Career-Criminal Robert Louis Meza AKA Louis Robert Meza Arrested For Child Endangerment

July 8, 2019








Montana News Disclaimer:  One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal and civil justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

In other words, the prosecution  or Plaintiff's must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime or civil allegations charged or leveled.  Until then the defendant or respondent is considered innocent of the charges or civil allegations

By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Career-criminal Robert Louis Meza A.K.A. Louis Robert Meza was arrested and charged with Criminal Child Endangerment Monday, July 8, 2019.

Once again the Montana Highway Patrol makes an arrest of Robert Louis Meza A.K.A. Louis Robert Meza but this time instead of gun charges, Child endangerment.

MPH Trooper Robbins attempted to stop Meza for failing to use his turn signal.   Instead of pulling over to receive a simple traffic ticket, Meza suddenly speeds off with MPH Trooper Robbins in hot pursuit.

Robert Meza drove to his home where he is living at located on Garden Ave.  In the passenger seat was a 13th-year-old.  Trooper Robbins observed Meza as being impaired and that Robert Louis Meza was trying to eat and swallow a plastic bag that was full of METH in an attempt to hide his drug evidence that he was a user of METH.

Another person was in the vehicle who was the actual, registered owner of the car.  R.O. gave Trooper Robbins permission to search his automobile, and during that search, Trooper Robbins located several $10.00 bills that were rolled up containing METH This was all found in the driver's seat area where Meza was sitting.


Meza was arrested without incident.


Meza is a career criminal.   He has a long history of interactions with various Law Enforcement Departments. One such case was:


Supreme Court of Montana. STATE of Montana, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. Robert Louis MEZA, Defendant and Appellant. No. 04-800. Decided: August 29, 2006   In this case the Montana Supreme Court ruled against Meza.  In this case Robert Louis Meza (Meza) appeals from his conviction in the Thirteenth Judicial District, Yellowstone County, for criminal possession of dangerous drugs. The Supreme Court Ruled against Robert Louis Meza.


In yet another case A federal judge Monday dismissed at trial charges against a Billings man who the government alleges was associated with a murder investigation.  in Billings on Sept. 15, 2004. Meza had been sentenced on drug charges and is considered a persistent drug user.


In yet another case Meza pointed a gun a a man on 27th street, MPH Captain observed this as he was in his non marked police vehicle and  pursued Meza.  Meza was found guilty by a jury in District Court and sent away to prison for about 5 years



This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

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