Wyoming Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Gordon "A Progressive Liberal Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"

September 10, 2018






Syndicated by: Montana News

by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Wyo Governor Candidate, Mark Gordon, appears to have pulled the wool over the eyes of Wyoming citizens.   Mark Gordon, the Liberal Progressive Wyo candidate, has a long history of consorting with some of the most radical liberal groups and organizations in Wyoming and abroad.

Yet in his ads and in his speeches Mark Gordon comes across as conservative when in FACT, he is a progressive liberal masquerading as a conservative doing and saying anything he can to become the Governor of Wyoming.

Any Wyoming resident only has to take a look at those groups to ascertain that these are liberal progressive, anti-energy, anti-oil, anti-coal, anti-Wyo economy recovery that wage war on Wyoming's economic ability to recover and to produce jobs for the Wyoming people.  This is NOT the making of a conservative candidate, no, it is the smooth, slimy slick, progressive liberal masquerading as a conservative.  Wyoming voters must not be fooled by Mark Gordon.     Here are some facts that Republican Mark Gordon would rather not have the public know anything about.

They are as follows:

Mark Gordon actually served as the Wyoming Chairman of a radial progressive liberal group called "Friends Of The Earth."  This group has very radical extremism anti-energy and anti-American leanings.  The "Friends Of The Earth" consistently opposed the Keystone XL pipeline project, using radical tactics in presenting their liberal radical extreme falsified information which was then published to the general public as if it were the truth when they knew that it was not.   

And to think that Wyoming Republican Candidate, Mark Gordon was the Chairman of this radical group.  Mark Gordon is on record as being the highest ranked elected official in public office that aligned himself with this radical liberal, anti-energy anti-American organization yet he wants to be Governor of Wyoming that has oil and coal that is the foundation of the State of Wyoming's money?

Furthermore, Mark Gordon has affiliated himself with progressive liberal groups even going as far as serving on their boards.

Let us just take a look at the Radical progressive anti-American group called the Sierra Club.  This group was formed by John Muir.  However the Sierra Club is no longer just trying to protect the forest and naturalism naturalists, no it has become an ultra liberal and very anti-American and definitely anti-energy which means they are also anti-Wyoming.

Wyoming Candidate Mark Gordon does not want the Wyoming public to know this fact, no wolves who masquerade in sheep's clothing are slick and slimy and will say anything to get you to vote for them.  Mark Gordon has even donated money to the radical Sierra Club.  That's on record and can be found at the Federal Elections Commission's website at https://www.fec.gov/.

Wyoming voters need to be aware that even President Trump who supported former Wyoming Republican Candidate Foster Friess, knew that Wyoming Governor candidate Mark Gordon, is a wolf in sheep's clothing and will lead Wyoming into economic disaster.


Last but not least,  Mark Gordon has a history of supporting Liberal radical John Kerry and Hillary Clinton and Obama.  If Mark Gordon supports radical liberal progressive groups, he also then supports liberal radical wingnuts like Pelosi and Maxine Waters.


Secretary Kerry (Jan 9, 2017): "Glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate. Sea levels are rising three times faster than they did in the 20th century. The kind of intense storms that used to happen only twice or three times in a millennium are now becoming almost normal." Kerry is also Anti-War and Anti-Veteran yet Mark Gordon supports John Kerry, so does that make Mark Gordon Anti-veteran?



If Wyo elects a progressive liberal to the Governor's office that will also affect Montana as the state of  Montana and  the state of Wyoming share commerce and trade products and supplies back and forth with each other.   What will happen to Montana if Wyoming goes blue an elects a progressive liberal who masquerades as a conservative?


Is this what a true conservative looks like?  Does this sound like a man that the Wyoming voters want leading them and making decisions on their behalf?

That answer is a deafening, resounding, NO!!   


This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

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