The Making Of An American Family, Sewed Together By Love: Saga Of The Raye And Keith Newmeyers Foreign Adoption Of A Ukrainian Little Boy

June 27, 2018





Syndicated by: Montana News

by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Billings, Montana--//MNA Press//-- CPS devastated an innocent family.  Not only has CPS case worker Gerry Hill disclosed confidential information to various individuals in the public, so did case worker Rebecca, who spoke to a whole congregation against the advise, and protest of several church members, to not be disclosing anything to the public in their congregation about Raye and Keith Newmeyer and their daughter and son,  but yet they deliberately, were disclosing confidential medical, Sociological and inter CPS caseworker file information to the whole church congregation.  Multiple times.    Not to mention the many people that Gerry Hill disclosed confidential CPA case file information to people in the public regarding Keith Newmeyer and his wife Raye Nemeyer.


Gerry Hill boiled of hate towards Keith Newmeyer.


Both of these case workers need to be charged criminally and according to several Montana News sources,  Gerry Hill and his former CPS partner in crime, may in fact end up being held accountable, it's just a matter of time before they get a knock on their door with legal papers, according to a Montana News source within a government office who asked to remain anonymous.


Let's take a look at the mother of (2) adopted Ukrainian children and just how this affected not only her but her children.


Raye married Keith Newmeyer later in life.  Both Raye and her new husband were on top of the world.  Good jobs, decent income, a nice home, good standing in the community of Helena and a church that they called home.


Raye Newmeyer is a Christian woman. 

Raye for the most part, is reserved, quiet and does not speak her opinion to others unless there is a good reason to do so.


Many times, over the years, Raye would be on her knees in prayer asking the Lord to provide her and Keith children.  Instead of doing it their way, Raye and Keith were lead to adopt children from the country of Ukraine.    

Raye missed out on  "Biological children" yet, Raye felt that she had so much love inside of her to give to any child, that it did not matter if they were her biological children or not.


Raye and Keith together made a decision to pursue an international adoption.

For years they worked hard, opening their lives to prying government eyes, both from American officials and Ukrainian children and had to complete a plethora of paperwork.


Passing all the legal parenting hurdles from both countries, and accomplishing and being cleared by extreme vetting, by not one country, but (2) countries and multiple Adoption officials and lawyers, for both countries, they were finally cleared by U.S. officials and Ukrainian officials to adopt a child.

Raye was very excited yet nervous, with knots in her stomach as she knew that she had what it took to give a child a good home, but what spooked her the most was if the child would like her and accept her and what difficulties would arise from a child coming from another country?   


These thoughts were not only in her mind, but also in her husband's mind, Keith.

Finally, the day came as Raye and her husband Keith took the long flight to Ukraine to meet their new little boy.  


Oh, how precious this trip was as they sat on the plane, finally, on their way to Ukraine to meet their little boy.  Raye was nervous, Keith was too.  Becoming a dad for the first time Keith knew that his whole life no longer was to be focused on himself and his wife, but now he knew he had to focus his world around his new little boy's world.


Keith felt numb, as he and his wife boarded the plane.  This was the first day of being a parent yet, neither he nor Raye had met or laid eyes on their new little boy.


After Raye and Keith Newmeyer landed at the airport, Raye had a lump in her throat as she and her husband Keith were about to meet their little boy that would become their own special SON!  The anticipation of this adoption made both Raye and Keith feel like they were in a dream.

But the fact is that in just a few moments they would become official parents.


When Raye laid eyes upon the little boy, tears started to swell up into her eyes, as she looked into the little boy's face, his eyes fixated on Rayes eyes.  It was as if the little boy knew that this was his new mommy.


Keith had a hard time holding back tears of joy himself.  Keith now was a daddy.


What special moments as both Keith and Raye Newmeyer and the little boy would stare into each other's eyes.   The little boy reached out to his new mommy Raye first, then to his new father Keith.

Raye Newmeyer felt complete inside as she was a MOM!  Raye quickly gave thanks to the Lord, her God, thanking him for letting them have a son that they could call their own and all the blessing that would come to her as a mother and son currently, and years later.


Keith Newmeyer now had an offspring, male child to pass on a legacy to.  Keith felt like putty as he touched the little boys' hands.  At one point, it was as if electricity was being passed back and forth between father and son.  Keith Thanked his father in Heaven, God, for this miracle, a boy.


It was apparent that the little boy had an instant bonding with his father Keith.


 One of the Ukrainian specialists told the Montana News Investigative reporter, by phone, that she herself, was crying tears of joy as she watched the little boy cling to his father with total trust and safety.  The little boy’s nightmares of being parentless was OVER.


Soon he would head to America with his sweet, loving mother, Raye and his kind, gentle father Keith, to a life of freedom, comfort and safety.


He had now been WANTED because he knew he specifically was picked by his new mother Raye and his new father Keith.


Sources tell the Montana News Investigative reporter that Raye and Keith's new son kept asking Raye, his mommy when he would be able to go home with them to America.   A week or so later Raye and Keith flew home with their son.


As the boy goes, he was always calm and was very loving towards his mother and father.   He had his very own room now and did not have to share his room with 15 other children that were confined to one room that was used for sleeping quarters in Ukraine.  


The little boy remembered seeing pictures of his new room.  Raye brought pictures of his new room so that he could see that he would have his very own room that he could call his own, with his own bed, not having to share with 5 other orphans.

So when he arrived at the Newmeyer home, which now, he could claim was his house too, he was totally at ease.  

This was an adoption made in Heaven and authorized by the United States and the government of Ukraine.  


What a blessing to the new little American family.  




                                              (PHOTO OF CPS CASE WORKER: GERRY HILL)


That is until CPS workers Gerry Hill and Rebecca systematically set out to destroy this family unit with nothing but lies and deception.  Of course CPS caseworker Gerry Hill and CPS caseworker Rebecca have a history of being evil and destroying good families.  That after all is their mode of operandi.


Check back for article regarding next adoption of a girl from Ukraine who was lucky enough to have Raye and Keith Newmeyer come into her life and bring her to a free country to enjoy the family unit just like the previous adopted child, the "little boy."


This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

                                                                                                             License# AINS-ID-80896CYP 

                                                                                                             License# USPRESS-ID-80896CYP

                                                                                                             License# IWGP-ID-74810-CYP-18



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