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November 30, 2018


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This weeks catalog was inspired by the history and legend, of Teddy Roosevelt and his USV Rough Riders. In addition to the iconic firearms used by the Rough Riders, you will find the latest from Marc Arms Custom. In collaboration with a longtime, female customer, firearms enthusiast and collector, we have produced another custom designed rifle, designated, " The Party Girl". Check this one out!!!


This weeks featured article, is again written in the spirit of honoring the history of the USV, Rough Riders. This article will introduce you to how the Rough Riders came into existence and some of the weapons, chosen by Teddy Roosevelt himself, for the men under his command and used, in their charge up San Juan Hill. This is part 1 of the series and over the next several weeks, we will explore in much greater detail the weapons and the exploits of these iconic American hero's.


This week, we learned President Trump intends to sign the anti-gun coalition's legislation, banning bump stocks. If the President does indeed sign this act, it would require anyone who has a bump stock in their possession to turn it over to law enforcement, with-in 90 days.


The real questions which remain are: what happens if you do not turn in your bump stock and who will be assigned to enforce this law. While this action is sure to wind up before the US Supreme Court, it does foretell the intentions of the Democrats, as they take back power, in the House of Representatives. We need to have our voices heard ! If you start banning gun parts, can the firearms themselves be far behind?



Enjoy the Marc Arms Catalog Of Firearms


November 30, 2018



Featured Items


CZ USA 223's

527 M1 American 22" Barrel w/ Synthetic Stock

527 American 22" Barrel w/ Walnut Stock

527 Carbine 18.5" Barrel w/ Iron Sights

527 FS Mannlicher 20.5" Barrel Walnut


Marc Arms Custom

Party Girl 300 Blackout

Diamondback Viper 556 NATO

Black Widow 223 Wylde

Zombie Reaper 556 NATO

Old Glory 223 Wylde

Long Range Varmint 224 Valkyrie

Long Range Sniper 308 Winchester


Featured Article

Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain:

Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders Part 1


Cimarron Arms

Teddy Roosevelt Nickel Engraved Commorative 45 Long Colt

Sharps Business Model 32" Octagon Barrel 45/70 Gov't

P Model SAA 5.5" 357 Magnum

P model SAA 5.5" 45 Long Colt

USV Artillary Model 5.5" 45 Long Colt


European American Arms

NEO (Benelli Clone) Your Choice 12 or 12 ga



1927 A-1 Lightweight Carbine 45 ACP

1927 A-1 Deluxe Carbine 45 ACP

Lightweight Deluxe Pistol 45 ACP


North American Arms

Holster Grip Mini Revolver Combo 22 LR / 22 Mag

WASP Mini Revolver Combo 22 LR/ 22 Mag

Black Widow Mini Revolver Combo 22 LR/22 Mag


Combat & Home Defense Shotguns

Emperor TM1950 AR Style Package 12 ga

Cheetah 12 AK Style 12 ga

MPX12 Home Defense (Rem 870 Clone) 12 ga

MX5 Semi-auto Home Defense 12 ga

Marine Max Nickel Home Defense 12 ga


Shooting Accessories

E Lander Magazines

Lancer Magazines

HexMag Magazines

Nightstick Weapon Mounted Light / Strobe


Rolling Brass Retreiver

AR15 Brass Catcher Attachment

Bench Rest Lead Sled

Howard Leight


Optics & Sights



FLIR Night Vision & Thermal Imaging

Athlon Optics

Trijicon Optics & Sights


Gun Smithing Tools

Wheeler Engineering

Tipton Gun Vise

Lucas Extreme Gun Oil & Grease


Rise Armament Drop-in Fire Control Groups

Franklin Armory BFSIII AR-C1 Binary Firing Trigger System






Marc Arms Custom

Party Girl

300 Blackout

$ 950.00


The Party Girl from Marc Arms custom is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when customers request a specific set of components, to personalize their vision, of the AR rifle.


