Billings CPS Case Workers Chelsey Handford and Debran Anderson Encourage The Forced Entry into Parents Home To Take Child

March 18, 2019




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By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated By: Montana News

The Billings Police department was contacted by the Billings Probation and Parole who were contacted by Child Protective Specialist Chelsey Handford regarding Billings man Andrew James New.

CPS was called by one of the Billings hospitals due to the fact the parents of a 2-year-old girl Cienna Brave and Andrew James News were acting and behaving erratically.   Cienna Brave was alleged to have needle track marks on her arms.

The 2-Year-Old's initials are C.B. with a birthdate in May of 2016.

Billings Probation Officer Jamie Burson, Mattie Yadinek, Krystal Stevenson met with CPS caseworker Chelsey Handford at the location of 2419 11th Ave North#1.

The Billings Probation Officers knocked on the door and various windows but received no response.  Encouraged by the CPS caseworker, Chelsy Handford suggested to the Probation Officers to force entry into the home as CPS caseworker Chelsey Handford felt that the 2-year-old child was home alone.

Billings Probation Officers would not comply to CPS caseworker Chelsey Handford request to knock down the door without permission from their Probation, and Parole supervisor who id give the Probation, and Parole Officers permission conduct a forced entry.

Before they attempted to break down the door, the Probation and Parole contacted the Landlord who refused to cooperate with or assist law enforcement in opening up the door as the CPS caseworker Chelsey Handford was acting in an over-aggressive manner as if she had "carte blanche" authority to enter a person's home without a warrant to take children.  CPS caseworker Debran Anderson was also involved with this case.
At this point Billings Police Officers Mansur, Punt, and Conrad arrived on the scene.

Billings Police paused till the equipment to breach the door had arrived.

 At about the same time Cienna Brave approached the apartment crying.  She did not have a key to the studio apartment.

Once  Billings Police Officers broke down the door and entered the studio apartment.

Once inside Officer Punt observed the 2-year-old child and stated "Hi, you," as the child was standing reaching out her arms according to Officer Punt.

Probation Officer Burson grabbed the child and carried the child out of the studio apartment.

Billings Police Officers then searched the home and found drug paraphernalia such as a digital scale, a knife, a bag of syringes, empty needle packets and a small baggie.

Cienna Brave was ordered by the Probation and Parole Officer to have Andrew James New contact them.  Cienna Brave asked if the Probation and Parole Officers were going to kill Andrew New the stated, "He won't go back to prison.  He'll make you kill him."

Billings CPS caseworkers then called Friedel LLC to drug test the child who Friedel reported after conducting a field oral swab test using the Draeger System, that the child tested positive for METH. 


Ask any parent that has had dealings with Friedel, LLC   Friedel, LLC has a long history of producing a false positive test causing numerous families and parents great heartache due to their inability to have accurate tests that they provide to  Billings CPS.  Just as one allegation regarding Friedel, LLC check out this link:


This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

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