Missoula man William R. Adams Leaves Two-Year-Old Strapped In Car Seat While Shopping; Mean Time Outside Temp Were Approaching the 90's

July 26, 2018



Syndicated by: Montana News

by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Missoula man William R Adams was arrested and charged with criminal Endangerment, Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drugs and Theft.

On July 23, 2018, Missoula Police Officers were dispatched to the Missoula Fresh Market store located on the 800 West Broadway block for a report that a child was locked inside a van that was not running and was strapped into a car seat.
The child was two years old and was locked inside the vehicle, sweating profusely, distressed, red in the face and crying.  The van was parked on black asphalt and in direct sunlight with no shade and the outside temperature was 86*.

Officers were unable to locate the driver of the vehicle so they requested that the Missoula Fire Department break down the window to retrieve the child.    The child was sitting in the middle back row seats, so the Fire Department broke the passenger side window and were able to access the child.  The child was taken to the St. Patrick Hospital where the toddler was described by medical people as being dehydrated and hot.

Matt Fowin was the reporting party,  Matt Gowin stated to the Missoula Police that he found the child after hearing him crying with no one around.

Matt Gowin talked to Detective Crocker telling him that all the windows in the van were rolled up and the child was seat belted in the child's car seat.  

The color of the van was silver and the plate number to the vehicle was 726076C.

Officers waited for the driver to return to the van.  After about a 30 min wait, Officers observed a male walking up to the van.  Officer I.D. the man as William Adams.  Adams told the Officers that he had only been in the store for about 20 minutes.

Adams stated that the last time that he saw the child was five minutes prior to going into Walgreens to pick up a prescription which was prior to going to the Fresh market store.

When he was asked how the child had gotten into the car and strapped into the car seat, Adams replied that the child could have buckled himself in because the child had done so before or maybe his girlfriend put the child in the vehicle without him knowing the child was with him.

Adams stated that he did not know that the child was in the car.   Missoula Police Officers then went to the Motel called the City Lodge Motel where the child's mother was.   Her name is Martina Arciniega.  Martina stated that her husband had left about 30 minutes ago to run a few errands and that she had asked him to take the child with him as the child had been fussing and crying.

Martina stated that Adams took the child and placed the two-year-old in the car seat and buckled him in and left.

 Once Adams was arrested, Officers did a pat-down search of his person and located a small plastic container with butane hash oil and an extract of Marijuana in his front pocket as the oil did test positive for Marijuana

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