The Party Girl begins with a top quality, Aero Precision, Generation 2, lower receiver being paired with a matching upper receiver and fitted with a match grade, 16", bull barrel, chambered for the 300 Blackout round. Internally, this rifle utilizes a carbine length direct impingement gas system paired with a .875 steel gas block. The mil-spec fire control group has been polished and fitted to a 5.5# trigger pull and offers an extremely quick, short reset. The custom, slick-side, purple anodized, 15", monolithic hand guard, allows for a precise fit to the upper receiver, giving the appearance it is one complete unit. Next, we added, a matching purple anodized extended magazine release, oversized trigger guard, take-down pins and a mil-spec buffer tube with a matching end-plate and secured by a custom, extreme duty, extra-wide castle nut. Chosen for the butt-stock, is a six position Hogue over-molded rubber & polymer, with matching purple accents. Paired with butt-stock is Magpul's newest MOE Slim Line pistol grip. This thinner pistol grip provides the most comfortable, secure grip for individuals with smaller hands. The business end of this rifle is completed with the addition of a Nitrite coated bolt carrier group, an ambidextrous, Gun Fighter, extended charging handle Flip-up battle sights and a Gatling Gun Multi Port muzzle break. Like all Marc Arms custom rifles, this rifle is guaranteed to produce 1" MOA groups at 100 yards and carries a full 1 year Parts & Labor Warranty. Once again, we have proven, our rifles are anything, but off the rack. Marc Arms provides you with the highest quality components and workmanship combined into a rifle which reflects your own unique personality.



Marc Arms Custom

Diamondback Viper

Two Tone 556 NATO

$ 799.00


This is the Diamondback Viper Two Tone, chambered in 556 NATO. This rifle starts with a Noreen, Bad News, billet aluminum lower receiver, featuring; a broached magazine well and integral oversized trigger guard. Next, we added a 16", 1:8 twist, chrome molly lined, Colt Competition barrel, matched with M4 feed ramps and topped it off with a recoil reducing, decibel lowering linear compensator. The internals of the rifle feature a direct impingement, carbine length gas system using a Faxon, steel low profile gas block and a black nitride, low friction coated bolt carrier group. The esthetics of this rifle are set off utilizing a light weight Mlok, monolithic rail, ambidextrous safety selector and extended magazine release all in Flat Dark Earth. The stock of this rifle is a 6 position adjustable stock matched with a mil-spec buffer tube, 3 oz carbine buffer and 36 coil tuned buffer spring. The rifle will come to you with 1, 30 rd Hexmag, featuring heat treated stainless steel spring for extended storage and self-lubricating anti-tilt follower. For those of you living in a magazine capacity restricted area, we will swap out the 30 round mag for a 10 round magazine, also from Hexmag. If you are searching for an AR rifle that is far from off the rack, you should consider one of the Marc Arms Custom rifles. You get both performance and style, all back by a name you can trust. 




Marc Arms Custom

Black Widow

223 Wylde

$ 899.00


This is the latest production of our most popular AR15 rifle. The Marc Arms Custom, Limited Edition, Black Widow, chambered in 223 Wylde. This is a top to bottom, custom rifle, loaded with features you simply will not find anywhere else. The first thing you will notice is the aesthetics of the rifle. We combined red anodized components into the classic black nitride finish which is so popular in todays AR market. When you shoot this rifle you will quickly understand it is way more than just a pretty face. The single stage, mil-spec fire control group has been hand fitted and polished, giving you a crisp, 4-5# trigger pull. Under the 9", free float hand guard will find a 16", match grade, heavy barrel with "Bear Claw" flutes, cut deeply into the stainless steel barrel. The 1:8 twist barrel is guaranteed to hold sub MOA accuracy at 100 yds with the proper ammunition and shooting skills. Next, we added a carbine length, direct impingement gas system, a Faxon, low profile gas block, a 42 coil, teflon coated, buffer spring, matched with a 3oz carbine buffer. On the business end of the barrel, you will find a linear compensator which directs all of the expended gas directly down range, significantly lowering the rifles report; while at the same time, reducing the felt recoil allowing for faster follow-up shots. The rifle was finished with the addition of a six position, mil-spec stock and matching red anodized buffer tube. As with all of the Marc Arms Custom Rifles, this package carries a full 1 year PARTS and LABOR warranty. You can buy an AR anywhere, but when you handle a Marc Arms Custom rifle, you will not wonder, where your money went! 



