Billings Man Pete Leroy Goolsby Arrested And Charged For Strangulation And Tampering With Evidence

August 16, 2018




Syndicated by: Montana news

by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Billings man Pete Leroy Goolsby was arrested and charged for Strangulation  PFMA and tampering with evidence.

 According to Billings Police report 18-58271 and case#CR2018-1861, on August 10, 2018, Billings Police Officer Crowe was dispatched at about 3:00 p.m. to an address located on Boulder Ave

The Victim (J.J.) was the ex-girlfriend of Pete Goolsby.  Earlier in the day at about 9:00 a.m. Pete Goolsby came to her home and attacked her.  She stated that at first, she refused to let Pete in her house because he is violent towards her.  

After much “Sweet talking” she decided to let Pete in her house because stated that he just wanted to talk and nothing else.

J.J.’s friend was at the home A.L.  In the past relationship that J.J. had with Pete Leroy Goolsby, he would never let her have any friends over to her own home.  Pete Goolsby was very controlling to his then Girlfriend.  A.L. left but stayed close to the house as she wanted to be able to get help for J.J. is she was attacked by Pete Goolsby.

Once Goolsby got inside of the house, he started to engaged J.J. in an aggressive verbal conversation.  He started by calling J.J. a “Bitch and Cunt.”  His verbal attacks against J.J. became even more aggressive and J.J. told Pete to leave her home several times. But Pete Goolsby refused to leave the house.

K.J. left the living room area and went to her bedroom and sat down on her bed in an attempt to escape Pete Goolsby.   J.J. knew that there would be trouble so she turned on her recording device on her cell phone. And then kept the cordless phone close to her in case she needed to call the police for help.

Pete Goolsby then got off of the chair that he had been sitting in and approached J.J. jumped on top of the bed and on top of J.J. and pinned her to the bed.

Pete Goolsby then grabbed J.J. by the throat and started to choke her down  Pete slammed her head into the metal nightstand and wood headboard in an attempt to hurt her.

J.J. told the Billings Police Officer that she thought that she was going to die as she could not breathe.  

Pete Leroy Goolsby was picked up on the cell phone recording yelling at J.J. with the following words:  “If I wanna murder you, I will murder you.”  J. J. can be heard screaming and trying to call 911 on her landline.  Pete Goolsby then grabbed the landline phone and snapped the phone in two.  A.L. who was outside of the house heard the screams from J.J. and ran into the house to help her.

Pete Goolsby then promptly left the house.  Not too long after Pete Goolsby sent several text messages that stated the following:  “Cunt.”  “You signed your death warrant.”  “Good luck bitch, you're already dead.”

When Officer Crowe was able to locate Pete Leroy Goolsby at his home located on 1st street West,  Pete Goolsby became verbally aggressive with Officer Crowe.   Goolsby was detained and without further incident.


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