Rex Rammell A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Wyoming Governor Race

September 8, 2018





Syndicated by: Montana News

by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Rex Rammell (T-Rex) is the closest thing to President Donald J. Trump when it comes to issues.  He knows his stuff and as a businessman just like President Donald J. Trump, he intends to lead the state of Wyoming back to prosperity and less government control giving the people of Wyoming more say on how they are governed.

In a smart calculated political move, Candidate for Wyoming Governor, Rock Springs veterinarian
moved from the Republican Party to a less crowded field giving the conservative candidate a better chance at the Wyoming Governor's seat as a third-party.

This is a win-win for the people of Wyoming as they need a conservative candidate who will say and do what the Wyoming residences want to say and do but either can't or are afraid to.

The Next Wyoming Governor, Rex Rammell has a credible background both in the political field and in the business field.  Being an outsider and not part of the system, Rex Rammell (T-Rex) actually has a shot at the Wyoming Governor's race.

Rammell's credentials are the following:  1987 - Bachelor of Animal Science, University of Idaho 1989 - Doctorate Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University 1994 - Established Elk Ranch 2001 - Master of Animal Science, Utah State University 2006 - Elk escape and slaughter, sold ranch 2008 - Idaho Candidate for the U.S. Senate 2008 - Authored the book: A Nation Divided, the War for America's Soul 2010 - Idaho Candidate for Governor 2012 - Torrington Livestock Auctions,Torrington, WY - Chief Veterinarian 2013 - Intermediate Correctional Facility, Torrington, WY - LDS Volunteer 2015 - Animal Medical Center of Wyoming, Gillette, WY - Associate Veterinarian 2016 - Wyoming Candidate for the U.S. Congress.

According to U.S. statistical reports, the last several Governors lead Wyoming down a very dark path into the worst economy in the whole Unites States over the last 20 years and in 2017 the jobs market was at an all-time low in 2017.  Currently, Wyo's land is basically split in half.

Half being controlled by the Feds.  This has made the state of Wyoming in the top 15 most dependent states in the federal government.

Wyoming gubernatorial candidate, Rex Rammell is not just talking.


 Rammell has actual solutions to the problems in education, financial, land resources with the list being endless as to how to gain control and actually fix these major issues that are plaguing the state of Wyoming.

If the public goes to any of the debates they will see that Rex Rammell clearly has sound answers and solutions, (how to fix) solutions in the Game and Fish Department, K-12 Education, Budget and Economics of Wyoming, Medical and Welfare, Prison Reform and how to stop the endless revolving door.

The next political debate will be September 12th - Gubernatorial Luncheon where the Wyoming business community will be eager and ready to learn more about the candidate for Governor of Wyoming, Rex Rammell.  The public event will be at the Hangar that is located in the community of Bar Nuun, just 10 minutes from Casper's North-side.   The debate will start at at12:00 noon. According to organizers, seating is limited.  Here is Candidate for Wyoming Governor Rex Hammell's web site

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