Marc Arms Custom

Zombie Reaper

556 NATO

$ 849.00


The latest edition to the Marc Arms Custom AR line, is this Custom Zombie Reaper, chambered for 556 NATO. The rifle begins with a matched set of Anderson, AM15 upper and lower receivers. We then added a mil-spec, polished and fitted, fire control group, tuned for a 5.5" trigger pull. Next, we added a custom trigger guard, ambidextrous safety selector, extended magazine release and a mil-spec buffer tube, all in Zombie Green Cerakote. The business end of this rife begins with a 16", Heavy, Match Grade Barrel, fitted into the upper receiver, torqued to 60 ft/lbs and secured with a proprietary barrel nut. The Direct Impingement Gas System consists of a Radical Firearms, low profile, steel gas block and a pinned carbine length stainless steel gas tube, to ensure reliable function and increase dwell time. A carbine gas system paired with a 16” barrel increases the amount of gas pressure being exerted on the bolt carrier group compared to a 16” barrel with a mid-length gas system. This means, your BCG will be pushed back with more force to overcome any dirt or carbon buildup. The gas system is completed with the addition of a 36 coil, polished, round wire, buffer spring and 3oz carbine buffer. We placed the rifle into a Mission First Tactical, adjustable, Minimalist Style butt-stock and adorned it with a Zombie Reaper vinyl finish. The hand-guard on this rifle is a 12", lightweight, monolithic rail with Mlok attachment points which is also adorned with Zombie Reaper rail finish. We completed the rifle by adding flip-up, adjustable, aluminum sights and a War Hog Compensator from Strike Industries. After test firing the rifle it passed all of our quality, accuracy and reliability tests, ensuring you will receive a rifle that is ready to run right out of the soft side, 4 pocket tactical case which is included. Like every Marc Arms Custom Rife, this one is backed by a full year parts and labor warranty.



Marc Arms Custom Victory Mdl- Old Glory

223 Wylde

$ 849.00


This is the Marc Arms Custom Old Glory Victory model, chambered in 223 Wylde, this rifle allows you to shoot both 223 Remington as well as 556 NATO ammunition, safely. This rifle starts with the Anderson Manufacturing, AM15, forged lower receiver paired with a Gun Tech, M4 upper matched with a 16" M4 contour chrome molly barrel w/ a 1:7 twist. This rifle has M4 feed ramps, a carbine length, direct impingement gas system, extended charging handle and a birdcage muzzle break. The rifle is topped with a Monstrum, 3x9x32 optic with a First Focal Plane Reticle, and Aim Tech 9-13" adjustable bi-pod. The rear stock is a fixed, A4 style which completes the classic configuration of this rifle. Internally, this rifle offers you a forward assist, ejection port dust cover and a polished, mil-spec fire-control group with a trigger pull of 6-7 lbs. This package includes a custom, Old Glory, vinyl gun wrap and 1, 30 round Hex magazine, and is covered by Marc Arms one year, parts and labor warranty. 



Marc Arms Custom

224 Valkyrie

Long Range Varmint



If you are looking to reach out and touch the varmints in your area, the tool you need, is the all new Marc Arms, Long Range Varmint, chambered in 224 Valkyrie. For those of you interested in the origin of the 224 Valkyrie, the round is based on the 30 Remington /6.8 SPC cartridge developed by Remington Arms in conjunction with the US Army, Special Operations Marksmanship Unit. The 224 Valkyrie give you similar geometry to the 22 Nosler; however, because of the larger case capacity and heavier projectile, the Valkyrie produces downrange results which simply cannot be touched by the 22 Nosler. The Cartridge produces over 127" less drop and over 68" less wind drift at 1000 yards when compared with the 223 Remington. Additionally, the Valkyrie boasts comparable ballistics to the 6.5 Creedmoor, with as little as half the felt recoil.


