Did Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison Have The Motive To Kill Richard Ramirez? Part 1 of 3

February 1, 2019







Montana News Disclaimer:  One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal and civil justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution  or Plaintiff's must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime or civil allegations charged or leveled.  Until then the defendant or respondent is considered innocent of the charges or civil allegations.

By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison has become and is a threat to the public as he has already shot and killed two people in about 14 months apart from each other.   Morrison is described as a "Hot Head" who  "Demonstrates unreasonable thinking patterns" just based on his interactions with the general public.

In an Opinion and Order from the United States District Court  Judge  Donald W. Molly makes it quite clear that the City of Billings will be on the hook for  Grant Morrison's actions and held vicariously liable for any assault committed by Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison against Richard Ramirez.

The Opinion & Order begins by stating, " The ostensible reason to stop the driver, not Ramirez, was a burned out license plate light.   Officer Morrison killed Ramirez when he refused to raise his hands simultaneously.   Ramirez's estate, his father Julio Ramirez, and his son Richard Jordan Ramirez Plaintiffs sued Morrison, Billings Police Chief Rich St. John, and the City of Billings under 42 U.S.C. 1983"


A short summary background sets the stage as to the Billings Police department's inability to handle an investigation properly and basically, they encouraged and incited  Officer Grant Morrison, who already has a history dealing with the public in a deranged, demented manner as proof when Grant Morrison murdered James Shaw and now Richard Ramirez.

According to the  AlterNet and written by Shaun King / Daily Kos on   January 10, 2015, and titled:
Montana Officer, Grant Morrison, Shoots and Kills His Second Unarmed Man. No Charges in Either Case

"With that said, Grant Morrison, a police officer in Montana, clearly has an unacceptable and unreasonable level of fear when he pulls people over.
Two times, in the past two years, Morrison has pulled over unarmed, nonviolent citizens and, in a fit of fear, shot them both—the most recent resulting in a brutal and unnecessary death."

On April 13, 2014, Billings Police Officer Marc Snider was dispatched to a robbery in progress where Billings man Michael Chavez had been shot.

According to Chavez, he stated that he had been shot by Richard Ramirez who Chavez had been friends with for some time.

Officer Marc Snider assumed that the shooting was drug-related due to the fact Billings Police Officer Marc Snider "theorized" that the shooting was motivated due to large amounts of drug money, none of which the Billings Police were able to have any factual knowledge it turned out later.  They felt that it was a drug rip off that went down.

This is where Scum bag Officer Grant Morrison comes in to play.

Grant Morrison responded to the scene 20 minutes later when he had heard that there was a shooting.   Scum bag Officer Grant Morrison, admits that he heard on the radio that Richard Ramirez and  Michael Chavez were involved and that Ramirez was a suspect.


Scumbag  Officer Grant Morrison had a long history with Richard Ramirez because he had been called to the home of Richard Ramirez's parents' home, Julio and Betty Ramirez in an attempt to assist them in removing Richard from his parents home.

That same night Scumbag Officer Grant Morrison and Billings Police Officer, Tony Jensen went looking for Richard Ramirez at his parents home on the south side of town.  Richard was not at his parents home.

Scumbag Grant Morrison told Richard's parents that "Richard was a suspect in a shooting."  which he actually was not, when in fact Richard Ramirez was only a person of "interest."  Scumbag Grant Morrison boldly lied with a deranged smile on his face according to the Ramirez family.

Grant Morrison had been given the night shift as to hide him from the general public in the day time as Grant Morrison was known by Chief Rich St. John as being a "Hot Head" and was not fit for being viewed by the business public during the day time, as Grant Morrison was and is a "Hot Head" and already was an embarrassment for the Billings Police Chief, Rich St. John.   This was his way of keeping Grant Morrison out of the spotlight as he had already killed in cold blood, James Shaw.

No arrest warrant had been issued for Richard Ramirez and only an "attempt to locate" Richard Ramirez was given during the Police briefing.

Scumbag Grant Morrison surmised on his own that the way to treat Richard Ramirez was as if Richard Ramirez was armed and dangerous, which was furthest from the truth as other Billings Police Officers have testified under oath.


Morrison located the vehicle that Richard Ramirez was riding in on South 34th street and identified Richard in the back seat of a red Ford Focus.  Morrison followed the vehicle for blocks, then finally initiated a traffic stop once the car pulled into a dark alley.  Grant Morrison intended to murder Richard Ramirez and did not want anyone seeing what he was about to do.

Otherwise, he would have pulled the car Richard Ramirez was riding in over on the side of a public street.

Grant Morrison's claim was that the vehicle's license plate was not illuminated but in fact, it was working as the owner of the vehicle had determined later.

Grant Morrison stated "Who are you?"  but in the same breath actually called Richard by name as he already knew who Richard Ramirez was because of his previous dealings with Richard in the past.

Regarding the summary judgment record, the Court has stated that "In support of their motion, the City and St. John relied on Morrison's submissions and further submitted reports."  But the Plaintiffs (Estate of Richard Ramirez), "submitted a longer version of Morrison's dashboard video....." and a transcript of St. Johns deposition."

Grant Morrison moved for Summary Judgment against the estate of Richard Ramirez's claim that the traffic stop was unconstitutional.


Regarding Excessive Force, the Court stated that "The qualified immunity analysis has a two-pronged approach  (1) whether the official violated a constitutional right, and (2) whether the right was clearly established."

The Severity of the crime; "With respect to the first Graham factor, the severity of the crime at issue, Morrison argues Ramirez was suspected of having shot Michael Chavez the previous night during an armed robbery or drug deal gone bad.  Plaintiffs respond that being a suspect in violent crime does not by itself justify the use of deadly force.  They cite a series of cases in which the victims had previously committed violent crimes yet deadly force was unreasonable.

Plaintiffs are correct that no single factor is dispositive.  And, while drug-related shootings are serious crimes, the severity is tempered here by the time elapsed, the lack of certainty that Ramirez was the Chavez shooter and that the crime at issue the night of the police shooting was merely a traffic stop---and arguably pretextual stop of the car in which Ramirez was a backseat passenger."

The Court continued stating, "When Morrison shot Ramirez, nearly 24 hours had passed since the Chavez shooting was first reported and no warrant or charges were pending against Ramirez.  The immediacy of any threat the alleged shooter posed had long passed, diminishing the severity of the suspected crime's relevance to the reasonableness analysis.   Next, Ramirez was merely a person of interest in the Chavez shooting."

"The night of the Chavez shooting, Morrison visited the Ramirez household and informed Betty and Julio, Ramirez's parents, that Richard was a suspect.  He told them,. " I don't know if it's the same Richard Ramirez or not."

Stay tuned for Grant Morrison's story to be continued. Part 1 of 3

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