Neil Friedel, Douglas Friedel, Rich Friedel And Friedel LLC Being Sued In Federal Court For Falsified Positive Drug Test, Among Other Allegations

June 20, 2018





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By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Billings Montana--//MNA Press/--Once Again, Neil Friedel, Rich Friedel, Douglas Friedel and Friedel LLC is in the legal spotlight again, this time for violations of privacy, Due Process, Negligent  drug patch testing, and manufactured misrepresentations.


Krissy Sanchez has leveled her legal guns at Friedel LLC, Neil Friedel, Rich Friedel, Pharmachem, Pharmchek, 3m manufacture, Clinical reference laboratory and Rich F. Fridel

In the Federal Court suit Krissy Sanchez is also suing DPHHS, CPS, Steve Bullock, Laura Smith, Laurel Police Department, Jason Larson, and Jenn Webber.


Count (1) of the Federal lawsuit alleges that Krissy Sanchez’s 4th amendment was violated, her right to parent, warrantless removal violation, violation of no search and seizure laws, violation of the 14th amendment, 5th amendment and 42.USC 1983


The dates of these alleged violations were April 1th, 2018 @ 4:30 p.m. and may 22, 2018.

The injuries that the defendants caused, according to the Federal law documents, are for trauma, anxiety attacks, fear of police, isolation, teeth grinding, vomiting, unable to eat, nightmares, loss of confidence, PTS tigers, Depressive moments, loss of home, financial loss, grief, fear of Sanchez’s own state, ect.  


Krissy Sanchez wants the Federal court to hold Montana CPS workers accountable  and to make sure they follow constitution, laws and adherence to their policies and procedures.  Sanchez is asking the court to award her $20,0000.00 in the form of punitive damages and anything that the court feels is just compensation for what she and her family have experienced at the hands of all those listed above.


Summary of what happened to Krissy Sanchez and her little boy.

CPS Supervisor, Jen Webber authorized her social worker to remove Krissy Sanchez’s son without having any evidence of imminent danger or abuse to her or a court order or warrant for the removal of her son.


All of this was based on the fraudulent actions of Friedel LLC the Friedel Trio Douglas Friedel,Neil Friedel and Rich Friedel.  According to records Friedel LLC placed a drug patch onto Krissy Sanchez’s skin and verbally told her and assured her on (3) different occasions that contamination of that patch was not possible and that their product was superior to other peoples in town.


Neil and Rich Friedel Douglas Friedel (Friedel LLC) was aggressive in nature and caused physical pain on her arm as they applied that patch.  When they removed the patch the Sanchez’s skin was red and irritated.  They proceeded to wipe off her arm with alcohol.


Neil Friedel, Rich Friedel Douglas Friedel (Friedel LLC) claim that if a person misses a patch change appointment that it is counted as a “DIRTY” patch with the same consequences as using drugs, even if you have not used any drugs and there are no drugs detected in your system.


The Friedel Trio, have a history of contacting DPHHS / CPS outside of typical emails or faxes to notify of immediate no shows so that they can falsify and claim that they have a person who tested dirty on a drug patch, when in fact they never even tested that person.


This is how the Friedel LLC, known as the Fridel Trio (Neil Friedel, Rich Friedel and Douglas Friedel) are accused of scamming the system,  according to the Federal lawsuit filed by the Plaintiff Krissy Sanchez.


Friedel LLC, Trio,  Neil Friedel, Rich Friedel and Douglas Friedel will report that patches have tested positive as a Nanogram level of 10ng and above even though federal standards are 1000ng or above.  Basically Friedel LLC aka Friedel Trio (Niel Fridel, Rich Friedel scam the system and their positive test are actually falsified according to the suit.

Friedel’s would subject their clients who are either court ordered or are voluntarily going there like Krissy Sanchez was, to sit and have to listen to religious propaganda during every encounter that the attending person has with Friedel LLC.  In fact Krissy Sanchez was subjected to this forced religious indoctrination by the Friedel’s on a constant basis and she claims that this went on for (8) months.

According to Sanchez, Friedel’s lied and manipulated her and told her that she could not have her cell phone with her in the building stating that was due to HIPPA . Regulations.  There is no such banning of cell phone in the Hippa Regulations.  Friedel’s lied to Krissy Sanchez.


Furthermore, Friedels, are not even HIPPA compliant and do not give copies of your medical record drug tests when asked to or any rights and responsibilities of your medical drug test records.


The Friedel LLC,Trio, Neil Friedel, Rich Friedel and Douglas Friedel will then knowingly testify in court  that their drug patches are very reliable and do not state to the court that the 7% scientific proof, that there are errors and contamination is possible and that positive tests should be read with caution and not relied on.