We began this Custom rifle on a matching set Noreen, Bad News receivers providing the optimal platform for quality of fit and increased accuracy. Next, we added a 24, stainless steel, match grade barrel with a 1:7 twist. Next, we added a rifle length direct impingement gas system featuring a Advantage Melonite coated, low profile gas block paired with a matching melonite coated gas tube for increased heat and corrosion resistance. The Bolt Carrier Group is an proprietary 224 Valkyrie, 9310 hardened steel with a 17-4 stainless steel firing pin. The BCG's Nitride finish allows for enhanced durability and decreases the need for heavy lubrication, which results in less carbon build up and easier cleaning. We then chose the Luth, MBA-1 Modular, glass filled, re-enforced nylon butt-stock w/ adjustable cheek riser and recoil pad for a custom fit and adjustable LOP. We matched this precision stock with a Luth, Chubby Pistol Grip, ergonomically designed to reduce the accuracy robbing tension in the shooters hand. We selected the Hyperfire EDT Sharp Shooter trigger and fire control group which provides a crisp 4# single stage trigger and the shortest trigger reset on the market. To further reduce the felt recoil we next added, a tuned, multi-port, stainless steel, compensator and an adjustable 9-13" bi-pod. Finally, we added an Odin Works extended charging handle and UTG, 4-16x40 optic with a 36 color, illuminated, mil-dot range finding reticle and target turrets. The rifle is fed by a 24 round, E Lander, Israeli made steel magazine and will come to you with an Allen Tactical 5 pocket soft-side case. As with all Marc Arms Custom rifles this one is backed by a full 1 year PARTS & LABOR warranty.





Marc Arms Custom

Precision Long Range 308

$ 2,395.00


As we have continued expanding the Marc Arms Custom line of rifles we have been asked to produce a heavy caliber, precision rifle capable of producing 1 MOA groups at ranges out to 500 yards and beyond. Introducing our first AR10 Precision Long Range rifle from Marc Arms Custom.


Built around the LR 308 design, utilizing matching Aero Precision upper and lower receivers. Building upon this extremely accurate platform we added a 24", stainless steel, fluted, bull barrel featuring a 1:10 twist rate, 5R rifling and a 11 degree target crown. The rifle utilizes a rifle length, direct impingement gas system complete with a Luth, 936 diameter manganese finished gas block, paired with a Ballistic Advantage, melonite finished gas tube for increased heat and 

corrosion resistance. Next we added a Nitride, AR10, 9310 hardened steel w/ 17-4 stainless steel firing pin. This Nitride finish allows for enhanced durability and decreases the need for heavy lubrication which results in less carbon build up and easier cleaning. We then chose the Luth, MBA-1 Modular, glass filled, re-enforced nylon butt-stock w/ adjustable cheek riser and recoil pad for a custom fit and adjustable LOP. We matched this precision stock with a Luth, Chubby Pistol Grip, ergonomically designed to reduce the accuracy robbing tension in the shooters hand. For the optics we chose a UTG, 4-16x40 scope with a 36 color, illuminated, mil-dot range finding reticle and target turrets. To increase the ease of charging this rifle we selected the LR 308, Gen 4 charging handle with an extended gunfighter latch. The rifle is fed by a 20 round, Lancer L7AWM magazine and will come to you with an Allen Tactical 5 pocket soft-side case. As with all Marc Arms Custom rifles this one is backed by a full 1 year PARTS & LABOR warranty. If you are ready to step up to the next level of accuracy and performance, the Marc Arms Precision Long Range 308 may well be exactly what you are looking for.





Cimarron Sharps Business 45-70

32" Octagon Barrel

 $ 1,329.00


Between 1876 and 1880, the Sharps Rifle company offered a no-frills, round-barreled "Business Rifle," for the shooter who wanted to get the job done, but wasn't interested in the various "extras" offered by the company. Nonetheless, the Business Rifle still boasted of the accuracy and hard-hitting qualities of other 1874 model Sharps rifles and was equipped with double set triggers. Cimarron's handsome Business rifle has a 32-inch octagonal barrel with the traditional color case hardened receiver, hammer and lever, double-set triggers, a straight walnut stock with the post 1875-type schnabble tipped forearm and the comfortable shotgun-style butt plate, and is chambered for the popular .45-70 Government cartridge. Sights are a buckhorn rear and blade front sight. When you shoot a Cimarron Business Rifle, you'll be Takin' Care of Business!




