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August 10, 2018




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August 10, 2018


Featured Items


Marc Arms Custom

Marc Arms Custom Limited Edition "Black Widow" 223 Wylde

Marc Arms Custom Limited Edition "Toxic Blue" 556 NATO


Emperor Shotguns

Emperor MPX12 Home Defense 12 ga

Emperor MPTAC12 Tactical Shotgun 12 ga

ASI Marine 12 Nickel 12 ga

Emperor MPX12 28" Game & Field 12 ga

Emperor MPX12 30" Game & Field 12 ga


Marlin...ON SALE

336 C 30/30 Win

336 W Rifle / Optic Package 30/30 Win

336XLR Stainless / Laminate 30/30 Win

336TDL Texas Deluxe Engraved 30/30

1895 Cowboy 45/70 Govt

1894 20" Barrel 45 Long Colt

1894 Cowboy Your Choice 44 Mag or 45 Long Colt

Classic Mdl 60 Hardwood 22 LR

Mdl 60 SN Synthetic 22 LR

Mdl 70 PSS Take-down 22 LR

Mdl XT-17VR Varmint 17 HMR



CZ 75 SPO1 w/ Night Sights 9mm

CZ P-10c 9mm

455 American 20.5" 22 LR

452 Left Hand 22 LR

452-2E American 22.5" 22 LR

512 Semi-Auto 22 LR

455 Manlicher 22 LR

527 Manlicher 223 rem

527 Rustic Carbine 7.62x39

527 Varmint 24" 17 Hornet


Rock Island Armory

M206 Snub Nose 38 Special

M200 4" 38 Special

1911 FS Nickel 45 ACP


Noreen Firearms

BBN 223 556 NATO

B308 308 Win

BN36X3 30.06 Springfield

BN338 338 Lapua

Noreen ULR (Ultimate Long Range) 50 BMG


Marc Arms Shooting Accessories & Sporting Goods


Athlon Optics

Cronus BTR First Focal Plane 4.5-29x 56 Riflescope

Argos BTR Side Focus First Focal Plane 6-24x50 Riflescope

Argos BTR Side Focus Second Focal Plane 3-15x40 Riflescope

Talos Side Focus Second Focal Plane 3-12x40 Riflescope

Midas Binoculars 10x42

Talos Binoculars 8x42

Midas BTR Red Dot 1x21

Midas BTRE Red Dot 3x32

Midas BTR prism Scope Red/Green 3x32


Trijicon Optics

ACOG Riflescope w/TA51 Mount 3.5x35 Dual Ilum. Ballistic Reticle

Accupoint Riflescopes



3-9x40 Crosshair Reticle

3-9x40 Triangle Reticle

4-16x50 Crosshair Reticle

Accupower Riflescopes

1-8x28 Segmented Circle Crosshair Red LED

1-8x28 Segmented Circle Crosshair Green LED

Reflex Sights

CQB 1x24 Amber 4.5 MOA Dot w/ RX14 Mount

1x42 Amber 4.5 MOA Dot w/ TA51 Mount

MRO Patrol 1x25 2.0 MOA w/o Mount

HD Night Sights (Fits all Glock Models)

Green / Orange

Green Yellow

Sight Installation Tool


Pro Shield

Bulletproof Backpack


Traditions Black Powder Firearms

Buckstalker Accelerator Rifles

24" Blued w/ 3x9x40 Optic 50 Cal

24" Cerakote G2 Vista w/ 3x9x40 Optic 50 Cal

Hawkin Woodsman percussion 28" Blued BBL 50 Cal

Kentucky Flintlock 33.5" Octagon BBL 50 Cal

Crocket percussion 32" Octagonal BBL 32 Cal

St Louis Hawkin Percussion Rifle kit 28" Octagon BBL 50 Cal


Kentucky Percussion Pistol 10" Octagon BBL 50 Cal

Trapper percussion pistol 9 3/4" Octagon BBL 50 Cal

314 Blank Pistol 6mm

Competitive Starter pistol 209 Shotshell Primers


RCBS Reloading Equipment

RockChucker Explorer Kit

Rock Chucker Supreme Master Kit


Marc Arms Ammo Deals of the Week

Sellier & Bellot 6.5 Creedmoor

HMS 6.5 Creedmoor


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