State Of Washington Sued Over Anti-Gun Initiative (I-1639)

February 14, 2019










By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

The State of Montana and Wyoming including all other Western states need to sit an take notice as to what the radical liberals are doing in the state of Washington with initiative measure #I-1639  whichTreads on legal gun owners rights.

In a nutshell, let's look at just who is suing the state of Washington and why:

Case#3:18-CV-5931 was filed by the Law firm of Albrecht Law PLLC who are located out of the city of Spokane Washington.  Their phone number is 509-495-1246.

This case was filed in Federal Civil Court which challenges the constitutionality of various gun bans that were enacted by the Washington State Initiative No 1639 or commonly referred to as (I-1639).

This radical anti-gun legislation was designed to drastically re-write statues that govern various purchases of guns, the sale of guns, the ownership of firearms in common  in the state of Washington.

Furthermore,  (I-1639) infringes grossly upon the rights of Washington citizens second and fourteenth amendments to the United States Constitution.

Let's take a look at the parties involved here and how this radical anti-gun legislation directly affects them.


Daniel Mitchell is a firearms dealer licensed in the state of Washington and possess a Federal license.  Daniel Mitchell owns and operates his gun business in Vancouver, Washington and sells guns to the public.

Robin Ball is a federally licensed firearms dealer.   Robin Ball owns and operates his gun business in the city of Spokane, Washington and sells guns to the public.

19-Year-Old Luke Rettmer lives in the state of Washington.  Luke Rettmer is a competitive shooter and is a member of the United States Long Range Rifle Under 21 team.

Luke Rettmer has competed in the United States High powered Rifle competition.  Luke Rettmer has also competed in the World Championship High Powered Rifle Competition and expects to once again compete in the World Championship High Powered Rifle competition in the very near future.

19-Year-Old Nathaniel Casey lives in the State of Washington and lives in the city of Spokane, Washington and is a student at the Boise State University where he is studying Mathematics and Education.

Nathaniel Casey is like most college students with little financial means and he has to work two (2) jobs while at the same time attending his studies at the College.

Nathaniel Casey also is in the Army Reserves and has received training and is qualified by the United States Army on his fully automatic rifle as well as a plethora of other firearms.

 The training he has received exceeds anything that would be required by the radical anti-gun initiative measure (I-1639).

Casey owns a semi-automatic .223 caliber Colt M4 and wants to purchase a similar rifle in .22 long rifle caliber which is less expensive for target practicing but will help him keep proficient with his rifle when not on duty.

Nathaniel Casey also intends to purchase a higher caliber semi-automatic rifle which would be suitable for lawful big game hunts in the future.

20-Year-Old Armen Tooloee is a recreational shooter and lives in the state of Washington.  Tooloee likes to go with his buddies to the rifle range where they can shoot for practice and recreation.

19-Year-Old Matthew Louis Wald is a student at Seattle University and is studying to be a Nurse for his BSN.  Wald  when not in college lives in the city of University Place, Washington.

Matthew is an avid shooter and shoots at a rifle range several times a year.  Wald is the proud owner of a .22 Ruger semi-automatic which he uses for recreational target practice.

Matthew Wald wants to purchase a semi-automatic .223 rifle for recreational target practice in the very near future.  Wald had extensive training and experience with any semi-automatic rifle and is lawfully qualified to purchase and own such rifles but for the radical anti-gun restrictions, of initiative (I-1639).

Tooloee, Wald Rettmer, and Casey are considered young adult Plaintiffs in this Federal Lawsuit.

The Second Amendment Foundation, Inc (SAF) is a non-profit membership organization that is incorporated in the state of Washington with its main office in the city of Bellevue, Washington.  SAF has well over 600,000 members and supporters nationwide with many, many thousands in the State of Washington.    SAF helps to provide education, research publishing and support for the constitutional right to own and possess firearms.  SAF joined this Federal Law Suit against the State of Washington and Robert Ferguson who is the attorney general for the state of Washington.

National Rifle Association of America, Inc. (NRA) is a nonprofit and does business in the state of New York and its main office is located in Fairfax Virginia  The NRA is by far the oldest plaintiff and the oldest civil rights organization that teaches and educates  their members such as with self-defense, target practice, marksmanship, and hunting.

The NRA is the foremost defender of the Second Amendment rights and promotes safe, responsible purchasing, possession, and use of any firearms that are purchased or owned by law-abiding civilians and including law-enforcement officers.

The NRA has a membership of over 6 million members and many hundreds of thousands of them live in the state of Washington.
 the SAF Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA National Rifle Association are enjoined in this federal lawsuit as Organizational Plaintiffs.

Check back for continued article 2 or 2.



This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

                                                                                                             License# AINS-ID-80896CYP 

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