Fast & Furious: The Democrats Answer To Common Sense Gun Control

May 18, 2019





By Marc Kelley

Syndicated by: Montana News

After another week highlighted by the actions of insane individuals, hell bent on inflicting as much pain and hate as possible, we had to endure yet another lecture from the anti-gun left as they displayed their questionable judgment. 2020 presidential hopeful, Eric (swell wall) Swalwell, came forth, in an interview with Esquire Magazine, stating, the major plank in his campaign for The Presidency of the United States, would be the "confiscation of each and every one of the 15 million AR rifles, in the country". Yet again, statements like this from our elected officials, only serve to illustrate the profound lack of understanding on the subject of gun laws, gun rights and gun ownership. 





Even the most liberal of gun-owners, and closeted Trump supporters agree, the solution to gun violence is NOT taking guns away from the lawful, law abiding gun owner; but rather, by enforcing the laws already on the books. The laws governing the ownership, possession, manufacture, sale and transfer of firearms are very well established and our politicians would be well served by learning about them. 




The first step in managing any situation, is to identify and understand, exactly what you are facing. Unless you are willing to acknowledge, the AR-15 rifle, is owned by more private citizens than any other rifle in the US, you are simply paying lip service to the anti-gun collation. Someone needs to explain gun ownership to our law makers, if only they would listen. The fact of the matter is, NO ONE really knows for sure, how many AR style rifles are in our country. This reality is the result of U.S. Law; moreover, the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986, which was signed into law, by then President Reagan. The FOPA, as it has come to be known specifically prohibits any U.S. Government agency from keeping a registry, which would link a non-NFA (Machine-gun, destructive device, short barreled rifle or shotgun and suppressors) firearm to their owner. 





To those who would say, yeah, but what about the ATF form 4473. Form 4473, is the base document for conducting a background check on someone wanting to purchase a firearm from a licensed firearms dealer, as required, by the 1993 Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act. The Brady Bill, as it is commonly known, contains several key provisions, the most notable of which is the establishment of the NICS System (National Instant Criminal Background System). The Brady Bill also established the nine criteria questions listed on the form 4473, and used by the FBI, to determine, if an individual is PROHIBITED from owning firearms. These questions focus on the individual buyer and NOT the firearm. No questions are asked by the NICS Examiner as to the make, model, caliber, or serial number of the firearm being purchased. Rather, the FFL holder must simply identify the transfer as: a long-gun, hand-gun or other firearm, i.e. a receiver. The only way a specific firearm could be identified and linked to a specific individual, is if the firearm in question, was used in a crime and recovered by law enforcement. When a firearm which has been used in a crime is recovered, the agency has the information they need to contact the manufacturer of the firearm and establish the FFL holder to whom it was initially shipped. Once the FFL dealer is identified, the FBI or ATF will contact that dealer and retrieve the original form 4473, signed by the buyer, when the firearm was purchased. As part of the laws governing Federal Firearms Licensees, the requirement to retain the signed 4473 records for a period of 20 years, is established during the licensing process.





Obama supporters, would love to have you believe his administrations tenure was free of any and all controversy or scandal. Yet, much like most of history, the liberal media is doing everything possible to rewrite history, utilizing identity politics to justify "their truth". Once again, when we look back at the Democrats history and attempts to stem the gun violence in our country, we find some of the most absurd thought processes ever conceived, by the so called elite minds of our nation. In what was touted as the plan to cripple the Mexican Drug Cartels, the Obama Administration and Attorney General Eric Holder concocted a plan; which in the end, must have started out with the statement….hey, hold my beer and watch this.






On February 25, 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder, gave a speech outlining the danger to our nations National Security, as a result of the unchecked, Mexican drug cartels, crossing our southern border. Holder choose to focus on the Sinaloa cartel in particular, the operation run by Juan "El Chapo" Guzman. In this speech, Holder described the cartels as " lucrative and violent", possessing organizations structures which operated with "stunning planning and precision". Holder promised, under his leadership, the cartels would be "destroyed" and continued to lay out the specifics of his plan. The Obama / Holder plan was the result of a Phoenix, AZ, firearms dealer, who contacted the ATF with concerns about a customer by the name of Jamie, Avila Jr. Apparently, the dealer recognized Avila as someone who was potentially "up to no good." Avila inquired about purchasing specific weapons, including AK-47's and 50 caliber Barrett rifles. Upon learning about Avila, the Obama /Holder brain trust shifted into overdrive, authorizing local ATF Agents to conduct a series of sting operations; whereby, they would sell weapons in large numbers to Avila and then follow those weapons, as they were distributed to the cartel members. The problem with this line of thinking should have been obvious from the onset. As soon as the weapons were in the possession of the cartel, they disappeared across the US / Mexico border and were lost. 






On December 14, 2010, outside Rio Rico, AZ, while attempting to render aid to a group of illegal immigrants being harassed by Mexican cartel members, Customs and Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, engaged the cartel members. A gunfight broke out and Agent Terry was struck twice in the pelvis by two rounds from an AK-47 rifle. Gravely wounded, Terry was Life Flighted to a local hospital, where he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. This horrific and foreseeable event, created a firestorm of anger across our country. In typical Washington DC fashion, our elected leaders vowed to investigate, get to the bottom of the problem, and hold those responsible to account.






Our government, under the leadership of then President Obama, directed Attorney General, Eric Holder not to cooperate with Congressional investigations, seeking documentation, as to just how many weapons were lost during the scandal, now known as, Fast and Furious. As a result of his non-cooperation, Eric Holder would become the first Attorney General of the U.S., to be held in Contempt of Congress. Today, far too few people remember Fast and Furious, even fewer remember, it was Holder, NOT Bill Barr, who was the first to be held in Contempt of Congress. Yet in their attempt to uphold the legend of Barrack Obama, todays "fake new" media, has bought in fully, to the the immortal words of Dutton Peabody, famed editor-at-large, for the Shinbone Star, when he proclaimed "when the legend becomes the fact, print the legend."





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