Child Protection Services Top Contract Psychologist Donna Veraldi Caught Lying On Behalf Of CPS Caseworkers

April 16, 2019



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By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

CPS hired Psychologist Donna Veraldi had been lying to the courts for some time, all in favor of her Contractual obligation payor Child Protection Service.  Psychologist Donna Veraldi, License #125 reports can now be severely questioned as to their validity and scope especially since she violated Montana statutes, rules and or standards.

On April 10th, 2019 Department of Labor and Industry Rita K Reichert placed a Stipulation and Final Order in the mail to Donna Veraldi's attorney Daniel Auerbach in Missoula Montana.

Here is a summary of what CPS hired  Psychologist Donna Veraldi License #125 did to a poor Montana family.  This illegal action that she had been caught at now makes every case she is involved in NOT considered CREDIBLE and should be removed from every situation that CPS uses her in.

In case number 2017-PSY-580 and 2017-PSY-610 the Montana News discovered this:

Psychologist Donna Veraldi was issued her Psychologist License #125 back on October 16, 1981, Donna Veraldi opened up her private practice and for a long time had no bumps in the road.


Then Donna Veraldi joined the dark side by obtaining a contract with Child Protection Services.    Many horror stories from hundreds of cases where parents have complained that Donna Veraldi lied to the courts in her Psychologist reports which were in favor of CPS taking children from innocent parents.   Here is proof of precisely that accusation.

In case 2017-PSY-610, the Department of the Board of Psychology of the State of Montana received a complaint on September 5, 2017.

 The complaint had been filed against Donna Veraldi by a family member who was the Aunt of a patient that was forced to see Psychologist Donna Veraldi because CPS did not want the individual to be observed by any other Psychologist as CPS does not approve them, only Donna Veraldi.

In the Complaint against Donna Veraldi, an individual by the initials of R.C. received a call from CPS caseworkers who stated that they wanted R.C. to come into their office so that they could have R.C. talk to their CPS approved Psychologist Donna Veraldi license #125

R.C. was not nor has ever been a patient of Donna Veraldi and never has talked in person or talked on the phone to Donna Veraldi before.  CPS told R.C. that they just wanted R.C. to speak with Donna Veraldi because R.C. has a niece that was involved in a Child and Family Services CFSD case.

R.C. did the smart thing and declined to talk to Psychologist Donna Veraldi at first as she already had heard horror stories about Donna Veraldi used as a CPS hired gun to write false reports.

The Montana Child and Family Service caseworker told R.C. that the meeting with Donna Veraldi was to get R.C.'s "perspective" and stated that the interview would "NOT" be used for a psychological evaluation.

Finally after much browbeating by the CPS caseworker, R.C. relented to meet with Donna Veraldi only if needed.


CPS knew that if they could get their hired liar, Donna Veraldi to write a false report, then they could take the child.  So what did Psychologist Donna Veraldi do?

She wrote a false report.

Donna Veraldi filed a report to CPS that stated the following, " Additionally R.C.'s controlling and manipulative behavior raised sufficient questions in this examiner's mind that this examiner believes R.C. needs to have a psychological evaluation."

CPS caseworkers then used this false report against all family members which forced the child to have limited to no contact with maternal family members.   This tactic that CPS uses against family members in every case is a way of separating the children from the family members and extended family members.

All this based on Psychologist Donna Veraldi's lies.

It became evident that CPS used Veraldi's lies to harm both the child and the Aunt causing the child nightmares and severe separation anxiety from maternal family members.

Not to mention causing innocent family members to suffer extreme alienation of affection and love towards the child.

Then on September 21, 2017, Daniel Auerbach responded to the allegation against his client Psychologist Donna Veraldi, license number 125.

Attorney Daniel Auerbach gave a lame excuse for his client's breaking the law by stating that Donna Veraldi was evaluating family dynamics in a dependent neglect case.

Moreover, as such in a case, when family members exhibit uncooperative or obstructionist behavior, it was appropriate for Donna Veraldi to include that conclusion in her findings.


However, after the screening panel reviewed the case, they convened on November 17, 2017, and discussed the complaint and the response by Donna Veralid's attorney Daniel Auerbach from Missoula Montana.



The Panel found reasonable cause to believe that Psychologist Donna Veraldi license #125 Committed a violated of 24.189.2309(7) ARM, justifying legal proceedings against Donna Veraldi under Montana Code Annotated 37-1-312.

The Board of Psychology took subject matter jurisdiction and the legal authority to bring an action against Psychologist Donna Veraldi under Montana Code Annotated Title 37, ch. 1 and 17, and Admin .R. Montana Title 24, ch 189 for disciplinary purposes against Donna Velardi and retaining jurisdiction over her license for the next two years after lapse according to Mont Code Ann 37-1-141.

Donna Veraldi was served notice of the screening Panel's consistent cause findings according to MCA 37-1-309.

CPS and their hired liar Psychologist Donna Veraldi did not want this to come out in public.   

However, the Montana News investigative team once again pulls the rug out from under CPS and Donna Veraldi by exposing what they do not want the public to have been knowledgeable of their dirty deeds.

Donna Veraldi is and violated the Administrative Rules of Montana 24.189.2309 Professional responsibility:

(7)  In regards to forensic activities, a licensee; (a) shall not render a formal professional opinion about the psychological and emotional characteristics of an individual without direct and substantial professional contact with or a formal assessment of that person, for example. About the fitness of a parent in a custody hearing.

Based on the fact assertations above, the Board found reasonable cause to believe that Psychologist Donna Veraldi license#125 violated the following statues, rules, and standards justifying disciplinary actions in case number 2017-2017-PSy-580.

The board found that if Donna Veraldi's failure to strictly abide by the terms of the Stipulation then it shall constitute a violation of the Final Order of the Board and may result in a sperate disciplinary action against Donna Veraldi's License specifically.

If Donna Veraldi's failure to strictly abide by the terms of the disciplinary Stipulation, that may result in administrative suspension of Donna Verladi's Psychologist license #125.

Once again the Billings Child Protection Services has been caught with their pants down by using a Psychologist who lies in her reports to further the cause of CPS taking children from parents.
Donna Veraldi's Offices location is in Billings at 1018 North 39th Street (A), and her phone number is 406-256-8004.

According to Ratemydoctor the ratings for Dr. Donna M. Veraldi are very low.  Here are just a few of the ratings and things people say about her.

"Donna is very irrational and quick to jump down his throat if you question her or she doesn’t like your opinions. Go somewhere else. She will drive you crazy!!"

"She had already diagnosed my child before he was even seen. I also knew her recommendations before I even went for the appointment. She can barely speak English. Hates kids, parents and people in general.  The Office isn't  kid-friendly. Secretary looked like she was strung out on drugs! Go somewhere else!"

"Very irrational did not evaluate all the facts closely. "


This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

                                                                                                             License# AINS-ID-80896CYP 

                                                                                                             License# USPRESS-ID-80896CYP

                                                                                                             License# IWGP-ID-74810-CYP-18




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