Cimarron 1873 SAA

357 Mag / 38 Special

$ 495.00


This is the Cimarron 1873 Single Action Army model P chambered for the 357 magnum / 38 Special cartridge. The revolver features a 4.75" barrel, color case hardened pre-war style frame, and walnut grips. The P model is Cimarron's highest quality, most authentic reproduction of the original Colt 1873.


Cimarron Model P 45 Colt 5.5" Color Case Hardened

$ 495.00


The 1873 peacemaker-style revolver, originally designed for the U.S. Cavalry, quickly became the standard sixgun of the frontier. Commonly called the "peacemaker,", this pistols it was also known by other monikers like "hogleg," smokewagon," and "equalizer." Men like Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson, packed this legendary firearm. Considered the most authentic and highest quality reproduction of the 1873 Colt, Cimarron's replica was reproduced in every detail from an original 1873 single action in our antique collection. We also took extra steps to improve the gun's reliability with our Cowboy Comp® action which eliminates weaknesses associated with the 19th century design. Cimarron's Model P is truly the sixgun of the West!



Cimarron U.S.V. Artillery

45 Colt 5.5" Barrel

$ 575.00


In the early 1890s the U.S. Army began issuing double-action revolvers in .38 Colt caliber, and was retiring the 1873 single actions. However, because of the underperformance of the somewhat anemic .38 Colt loading during the Spanish American War of 1898 and the Philippines Insurrection, many officers and men clamored for the return of the older, more powerful .45s. 

In 1898, "Teddy" Roosevelt's "Rough Riders" would carry over 100 of these Artillery models when they bravely charged up San Juan Hill in Cuba. TheArtillery Model bears the government inspector, Rinaldo A. Carr's cartouche and all martial markings, including the U.S. stamped frame, just like the guns that went on to see service into the early years of the 20th century.




European American Arms


Your Choice of 12 or 20 ga

$ 290.00


This is the NEO from EAA, designed from what is arguably the best inertia operated shotgun to come onto the market in the last 10 years, The NEO takes advantage of the fact the patent for that shotgun has expired and can now be produced in a price range anyone can afford. Designed with only three primary parts, the bolt body, inertia spring and rotating bolt head the NEO will cycle faster, lock up tighter and run cleaner than any other shotgun on the market today. The NEO is available in your choice of 12 or 20 ga.



Sey-Lan TM1950 12 ga

Tactical Shotgun Package

$ 399.00


This tactical shotgun from Sey-Lan Arms is a Turkish built, AR style 12 ga, semi-auto shotgun. This is a BEAST of a weapon that not only resembles an AR rifle but incorporates the same feel and functions. This gas operated, magazine fed semi-automatic shotgun features a 20" chrome lined barrel and is chambered for 2 3/4 or 3" shells. The shotgun features an A2 style front sight, adjustable rear sight w/ carry handle, ambidextrous magazine release and rifle length black synthetic furniture. The shotgun is fed by a 5 round magazine which is included. Compatible with ProMag MAK 1919 magazines. 



SDS Imports Cheetah 12

AK-47 Style Semi Automatic

12 Gauge

$ 499.00


The Cheetah 12 is the next evolution in 12 Gauge Kalashnikov styled shotguns. This shotgun is similar to the Russian IZ 109 AK shotgun in design but offers many more shooter friendly features. The Cheetah 12 interchanges with most Saiga parts like stick mags, hand guards & muzzle devices. You can easily upgrade the rear stock to a Tactical set up if you desire. Ambi controls allow you to use the safety selector from both sides and left side charging handle is a real plus! Adjustable rear sight and Fiber Optic front sight are great for sporting clays etc. Three gun ready with improved ergonomics for easier handling, faster shooting and less training time. All of the above PLUS the ability to have detachable stick mags and a reasonable price make the CH12HF a formidable option.


Emperor MPX12 Pump

$ 159.00


The Emperor MPX12 Pump is one of our most popular Home Defense Shotguns. Based on the Remington 870, this 12 ga shotgun features a 18.5" chrome lined barrel, the recoil reducing Emperor stock design and a 4+1 capacity. This shotgun could very well be the BEST DEAL on the market today !!!



