has never used METH in her life.

Sanchez asked again, where the court order was proving she was a METH user,  and that there was no danger to either her or her son.  How could Sanchez disprove a negative when these officials did not even have any proof nor could provide her with any substantial proof of using METH other than their words.


Sanchez is already suing the drug testing company Friedel LLC in another case for testing her when they were not qualified for drug testing and that their system of testing people under federal guidelines are deficient and cause many false-positive tests.  Freidel LLC, Chris Freidel is commonly known in the drug testing industry for producing false-positive reports of drug test results that are ruining people lives when, in fact, they have negative results by more than one third-party testers on that very same day.

City Councilman Chris Freidel representing and part-owner of Freidel LLC was that very same day with-in 30 minutes of the incident, was colluding with the Laurel Police Department Officer #1,2 and 3 and CPS Caseworkers.

Friedel in a previous, pending federal lawsuit, Friedel LLC and City Councilman Chris Friedel accused of violating Sanchez's rights and privacy.  Here Billings City Councilman Chris Friedel was at Sanchez's doorstep foaming at the mouth in an attempt to false-positive test Sanchez again.

Now again nowhere was a Court Order in existence allowing FriedelLLC to drug test Sanchez period. There was a Court Order from a judge allowing Sanchez to get a urinary analysis by someone she chose other than Friedel LLC as ordered by the previous judge.

Sanchez having nothing to fear knew that she had never used METH, Submitted to an on the spot drug test by Friedel LLC and given by Billings City Councilman Chris Friedel.   AMAZINGLY, just as Krissy Sanchez already knew it would.  The field test revealed that she was NEGATIVE OF METH or any drugs.

Sanchez then called on the spot Laurel McCoullugh using her cell phone.  Laurel McCoullugh from Helena stated to Sanchez that she was not aware of Sanchez's child being removed and nor did she personally authorize the removal.

Suddenly upon hearing that the CPS worker on the crime scene, who made that claim then changed her story and stated, " Oh, It was Jenn Weber who told her the wrong name it was laura Smith and the Governor of Montana who Authorized the removal  and that everyone involved staffed it though Helena."
The Montana News investigative reporter reached out to the Governor's office questioning if the Governor had involved himself in this Sanchez CPS child removal.

 The Governor's staff indicated that the Governor does not get involved with CPS issues nor do they know who Sanchez nor anything regarding any accusations against the Governor's office.


Still, after seeing that Krissy Sanchez tested negative for METHor any drugs, the CPS worker told Sanchez that "I am still taking your son because I can, and the law does what I say."

Sanchez started to verbally assert her rights to the Laurel Police Officers and the CPS worker including Friedel, Chris Billings City Councilman and Representative of Friedel LLC and part-owner of Friedel LLC.

The Laurel Police Department Officer #1, 2 and three are claiming that Sanchez became mouthy when Krissy Sanchez was furious that her son was being taken even after the Officers, caseworkers and Billings City Councilman Chris Friedel observed that the field test came back as NEGATIVE.  They still took her son regardless.

CPS took the child forcibly and seized and restrained the minor child from preventing the child from escaping from their custody.  This violent action, including the violent actions of the Laurel Police Department, placed visible bruises on the little boy's arms legs and shoulders.

There was ZERO safety concerns and no drug use or imminent danger to the child when he was with his mother, Krissy Sanchez.  The abusers were the Laurel Police Department, and CPS caseworkers not the mother, Krissy Sanchez.

Sanches asked the Laurel Police Officers their identification of their names and told them what they just did was illegal, and that was no court order and no imminent danger, and she just tested negative for drugs.

The Laurel Police Officer just laughed at Sanchez and were coving their names badges and told Sanchez that she could get that information at the Laurel Police Department for $25.00

CPS and the Laurel Police Department took the minor male child to a foster family knowing that they just took and destroyed a family over nothing.

Sanchez immediately went to Billings and went to the hospital emergency room and asked for a Urinary Analysis and asked for a blood test.  The hospital complied and the urinary analysis came back NEGATIVE.

Sanchez then went to yet another drug testing company and asked them to test her again with a urinary analysis and asked for a hair follicle to be taken.  These drug tests also came back as NEGATIVE.

