Wyoming Senator Kost Needs To Be Reminded To Fulfill His Constitutional duties, And Support Senate File 75 / House Bill 183 Senator Kost Instead, Supports ANTI-GUN , ANTI-GOD Legislation

January 22, 2019


Syndicated by: Montana News
One of the responses we received from a reader regarding SF0075 included comments from Senator Kost. The reader gave us permission to forward his e-mail, but I did redact his contact info. Senator Kosts' response follows:

From: "Senator - Kost, RJ" <RJ.Kost@wyoleg.gov>
Date: January 17, 2019 at 8:57:15 PM MST
Subject: RE: Please Support Senate File 75 / House Bill 183
Hello Mr. XXXX,
I appreciate your information but you need to know my position.  Thank you for your email. I strongly feel this is a local issue and state government should not overreach to dictate how each local area should operate.  For those reasons I am not in favor of this bill and will not support it.
Again, thank you for the email.
R. J.
R. J. Kost
Senator District #19
680 Road 11
Powell, Wyoming 82435
Email - rj.kost@wyoleg.gov
Phone: 307-754-7174
“Men Build Too Many Walls and Not Enough Bridges”
Sir Isaac Newton
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2019 7:30 PM
To: Senator - Kost, RJ <RJ.Kost@wyoleg.gov>
Subject: Please Support Senate File 75 / House Bill 183
Re: Please Support Senate File 75 / House Bill 183
Dear R Kost,
As a fellow Wyoming resident, and your constituent, I strongly urge you to support Senate File 75 /House Bill 183.
Senate File 75/House Bill 183 seeks to repeal certain portions of Wyoming’s statutes that prohibit the lawful carrying of a firearm for self-defense in any meeting of a governmental entity or any meeting of the legislature or a committee.  Further, this legislation would also repeal the carry prohibition in any school, college or professional athletic event not related to firearms or any public elementary or secondary school facility; and in any public college or university facility.
In addition, Senate File 75/House Bill 183 would strengthen the preemption protections in Wyoming by specifying that the exclusive jurisdiction over authorizing, regulating and prohibiting “firearms, weapons and ammunition” belongs to “the state.”  This provision would prevent local municipalities from imposing their own gun laws and creating a patchwork of confusing legal hurdles across the state.
Thank you.
Powell Wyoming, WY 82435

Please remind Senator Kost of his Constitutional duties, to fulfil his Oath of Office. This bill is not about what he feels, but about following the Constitutions of the United States and Wyoming.  

"Local control" came about with the creation of the law which allows teachers and staff to carry firearms, if approved by the school board". Allowing LOCAL control, as Senator Kost references it, will create a hodgepodge of laws throughout our state. Local control of a Constitutional right is a very dangerous path to follow.

What part of "shall not be infringed" 2nd Amendment, US Constitution, or "shall not be denied" Article 1, Section 24, Wyoming Constitution is confusing.  Local control infringes and denies these very rights.

Also, his tag  line: “Men Build Too Many Walls and Not Enough Bridges” appears to be indicative of the effort to build a wall along our southern border. We wonder if Senator Kost is opposed to protecting our border and protecting the integrity of our Country in addition to infringing and denying our Constitutional rights.




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