Emperor MX5 Premium

$ 259.00


This is the Emperor MX5, 12 ga, semi-auto home defense shotgun. This shotgun features a 20" chrome lined barrel, accessory rail and premium synthetic stock.



ASI Pasimax Marine 12 ga 18.5"

$ 239.00


It is all to rare to find the description of reliable AND affordable in the world of firearms. The PasiMax Marine from ASI is just such a shotgun. Based on the legendary Remington 870, the shotgun offers you the Marine electroless nickel finish, a 18.5", chrome lined barrel w/ a picatinny rail, tactical sights, a recoil reducing butt-stock design, an effective muzzle break and 4+1 capacity. Perfect for home defense, this shotgun offers you unsurpassed quality and an affordable price.



The TWM-850XL Xtreme Lumens Tactical Weapon-Mounted Light uses a CREE LED rated 850 lumens working in conjunction with a high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector to create a usable beam of light rated at 245 meters. This weapon light features a unique and completely ambidextrous Dual Dependent Toggle Switch on each side of the light to operate the momentary-on and constant-on lighting modes. The housing of the TWM-850XL is constructed from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 Aluminum with a Glass-filled Nylon Polymer battery door and toggle switches. Includes 4 Sets of Cross-Rail Inserts (2 inserts each to fit GLOCK, 1913, TSW/99, 90two), 4 Cross-Rail Mounting Cap Head Screws, Allen Wrench, and 2 CR-123 Lithium batteries.




Brass Retriever

$ 43.00


If you find yourself bending over again and again to retrieve your fired brass, do your back a favor and get this Caldwell Rolling Brass Retriever. Simply roll the cage over spent casings and they will be collected inside the basket, bag em' up, drop them into the tumbler and reload the next batch. If you like shooting better than policing your brass…this is the answer.




AR15 Brass Catcher & Attachment Loop

$ 15.00



The Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher quickly attaches to the for-end of any AR style rifle or pistol with a heavy duty Velcro strap and captures the ejected brass. The Nylon mesh bag is heat resistant, has a wire frame which holds fabric in correct shape and allows the empty shells to enter bag without disruption to bolt function or interruption to cycling. Bag can collect up to 30 empty casings and has a convenient zipper at bottom of mesh bag which makes emptying simple.




Lead Sled Bench Rest

$ 75.00


The Caldwell Lead Sled Solo Rifle Shooting Rest is the newest addition to Caldwell's line of recoil reducing rests. A smooth pivoting elevation system is controlled with a single knob making adjustments onto target fast and precise. The heavy duty steel construction provides a stable and solid shooting platform. Its unique offset frame is designed to accommodate all rifles including detachable magazine rifles like the popular AR-15 platform as well as lever actions guns. The front support is height adjustable has a durable rubberized coating that will not scratch or mar your gun. The Caldwell Lead Sled Solo Rifle Shooting Rest has an integrated weight tray that will hold a single 25 pound bag of shot. The combination of the weight and a heavy duty spring between the frame members all but eliminates recoil on non-magnum calibers and greatly reduces recoil on all calibers. 



2 Pack

Howard Leight

Air Soft Shooters Earplugs

Multiple Use

$ 4.95


Outstanding hearing protection at an economical price! This 2 pair set of earplugs is optimized for exceptional in-ear comfort, AirSoft’s new four-flange design creates a better seal in the ear canal, delivering optimal protection and increased comfort for long-term wear. Internal fins create an interlocking, noise-blocking barrier within the air pocket, providing dependable attenuation for all wearers upon proper insertion. At the same time, AirSoft’s firm stem and tapered shape facilitate easy insertion and removal, and allow the earplug to sit comfortably in the ear canal. Noise Reduction Rating of 27DB




Wheeler Bore Sighting Tool Green Laser

$ 119.00


The Wheeler Engineering Professional Laser Bore Sighter uses a high power daylight visible green laser and a high-strength magnetic connection to the barrel to deliver fast accurate bore sighting.This system works with virtually all firearms; rifles, shotguns, handguns. The magnetic connection to the end of the muzzle provides more precise alignment with the bore without the risk of damaging the bore. Each unit is hand tuned during the manufacturing process with an innovative calibration mechanism. This allows for maximum precision, thus ensuring the best bore/optic alignment possible. Molded plastic storage case included. Runs on a single Lithium 123A battery (included).




