Friedel LLC AKA: The Friedel Trio, (Douglas Friedel, Rich Friedel, Neil Friedel) Laurel Police And Billings DPHHS / CPS Case Workers Caught Red-Handed: Committing Nefarious Actions Against Krissy Sanchez

June 23, 2018


Syndicated by: Montana News

by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Billings, Montana--//MNA Press//--Once again the evil sins of the DPHHS aka CPS, floats to the surface.  In another Federal Lawsuit that was filed by Plaintiff Krissy Sanchez, multiple different case workers including Laurel Police Officers, who helped illegally assist the CPS case workers, not only to overstepped their legal boundaries, but they potentially may have actually broken the law.


Here is a summary as to who the players are and what they did to Plaintiff Krissy Sanchez.

A Billings CPS worker not only falsely accused Krissy Sanchez, but without a court order and no evidence of imminent danger, or a warrant, yet authorized some of her other Billings CPS workers to take Krissy Sanchez's little boy.

In looking at the facts of the case, it appears as if CPS Case worker, Jenn Weber got her direction from Laura Smith, who directed not only Jenn Weber but also Jason Larson to illegally remove a child when they themselves knew and had knowledge of the fact the there was no factual dangers or eminent emergency or court order, and no abuse nor neglect of Krissy Sanchez's little boy.


In fact, Jason Larson, Jenn Weber and Laura Smith were only retaliating against Krissy Sanchez because when Sanchez first filed against CPS in Federal court, suddenly days later they returned her little boy.   Sanchez then left the State as to protect her child from ever having to deal with DPHHS corrupt case workers again. 


            (Facebook photo of of CPS Caseworker Jenn Weber, Selling her makeup during work hours)

Kasia Harvey, another corrupt CPS caseworker spotted the little boy in her mother's car, ran up to Sanchez's car opened the passenger door up and forcibly yanked the child out of the vehicle car seat.


While she was doing this the little boy sustained physical injuries at the hands of Kasia Harvey.   Kasia Harvey, then carried the little boy to another vehicle that she was driving and locked the child up in her vehicle.   This was on a hot day with the temperature at about 85*  


The windows were rolled up to prevent the little boy from crawling out, but that action by Kasia Harvey only placed the little  boy into great physical harm and damage as the boy was overheating in the vehicle while Kasia Harvey returned to the vehicle that Sanchez was in and verbally assaulted Sanchez.


Another CPS caseworker Jessica Moorhead is also accused of removing the child with no warrant, no court order, no danger present, no reports of abuse, and full knowledge that every day Sanchez happened to have been in contact with various state safety people who spent many hours with Sanchez in her home helping the child re-adjust from the CPS's last episode of stealing the boy from his mother.

(3) Laurel Police was also involved and are being sued both individually and as a department in the Federal law suit.   Officer#1 refused to present a warrant or a court order for removal of Sanchez child,  because he had not warrant or court order.

Officer #2 Also refused to present a warrant or court order for removal of Sanchez's child, because he neither had a warrant or court order either.

Officer#2 also, illegally, put his hands on Sanchez threw her out of the vehicle forcibly without legal cause, removed Sanchez's dog from the car without legal cause, and also helped remove the child without legal cause.   He then searched the vehicle without legal cause, without a warrant and had no legal right to physically even touch the little boy or his mother or the dog.


Officer#3 stood by and refused to intervene when he knew full well that Officer#1 and Officer#2 had no warrant, no legal cause to conduct the illegal actions by Officer #1 and Officer#2, instead he physically restricted the freedoms of Sanchez so that she could not walk to a phone to call her lawyer.


No crime had been committed by Sanchez, nor her dog, nor her little boy.  NO eminent danger was present either.

But what all three Laurel Police Officers did do, was to allow, encourage, assist and bolster the illegal actions of the Billings CPS case workers Kasia Harvey, Jenn Weber, Lara Smith, who provided no warrant, no court order, no documentation of why they were  forcibly taking Sanchez's child from her vehicle and with no past nor present crime or court order in regards to Sanchez at all.


Here are the details of how the illegal actions of Friedel and CPS went down.  On about April 2018 at 4:50 p. m. Sanchez arrived at her new home that she just rented in Laurel Montana.   As she started to get out of her vehicle,  Officer#1 from the Laurel Police Department arrived and quickly got out of his patrol car, walked up to Sanchez and stated that he needed to talk to Sanchez.


 Sanchez asked "ok, what's going on."


The Officer ordered her to move away from her car,  Sanchez stated, "why?"  "I can talk right where I am at.  My son is in the car and it's hot out."



