Another Madman Gets His Fifteen Minutes: How Social Media Drives Violence On A Global Platform

March 22, 2019









Syndicated by: Montana News

By: Marc Kelley

Once again our world must watch, as the battle between good and evil continues. Undoubtedly you have heard about the the mass shooting, at two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Predictably, the liberal left and their media mouthpieces, were quick to assign blame to President Trump, perpetuating their belief, everything which is evil, is the result of our 45th President and the people of middle America, who elected him. Once again, the message, which seems to be entirely lost by the Trump Deranged media, is the suffering and pain being experienced by the friends and families of the slain and the outpouring of prayers and support, sent by the vast majority of our country.





Rather than blaming President Trump and his supporters, we should each examine our own personal mores and behaviors. In a time when Congress feels the need to vote on a resolution condemning hate of every imaginable stripe, their words ring hollow. By refusing to acknowledge the hateful, anti-Semitic words, spoken by a bigoted, freshman, congresswoman this sort of politics sends a clear message to the world, the USA condemns everything, effectively saying, we condemn nothing.





The reality of the Christchurch tragedy, highlights the belief held by many, there is ample blame for everyone in our society. When we choose, as individuals, to attack, only that with which we disagree and blindly follow a dysfunctional group dynamic, the result is the loss of our personal self-worth, uniqueness and humanity. Social Media, is tearing our country apart, no longer do we value the open exchange of differing points of view, but rather we attack, berate and belittle everyone who dares not follow the religion of identity politics. Free Speech, is only allowed for those who agree with the socially accepted, politically correct ideology. Getting the facts right, now takes a backseat to getting the story out first, to the lemmings who willingly repost on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.





Congress, in their usual way of doing business, has told us "there is a problem", promising to "investigate, to get to the bottom, and to find the individuals responsible." Yet, they cannot be torn away from their fund raising events and efforts to hold onto their power and gain re-election. Testifying before Congress, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg admitted "we need to do better": yet, as evidenced by their latest failure, Facebook has done nothing. Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, with his company's self proclaimed motto, "Twitter, it's whats happening", may have in his testimony, inadvertently, admitted to a self fulfilling prophecy. Whats happening on Twitter, should be considered criminal.





For many years, we used social media as a means to connect with our customers. However, with the election of Barrack Obama to a second term, a clear strategy was undertaken by the big tech companies: Facebook and Google. In January, 2016, after having both my personal and business accounts, frozen by Facebook on numerous occasions, for their contention, my company "violated their community standards", a decision was made to abandon Facebook for our social media marketing. As a result of big tech's left wing policies, open promotion of their liberal agenda and prohibition of Free Speech, we continue to boycott Facebook and Twitter. Now in 2019, other people are beginning to see just how much power, companies like Facebook and Twitter control and how they manipulate content aimed at driving liberal policies, which would never be embraced by the majority of people in the United States. 





It should not come as a shock to anyone, none of Mr. Zuckerbergs' legion of obtuse automatons, were actually able to notice, let alone stop one of their users, from posting hate filled rhetoric, his plan to carry out his crime, and ultimately, live stream his cold-blooded murder of 50 people. Facebook themselves, while responsible for their content, is not alone in this failure. According to the Washington Post, even though the video was seen by over 4,000 people, not a single Facebook user flagged or reported the video to Facebook. This failure of conscience and morality, was responsible for this disgusting video being reposted to a file sharing website, where it will forever be available to anyone who truly wants to search for it. The video, has become nothing short of a recruitment tool, to be used by the angry and ignorant, to justify and defend their actions.





This week, the Governor of California, in defiance of the voters in his state, imposed a moratorium on the death penalty, based on his contention, it is racist by nature. Anyone, willing to take a few minutes to research the crimes committed by each of the 737 California death row inmates, will find the information posted, where else, on the internet. Simply by visiting and reviewing, The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website, anyone can view the public records describing the offenses and sentence handed down by the courts. A word of caution is necessary here to anyone who actually looks into these inmates, be prepared to learn of the depths of the depravity committed by these individuals. Personally, I object to the death penalty on moral and religious grounds. One cannot be Pro-life, while at the same time condoning death. However, if ever an act, could be used to justify the death penalty, the Christchurch Mosque Shootings, provide a powerful example, of the evil which exists in our midst.





It is up to each and everyone of us to teach our children the difference between right and wrong and what it means to let their conscience be their guide. Sadly, many born into Generation X and the subsequent Millennial Generation, appear to be lost to the abyss of indifference and egocentrism. These kids were not born with these qualities, we as parents encouraged, nurtured and protected them at every turn, removing all personal responsibility from their decision making process. Staring dutifully into their Iphones, these individuals respond only to the number likes and shares they get, when they live stream their latest dental appointment.





The time has come for our government to break-up the big tech companies. Time and time again, Facebook, Twitter and Google have proven their inability and unwillingness to provide meaningful change on their own. Just like Standard Oil, in 1911 and At&T in 1982, breaking-up a monopoly will bring increased competition as well as alternative venues and choices for the American consumer. Additional social media platforms will allow every American to choose the environment in which they participate. While pushing for socialism in America, the liberal left needs to feel the power of the American consumer, perhaps when they themselves feel their very existence in peril, they will once again, embrace capitalism.

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