Sanchez goes on to state that  Friedel LLC, Rich Friedel, Neil Friedel and Douglas Friedel, do not warn a person  that any risks or complications with faulty manufactured patches.


Friedel LLC, Rich Friedel and Neil Friedel and Douglas Friedel will drug test a person and did drug test Krissy Sanchez in an open CPS waiting room, open for people in the public to observe another being drug tested.  Sanchez states that this is in violation of privacy rights.


According to State and Federal records, Friedel LLC is not licensed as a drug testing company but Friedel LLC, Neil Friedel, Rich Friedel and Douglas Friedel will represent to the Courts and to members of the public and to those who they drug test that they are a licensed drug testing company, when in fact they do not have a license and in fact are bail bondsman, and are licensed as such only according to Sanchez.


Friedel LLC, Rich Friedel and Neil Friedel and Douglas Fridel will illegally violate a person privacy rights when they come to your home unannounced, with no court orders showing that they have that authority, and no legal right or authority to involve themselves in child protection matters.  


Friedel LLC also will contaminate their own plastic gloves when they prepare for a patch application, they use gloves coming out of the same box that they touch with unwashed hands prior to gloving themselves which according to Sanchez allows for possible contamination.


Sanchez states that she watched numerous times Friedel LLC touch multiple surfaces prior to a patch change.  The surfaces that people sit on are not cleaned prior to clients, or after and she states that Friedel are negligent in not being transparent or letting the public and courts know of the ability of false positives and contamination from contaminated environments.


They simply refuse to do this according to Sanchez.


The Friedel Trio (Neil Friedel, Rich Friedel Douglas Friedel) according to Sanchez will not investigate into complaints about false testing and are deceptive in their practices.  Friedel LLC, Neil Fridel and Rich Friedel and Douglas Friedel, show their bias in favor of CPS and are not transparent to the public and have not told the public that they do not keep up their licensing, insurances current, and they have zero accountability.


Friedel is running a huge scam allegedly.  DPHHS has contracted with Friedel LLC as a drug tester without ensuring that Federal standards for testing were complied with.   DPHHS forces individuals use Friedel LLC even if DPHHS has not court order, ordering an individual to even take drug patch tests.  That again lends to the fact that Friedel LLC is running a scam with DPHHS on a grand scale.  

When a judge orders a person to complete a Urinary Analysis randomly, DPHHS will refuse to comply with a court order and will instead force a drug patch test and not what the Court ordered DPHHS to comply with.


If a positive drug patch test occurs, when no drugs were used, Friedel does not follow DPHHS guidelines and Federal regulations concerning drug treatment, testing and child removals.   Instead,  DPHHS will bring in Friedel LLC to a person’s home and invade one’s right to privacy, without a court order for such a patch test.


Defendant Pharmchem is negligently makes and promotes a patch without discussing the possibility of false positives or contamination in environments.


The Federal suit also alleges that Pharmchem has not done enough studies on contamination and environmental studies to ensure the public’s protections and accuracy in the drug patches that carry very severe consequences to those wearing them in a event that a false positive or a contamination vs. drug addiction.


Defendant Pharmchem will make bold claims you sweat the truth without saying the truth of their scientific studies are showing a 7% rate of false positives.  There are no literature or brochures that warn a person using their product of the chance of false positives and contamination.


Their website states that Pharmchem is FDS cleared, yet refuse to provide any clearance number and according to  the FDA, they show no information in their archives about Pharmchem.  


But if you call Pharmchem by phone for testing data, the refuse to give it to the general public.  They report Nanograms below the federal guidelines as positive testing and they have not proof of any amount of drug or contamination or false positive data.


It appears that Pharmchem is targeting the mental health population and children and families with their product line, yet not being transparent to the potential of contamination of false positive tests.

Another defendant, Clinical Reference Laboratory, reports Nanograms at 10ng which is well below the threshold of federally accepted nanograms of 1000ng just because something can be detected actual does not make it conclusive to drug use or illegal use of chemicals.  Clinical Reference Laboratory also refuses when asked to provide a person with their personal records or test results according to Krissy Sanchez.



Another defendant, 3m Manufacturer, is the entity that makes the tape  seals for the patches.  They openly claim that their tape seal does not absorb through or will not contaminate. 


They have no apparent marketing materials on the adverse effects or possibility of contamination, or the type of glue that is used and what potential cause of adverse reactions due to that glue and also the changed pigment in certain individuals.   Nothing of this is presented by Fridel LLC when they are applying a patch to an individual.  By the way, CPS Fell over themselves in returning Krissy Sanchez's little boy to her.  They know they really botched this case up.



Check back for yet another article on Friedel LLC, Neil Friedel, Douglas Friedel and Rich Friedel and their direct connection to CPS /DPHHS.



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