Wheeler Digital Trigger Pull Gauge

$ 49.95


We would be willing to wager that the majority of shooters in the country do not have a trigger gauge and even fewer have ever used one.The reason is simple, once you check out the “weight” of the trigger on your favorite gun, the tendency is to forget about it and call it “good“. All shooters who wish to maximize the precision of their firearm need to know the characteristics of the trigger. They need to know how and where it breaks and how heavy it is. A precise digital gauge will determine those characteristics and whether you need a “trigger job” on your gun.




Wheeler Complete Scope Mounting Kit

30mm and 1"

$ 89.95


This kit contains everything you need to professionally mount any 30mm or 1" diameter tube optic. 


Kit Includes:


Wheeler FAT Torque Wrench

10 Gunsmithing Screwdriver Bits

Level- Level,-Level

30mm & 1" Lapping Bar

30mm & 1" Ring Alignment Bars

Lapping Bar Handle

Lapping Compound

Thread Lock






Wheeler 9-Pc

Roll Pin Punch Set

$ 19.95


Kit Includes:


Punches have hemispherical tip for proper alignment

Nylon storage pouch



Wheeler 9-Pc

Roll Pin Starter Set

$ 19.95


Kit Includes:


Hardened steel construction

Nylon storage pouch






Wheeler AR15 Armorers Block

$ 29.95


Tired of trying to secure your AR parts while installing a pin, detent, or spring? The AR-15 Bench Block is the answer! Specifically designed for AR-15 assembly and disassembly, the AR-15 Bench Block is the perfect tool. Made of extremely durable, non-marring urethane to protect the finish of your firearms and last for years. It features a variety of notches, grooves, and holes on both sides and is ideally suited for the upper receiver, lower receiver, front sight and charging handle of an AR-15.







Tipton Gun Vise

$ 40.00


Better upkeep leads to better shots, so keep your firearms shooting straight and clean with the Tipton®Gun Vise. This feature rich vise can handle all of your gunsmithing needs with versatile support design that caters to any style firearm and molded compartments to create easy access to small parts. The Tipton® Gun Vise is designed to keep your firearm secure while you work on getting it back into pristine shooting condition.







Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil & Grease

8 oz Bottle & 1 oz Tube


Lucas extreme duty Gun products are a special blend of oil and petroleum-extracted additives producing a lubrication specially formulated for high volume, high heat and friction firearms. Lucas extreme duty Gun oil is designed for semi-auto rifles, shotguns and pistols as well as full auto firearms and suppressors. It offers superior burn-off resistance. Its polymeric Film protects metal from rust, moisture and dramatically reduces wear during All shooting conditions.







Streamlight Bandit Headlamp

USB Rechargeable

$ 21.00


This Streamlight Bandit LED headlamp has become a mainstay when assembling or working on my guns. The hands free feature allows you to position the bright LED light, right where you need it most. Unlike other headlamps this Streamlight is rechargeable using the included USB cord. Never again will you out of batteries when you need this light the most. The lamp functions in three modes: low, high and emergency flash.







Rise Armament trigger are some of the most cost effective triggers on the market for AR based rifles. Precision CNC machined from high quality, heat treated tool steel and aluminum, these triggers will complement any shooting style. Easily replace your Mil-Spec fire control group with any of these drop in triggers and experience the benefit of using a quality Rise Armament trigger in your AR.





Franklin Armory BFSIII AR-C1

Binary Firing System

$ 339.00


The Franklin Armory Binary Firing System is a 3 position drop-in trigger group for your AR15 / AR10 rifle or pistol. When placed in position 3 (the binary firing position) a round is fired with the trigger pull, when the trigger is released a second round is fired. This binary system effectively doubles the rate of fire from you AR platform firearm. 


















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