Moments later, another Laurel Police Officer arrived and maneuvered his vehicle to block in Sanchez's vehicle, for no apparent reason.  He got out of his car aggressively, verbally threatening Sanchez, as he walked towards her, approached the drivers side door, aggressively grabbing Sanchez by the hair, arms and her blouse, and pulled Sanchez out of the vehicle away from her son and dog.
Out of no where a CPS case worker stepped into the fray and stated to Krissy Sanchez that she needed to speak to the Officers.   Sanchez asked "Why?" as she had done nothing wrong.


 While Sanchez was talking to the CPS Case worker, the Laurel Police Officer was searching her vehicle, and removed her dog from her car.  The Police Officer searched her car without a warrant, without having permission from the car owner, namely Krissy Sanchez and proceeded to rifle through her belongings,  that were in her car.  Not only did they search her belongings, they search the belongings of her little boy all without a warrant or a signed document allowing them to search her car without a warrant.


Not only did the Laurel Police Department violate the privacy rights of Sanchez they also violated the privacy rights of that little boy. The Officer disregarded the verbal protest from Sanchez asking him to not search her car without a warrant or at least produce a warrant or court order allowing them to do this.  All three Officers ignored her and basically told her to "Shut up."

As they were doing this the CPS Case workers were smiling and almost acting giddy as they were getting the Officers to do their dirty work, however, being done in an illegal manner.

Finally, Sanchez was told that she had used Meth,  Sanchez stated that was not true, and it was impossible.  CPS stated they were taking her son anyway, regardless of her claims of being innocent.  When they were asked for proof, they stated that "they had NONE but, did not need proof."


One CPS case worker told Sanchez that they did not have a court order, but they did have "authorization" from the Governor and Laura McColuough from Helena for the removal of her child and to take it up with Laura McColuough in Helena.


Basically, Billings CPS caseworkers committed a crime.


They admitted to Sanchez that they did not have a court order, and no warrant for the illegal search and seizure and the removal of Sanchez's son without any proper jurisdiction, and no imminent danger present.


It was later discovered that it was actually Friedel LLC., who was also involved and behind the illegal actions.

Friedel had been earlier sued in Federal Court by Krissy Sanchez early in 2018.  Friedel LLC was retaliating against the Plaintiff Sanchez by lying to CPS that they were in possession of a positive Meth drug test in fact they had NO TEST.

This is the same company that is involved in a pending lawsuit that previously violated Sanchez's rights and privacy.

On top of that, CPS then forced Sanchez to go to the Defendant Friedel LLC, the Friedel Trio,  Aka: Douglas Friedel, Neil Friedel and RIch Friedel,  all defendants in the Federal Lawsuit,  to be spot tested.


CPS also being sued, told Sanchez they would have her put in jail if she did not go to Friedel LLC., knowing that Friedel LLC including those very same case workers were all defendants in a Federal case.


Readers.... It is now becoming clear to you that they were all retaliating for being named in a law suit in Federal Court by Sanchez for their wrong earlier illegal actions?


Here we go again!


Sanchez was forced and had no choice  but to be put in jail, according to the CPS caseworkers if she did not go to Friedel LLC., to be spot tested.


Sanchez had no choice, she did not want to go to jail because she had done nothing wrong.


Friedel LLC tested Sanchez.


Sanchez finally got ahold of Laura McCoullugh in Helena by phone.  Laural McCoullugh told Sanchez that she had no knowledge of this case and that she "DID NOT AUTHORIZE BILLINGS CPS CASE WORKERS TO TAKE HER SON." and that she "WAS NOT AWARE THAT THIS WAS GOING ON."


Sanchez was verbally assertive with the Laurel Police Department in making sure that they knew that she was not giving up her rights to her constitutional rights and due process of law.  But the police just ignored her and two of the Officers laughed at her when she used the words "Violating my constitutional rights."  both officers looked at each other and just laughed.


Interestingly enough.  


The Spot Drug test that Friedel LLC preformed came back NEGATIVE.  Yet CPS still took her child from her.  Even after the police officer saw themselves that the drug test came back NEGATIVE, they still refused to give back her son.


Sanchez asked the Officers for their names and badge numbers.  


The Laurel Police Officers just laughed and told her that she would have to pay them $25.00 for that information.


CPS and the Laurel Police basically committed a crime using their badge to commit the crime.

Sanchez was smart and immediately went to an emergency room and had them do a Urinary Analysis and a blood test.


The Urinary Analysis also came back NEGATIVE.  

The Blood test came back NEGATIVE.


The very next day Sanchez went to yet another drug testing business and had them test her also.


They preformed a urine analysis and hair follicle test.


Both these tests came back NEGATIVE.


Suddenly 3 days later, CPS returned Sanchez's daughter that they had taken from her over a year ago, which shows that Sanchez was not a threat nor was her home a safety issue, nor was there any imminent danger,  yet just 72 hours earlier,  they took her son.


Check back for further articles as this just gets even more out rageous.


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This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

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