Ku Klux Klan Occupies Yoga Studios Across US

July 20, 2018








Syndicated by: Montana News

By: Marc Kelley


There are so many things which are considered socially unacceptable these days, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with everything you are NOT supposed to do. Undoubtedly, many of you, like myself, keep a notebook handy for making notes on the daily "Orwellian sins", brought to light, by our liberal friends. As if their goal was to create an entire society of "unpersons", behaviors, recreation and even thoughts, are now being regulated by the enlightened, utopian followers of the far left movement, which have infested academia through out the US.



It began with participation trophies…even if you took seventeenth place in the Easter Egg roll, you got a trophy, just like all of the other kids. The lesson we taught our children; was everyone is a winner, regardless of how bad you sucked at the competitive event. But wait, to be a competitive event, there must in fact be a competition, hmmm, well we have to change that concept. There must not be winners and losers, we must all embrace each other as equal, in all aspects of life. Boys and girls are the same, except when God made the mistake of creating children, born without the proper gender.


The lessons found in our Biology texts, must not be believed. Mendel the Monk, the Father of modern genetics must be discredited for his short sided view of the science behind genetics. The term used by the enlightened scholars of today, to denigrate anyone who dares to identify with the gender they were born with, is "cisheteropatriarchy". This term is meant to identify those who subscribe to the notion, we live in a world dominated by heterosexual men, hell bent on the "exploitation and oppression of women and LGBTQIA people". Currently, these great thinkers in academia have identified no fewer than thirty genders. Believing there are only two genders, flies in the face of truly enlightened, intelligent, individuals and anyone who would dare utter the story of Adam and Eve, must be shouted down and driven from civilize society.


Gone are the days of teaching children to try their best and win or lose, to behave graciously. We rode bikes without wearing helmets, broke out our Grandmothers windows with ricochets from our BB guns, played outside for hours on end and learned the lesson, we had better have our butts back in the house when the street lights came on. It is nothing short of a miracle, handed down by the Good Lord himself, that children survived growing up in America in the 50's, 60's and 70's.


If we are to embrace the truth, we should all be liberals as young people. We should endeavor to be inclusive and eliminate the barriers which divide one human being from another. We should teach our children why racism is unacceptable through our own actions and our own words. We should teach our children to seek understanding for those with whom they disagree and we should teach our children to celebrate and value life itself.





Michigan State University Professor of Religious Studies, Shreena Gandhi, recently co-authored an article entitled "Yoga and the Roots of Cultural Appropriation". In the article the Professor explains, "Americans who practice yoga are contributing to white supremacy and promote the yoga industrial complex". The learned professor, explains "the explosion of yoga studios, yoga videos, yoga pants and other yoga swag, is evidence of the misappropriation of yoga and is part of the systemic racism built on the labor of Black people of the global South". Far too many people, are willing to simply accept what they read on Social Media as the absolute truth; and with this thought in mind, I invite you to read the article for yourself. You will find a link to the article under the photo of the author at the beginning of this essay.


As a person who has always had a true appreciation for the female form, I must admit, I am guilty of walking just a bit too slow as I passed a yoga class at the gym. It is now a sad day for our country.

No longer will women, young or old, be allowed to wear yoga pants and what I fear is even worse, will be the injuries which result from wearing the long, white, hooded robes, which have become the only acceptable attire for a yoga class. Perhaps, if we considered the concepts, propagated by Barrack Obama, that the US alone, is guilty

of countless, heinous events thru out history. Poverty only exists because of white privilege. Cops get up everyday looking to fulfill their primary purpose of shooting young African American men. We will be better attuned to the problem, as well as the solution. Next time you go to a yoga class, remember you must acquiesce to the social norm, expressing your contrition, by assuming the classic yoga pose, which the liberals believe, defines America…the downward-facing dog.

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