Billings Police Chief Makes Lite Of "Like A Hollywood Film" Crime Spree Of Ryan Glenn Mcelmury According to The Yellowstone County Prosecutors Documents Mcelmury Was Charged With Only (3) Vehicle Thefts

September 27, 2018








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By; Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter
Wyoming man, Ryan Glenn Mcelmury was arrested and charged with a night of violent criminal activity which involved many innocent victims who were in the right place at the wrong time.

Billings Police Chief St.John Rich makes lite of the seriousness and calls the violent crime spree "Like a Hollywood movie" as he makes the rounds on radio talk shows and various media outlets trying to gain the spotlight to satisfy his self-centered ego.

Fortunately for the suspect Ryan Glenn Mcelmury and the MPH and Sheriff Department, no one was injured during the shootout.

Mcelmury was charged with (3) counts of Robbery / Weapons enhancement, (4) counts of Aggravated Burglary, (2) counts of Criminal Endangerment and (3) counts of Theft.

Wait, did not Billings Chief St. John state in several media reports that Ryan Glenn Mcelmury "stole (5) vehicle and (10) crimes scenes"?

Yes, that is what the self-centered, egotistical Billings Police Cheif St. John Rich stated in his press conference and his silly little media speaking tours.

But interesting enough,  The Yellowstone County Attorneys office only charged Ryan Glenn Mcelmury with only (3) counts of theft.  SO, was Billings Police Chief St. John lying to the public again?  probably, as the Chief of Police has a long history arbitrarily and habitually, lying to the public and the media to protect his officer's actions.

The real summary of what took place on September 24, 2018, starting at about 10:00 p.m.

The Performance Auto Sales business which is located at 5002 Laurel Road, an alarm was set off.  Billings Police Officer Richardson was dispatched to respond to that address.

According to dispatch, they stated that breaking glass and a motion sensor was activated within the business.

Two other Billings Police were sent out to assist Officer Richardson.  They were Officer Schultz and Officer Stroble.  Both of these Officers arrived after Officer Richardson according to a recording taken from the 911 dispatch logs as the event went down.

A large window was broken on the east side of the building.  Richardson radioed dispatch to inform them of this observation.

Officer Schultz parked his patrol car in the parking lot of the Muzzle Loader Cafe'.

As he did this Officer Schultz reported that he observed only one male, and then moments later a second male running on foot from the building on Foote Street.

All three Officers lost sight of the two male suspects who ran away from the Car Dealership.

They later learned that the suspects ran in an eastward bound direction via through the MDT maintenance complex and over a fence that was behind the Hanser's Towing company.

All three Officers headed in an eastwardly direction with Officer Stroble taking a different route.

Suddenly there was a gunshot heard and Officer Stroble reported that he had one of the suspects in custody.

The suspect, Jason Ebarb gave up only because Officer Stroble had his gun out and pointed it towards Jason Ebarb.  So you could say he gave up by lack of options which in this case was his best decision, unlike the decision that Ryan Gleen Mcelmury made.

Ebarb stated that he did not enter the Auto Dealership but only ran because he saw Mcelmury running.
About the same time that Officer Stroble had radioed in stating that he had detained Ebarb,  Officer Richardson who was in another area heard an engine revving up inside of some building.

Suddenly a white pickup truck was backing up crashing through a closed garage door.  This was Stolen vehicle #(1).

the pickup sped away headed eastbound through a fence and then southbound on Morey street.

Two more Billings Police Officers responded.  Officer Nathan Contreraz and Officer Hilde.

Officer Hilde positioned his vehicle on South Billings Boulevard, in an attempt to contain the speeding truck.   

Officer Nathan Contreraz positioned his vehicle on Simpson street.  The stolen vehicle #(1) sped towards Officer Nathan Contreraz.  Officer Nathan Contreraz started to fire at the speeding truck as he thought that the pickup truck was going to hit him.    Actually, the shots he fired were at a distance of at least a quarter of a block away from the speeding truck.  Contreraz was narrowly missed and the truck headed down South Billings Boulevard.

The stolen vehicle #(2)  headed onto Moore Lane and Monad Road.  

Billings Police Officer Singh entered into the chase.  He activated his lights and pursued the pickup truck.

Officer Singh claims that the vehicle was traveling 90 miles an hour and swerving in and out of traffic.

The suspect Ryan Glenn Mcelmury continued to flee from the police and preambulated an intersection on Monad Road and Shiloh road, abruptly turned off onto a dirt trail.   The pickup crashed into a tree.

Ryan Mcelmury then ran into a home located on 5351 King Ave West.  A short time later he left the home and entered into another home and took by force a black Chevrolet Avalanche from that homeowner. Stolen Car #(3)

Billings police continued to pursue the suspect heading South on Shiloh.  as the stolen black vehicle entered the intersection of Shiloh Road and Broadwater Ave he came to a stop jumped out of the Black Avalanche and ran over to another vehicle.

Officer Anderson drew his service revolver and pointed it at the suspect.  Ryan Mcelmury ignored this and was assertive in stealing yet another vehicle.

Stolen Vehicle #(4) was owned by Colette Davies who is running for 13th District Judge against City Deputy attorney  Thomas Pardoy.

Davies observed the black truck heading her direction at a high rate of speed and then suddenly stopping, the man suddenly points a gun at her and demanded her truck/SUV.

Davies complied as she did not want to get shot, she says.
Collette Davies vehicle was now headed down Interstate 90 Eastbound.

This is where the Sheriff department joined in.  Deputy Simonsen spread out spikes and the Suburban struck the spikes but continued traveling.  Estimated speeds right before the suspect hit the spikes was 110 miles per hour.

Minutes later, the Suburban pulled into the Lockwood Town Pump with two flat front tires.  No one was around the stolen Suburban and a lot of glass was laying about on the pavement.

The Suburban collided into the fuel pump station.   Ryan Glenn Mcelmury attempted to carjack yet another car, from a woman and her boyfriend.  the boyfriend and Ryan Glenn Mcelmury struggled briefly.

Mcelmury then turned around walked away and towards another woman who had her keys around her neck.    

Stolen Car #(5) Mcelmury yanked those keys off of her neck and jumped into her vehicle and took off.

Taking the pathfinder, Mcelmury headed North onto Main Street.   Deputy Greenfield led the pursuit with four other law enforcement vehicles behind him.
This time it was reported that Mcelmury was traveling at 102 miles an hour down the main street in the heights headed Northbound.

At the intersection of Doyle Road and Highway 87 North, Mcelmury tried to make a turn eastward at a high rate of speed and rolled the Pathfinder into a ditch.

Ryan Mcelmury jumped out of the Pathfinder and ran on foot pursued by Montana Highway Patrol Troopers and Yellowstone County Deputies.

Ryan Glenn Mcelmury was detained without further incident.

The credit for his arrest goes to the Yellowstone County Sheriff Office and the Montana Highway Patrol.  The Billings police did not apprehend Mcelmury as Billings Police Chief St John Rich has eluded to the public and the media trying to take credit for the arrest of Mcelmury.    The County Attorneys office only filed (3) theft charges for stealing (3) cars, not (5).

No surprise.   Also if the taxpayers want to know where their money is going,  The Montana News has photos of Billings Police Chief St. John Rich driving a 2 door, black Mercedes.  And now you know where allegeldy some of your public tax payer money could be going .
Believe me, he does not make enough money to drive expensive cars after all, he is a cop on a cop budget.  So what is he doing illegally?  Time will tell.

This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

                                                                                                             License# AINS-ID-80896CYP 

                                                                                                             License# USPRESS-ID-80896CYP

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