The Elite Class: They Are Not Who You Might Think

June 29, 2018






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By Marc Kelley

This week we will celebrate the birth of our nation. For 85 years, we stood together, united, as one nation. Then because of our inability to sit down and talk in a civilized manner, we suffered the horrific carnage, we now call the US Civil War.


It took 4 long years and the loss of 620,000 American lives to motivate us to sit-down and end the bloody conflict. For the next 150+ years we remained united as a country; even though, we experienced great civil disagreements and threats from outside our borders.


Many blame or praise, depending upon your point of view, Barrack Obama for ushering in a new cultural revolution. As our first African-American President, Barrack Obama had the opportunity to unite us into an even stronger, cohesive nation. 


Many in our country, saw our first Black President as a bastion of hope and a leader who would move us forward as a nation. For eight years, our nation carried this hope as we waited for his leadership to emerge. Yet, after eight years of his leadership, our country became divided along many social and political lines. At home racism and hate fomented, while abroad, the US lost the respect and retreated from the global leadership we bought and paid for with the blood of our most patriotic and brave people.


At home the Obama Administration embraced hate groups like Black Lives Matter, Lewis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam; while abroad, his foreign policy was illustrated by his impotent policies of leading from behind, posing empty threats and red lines and delivering billions of dollars in cash to a despotic regime, shouting death to America. For eight years, Barrack Obama, apologized for what he saw as the sins of our nation. He emptied the cells filled with the very terrorists who attacked our country on 9/11, he embraced military deserters in the Rose Garden of the White House.


More concerned with leaving his legacy than loving our country, many historians draw contrasts with President Lincoln; declaring, Lincoln freed the slaves and Obama freed the terrorists. However, even if we accept all of the failings of Barrack Obama as misguided, yet pure of heart, we simply cannot ignore the fact he created an environment of corruption, which provided the platform, for what have been called the "liberal elites", to express their anger and vitriol against those of us, whom they see as the "little people."


I have been guilty myself, of calling this group "elitists". For this mistake, I offer my most sincere apology to all of the truly outstanding people of our country who are indeed, the elites of our nation.


It is well documented, President Trumps ability to "brand" his adversaries with his own descriptive monikers, simply drives the liberals into a psychotic rage, where they feel the only way they can respond is to intensify their hate, encourage violence and trample our Constitution. To call these actions, the actions of an elite group, is insane on its face. Ignoring the true elite groups in our country, is what got president Trump elected in the first place.


Yet, the Democrats have not learned a single thing since Trumps landslide win, brought about by the true elites in our country. Perhaps it is simply the fact, I talk with people everyday, some who wholeheartedly agree with my perspective as well as those who staunchly disagree, which allows me to see things as they really are in our country.


Everyday, I see the true elites in our country, as they go about their daily routines. I speak with the Postman, who ignores the snow, the rain and the heat to make sure I get my mail. The mechanic at the local shop, who not only keeps my vehicles running, but checks to make sure, they are safe for myself and my family.


The truck driver, who leaves his home and family, to travel over the road, delivering everything from baby diapers to my favorite bourbon. The brave cops, who endure so much public ridicule and violence; yet, get up everyday, kiss their families goodbye, and protect us from the evil in our society, holding the hope, they will return home again, safely. The firefighters, who as everyone else runs out of a burning building, are running in, to rescue those trapped or left behind. The men and women of our military and their families, who are often called to make the ultimate sacrifice. Those who willingly fight, while you and I remain safe in our homes.


You will not find these elite citizens of our country, promulgating violence, fantasizing about blowing up the White House, assassinating the President or throwing a temper tantrum in a profanity laced rage, espousing the Presidents 12 year old son, be caged with pedophiles. Someone needs to tell these bi-coastal buffoons to look up the word "elite".


Then perhaps, they will understand, the term is used to describe "a group of people, who by virtue of their position, exercise great power and influence". Those positions are held by the working men and women of our country, who understand, the role of judgment is left to God, and our role, is to try to live in a just and upright manner, embracing the concepts of honor, hope, and love. These are the true elites of our country; and as we gather together this 4th of July, it should be a time we recognize and celebrate our accomplishments; and give thanks, we are not all celebrities or spoiled athletes, with the inability to deal with real life.




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