2019 Became The Year That Republicans In Wyoming Started Acting Like Socialist Democrats In Washington

January 28, 2019







By: Big Horn Basin Tea Party

Syndicated by: Montana News

So let’s tax businesses at a 7% corporate tax rate to entice corporations to come to Wyoming and help diversify our economy???  ENDOW was/is an effort to bring business to Wyoming and keep our young people here. What a novel idea, create a corporate tax to bring business here and an income tax to tax the employees of those businesses. Brilliant! Yes, there’s some sarcasm here.


Our elected officials are not looking at raising taxes, but generating revenue! The link to the Forbes article comes at an interesting time.  The legislature may have a lot of people with (R)’s after their names, but looking at a lot of the bills being introduced, and voted upon you’d think there should be (Rino)’s after their names or if they were honest a (D). Democratic Socialism is the name of the game in 2019. However, in Wyoming it’s often camouflaged as an (R). This is why (some) republicans hate the litmus test of a Party Platform.


Oh, yes, let’s create an income tax to throw more money at the schools.  We have school’s getting approximately $16,000 per student, more than any of the surrounding states, and the legislature’s response is throw more money at it.  We hear nothing, but test scores spiraling downward, college freshman having to remediate their first semester, and teachers bitching about more money. What does the legislature do, keep the same legislators on education committees, talk about re-calibration, and throw more money at the problem.  Did I mention throwing more money again?  Maybe that’s a common denominator. However, don’t forget the largest employer in Wyoming. Oh, the State of Wyoming! They need taxes (oops) revenue too.


Please read the forbes.com article linked below and then take a look at the two highlighted bills below it. HB220 is moving right along. So is the legislator’s bill to increase their per diem rate and put it under control of the Auditor’s Office to keep it out of the public eye.  It is now in the Senate. BTW per diem is non-taxable.



2019 Became The Year That Republicans In Wyoming Started Acting Like Democrats In Washington



https://wyoleg.gov/Legislation/2019/HB0220 National Retail Fairness Act.

https://www.wyoleg.gov/Legislation/2019/HB0233  Income tax.


The ENDOW Initiative

 Citing the need for a comprehensive approach to diversify the Wyoming economy, Governor Matt Mead announced in November 2016 that he is creating the ENDOW initiative. The initiative will coordinate and expand ongoing efforts across the state, as well as produce measurable results expanding the Wyoming economy. He made the announcement during the Governor’s Business Forum, hosted by the Wyoming Business Alliance.


​The ENDOW acronym represents “Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming.”

​“We need immediate and measurable results now,” Mead told the forum audience. “We need to build on recent success in establishing technology as a fourth leg of Wyoming’s economic strength. We need to build on the efforts to add value to coal, minerals and natural resources.  We need to build on our success in a growing manufacturing industry.”


​Governor Mead cited several decades of economic studies and plans – some dating to the period when his Grandfather, Cliff Hansen, was Wyoming’s Governor. Many of these recommended addressing issues still pressing in 2016.


​“For decades we have wanted to grow opportunities that keep our young people in Wyoming,” Mead said. “We have known for more than 50 years that it is important to add value to our natural resources, to improve air service and to expand research. The problem with the past plans is that they have addressed the next four years – or next eight years. These are connected with political terms and we need economic action that spans the next 20 years -- efforts that go beyond this Governor and the next.”




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