Shepherd Man Kevin Wayde Hance Arrested And Charged For Shooting Pistol In Direction Of Neighboring Farmer

June 4, 2019





Montana News Disclaimer:  One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal and civil justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

In other words, the prosecution  or Plaintiff's must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime or civil allegations charged or leveled.  Until then the defendant or respondent is considered innocent of the charges or civil allegations

By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Shepherd man Kevin Wayde Hance was arrested and charged with Assault with a Weapon.   According to the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Department at about 5:00 p.m on Sunday, June 2, 2019.

Four Deputies dispatched by the Comm Center to what dispatch described as a disturbance in progress.

The four Deputies that responded to the call were Deputy Greenfield, Deputy Johnson Deputy Hadley and Deputy Harris to the area of Nellie Christine's Drive and Horseman's Way.

Once Deputies arrived on the scene, they were met by the victim and complainant D.R. who stated that Kevin Wayde Hance pointed a gun at him and then discharged the handgun in the direction of D.R.

D.R.(victim) had been out on his tractor to get some hay for his livestock.  D.R. observed a large pile of dirt that was pushed up on the road blocking access.

D.R. placed a call to the construction developer W.P. asking him to move the dirt.  W.P. could not come and get the dirt moved at this time but indicated to D.R. that he could move the dirt himself if he wanted to.   D.R. began to move the dirt off the roadway.

Kevin Wayde Hance appeared in the area and started to argue with D.R. about moving the dirt.  Kevin Hance then pulled out a pistol and pointed in the direction of D.R. and discharged the pistol into the ground near the area where D.R. was standing.

D.R. stated to the Deputies that he was in fear for his life, thinking that Kevin Wayde Hance was going to kill him with that pistol.

W.P was contacted by the Deputies who stated to them that when D.R. called him soon afterward, Kevin  Wayde Hance called him and stated that he was going to get a gun and was going to shoot D.R.

W.P. the construction developer heard a gun go off as he was on the phone with Kevin Hance.

Hance admitted to the Deputies that he fired his pistol and told the Deputies where the location of the pistol was.

This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

                                                                                                             License# AINS-ID-80896CYP 

                                                                                                             License# USPRESS-ID-80896CYP

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