Once CPS hearing that Sanchez had (2) two drug testing companies test her and their test all came back NEGATIVE and the hospital test came also came back NEGATIVE, CPS then admitted to Sanchez that they knew she had no history of ANY drug use and that they did have multiple people assigned to her daily and even they stated that she was not doing any drugs nor alcohol at all in her system.

Friedel LLC license had expired in December of 2017 according to State Official in Helena and should not have been drug testing anybody during the years of December 2017 to current according to the State Officials.

Billings City Councilman Chris Friedel also knew that his business Friedel LLC was not adequately licensed to drug test anybody during that period.

Billings City Councilman Chris Friedel and Friedel LLC were running a scam on thousands of individuals who did not know that Friedel LLC was not adequately licensed nor did they have an active license according to the State of Montana.

Friedel LLC was not licensed as a drug company but only licensed as a bail bond agency.  Furthermore, Friedel LLC claimed to be a private investigator when in fact, according to the state of Montana, they are not law enforcement and do not have the legal requirements to be investigating any Montana Citizen.

CPS helped and encouraged Friedel LLC, aka Chris Friedel aka Billings City Councilman Friedel to knowingly break the law.

CPS knew as well as Chris Friedel and Friedel LLC that there was a pending case before a Federal court filed against them by Krissy Sanchez for violating her rights on another case.

CPS and Friedel LLC including Billings City Councilman Chris Friedel  came to Sanchez's home and her workplace requiring her to a drug test on the spot with no concern to her privacy or legal rights.  

CPS suddenly returned Sanchez daughter when she filed her first Federal Lawsuit against them and Friedel,  but in retaliation CPS and Chris Friedel and Friedell LLC retaliated, made up a METH accusation and illegally seized  and physically harmed a little boy with the help of the Laurel Police Department who were acting out on the orders from CPS caseworkers.  ALL based on LIES.  

To make it even more exhausting, Officers waited with Friedel LLC and illegally searched Sanchez's home without providing a search warrant and not having a search warrant on their person or ordered by any judge to search Sanchez's home.

In a sleazy attempt to get out of being held accountable for the illegal damage that was done to Krissy Sanchez and her son by Friedel LLC and specifically Billings City Councilman Chris Friedel part-owner of Friedel LLC at the time of this incident tried to convince a Federal judge to dismiss them from this lawsuit against them filed by Krissy Sanchez.

In the case of CV 18-91-BLG-SPW-TJC  Friedel LLC tried to claim to the Court by making a motion that stated, " On June 3, 1920, Friedel moved to dismiss the complaint for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and then tried to assert that: The jurisdiction of this Court is based on diversity of citizenship,  "28 U.S.C. 1332 Ser B.r in Supp of Mot to Dismiss Doc 18 at 4,9.
The judge did not buy Friedel LLC's weak argument. 


Instead, the Court stated that "Plaintiff Sanchez failed to respond to the motion, but because the motion seeks dismissal, however, the Court may not deem her failure to respond an admission that the motion is well-taken.  Besides, the Court is required by law to hold a pro se complainant; however, inartful pleaded... to less stringent standards than formal pleadings drafted by lawyers."

The Court goes on to say, "The Premise of Friedell LLC. The argument is mistaken.  Sanchez amended her complaint from diversity jurisdiction to Federal question jurisdiction.  Friedel LLC's mistake was a reasonable one, as the amended complaint does not allege any basis for jurisdiction.  Nonetheless, Sanchez does not invoke 28 U.S.C. 1332 but 1331.

Based on the foregoing, the Court enters the following.

If the district court denies Defendants motion to dismiss, Defendants must file an answer to the complaint within 14 days of the district court's order, and the clerk will serve on defense counsel one free copy of each document filed in this matter to date.


Friedel LLC motion to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction Doc 17, should be DENIED.

Based on this Billings City Councilman Chris Fridel and Friedell LLC will be held accountable in a Federal Court for their illegal actions that Krissy Sanchez alleges that they committed against her and her son.


The Federal Court has issued a summons to City of Billings Councilman Chris Friedel.  The United States Marshals Service or it's designated agent shall personally serve defendant Chris Friedel.  The Order was signed by Federal Judge Timothy J. Cavan on July 16, 2019 and copies were mailed out to Attorney Michael R. King at including Mark A. English at

The Montana News Investigative reporter will bring more out about this case in other related articles.  Stay tuned.

This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

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