Cheering For Failure

June 15, 2018


By Marc Kelley

Syndicated by: Montana News

In order to fully appreciate the happenings we witnessed this week in Singapore as President Trump met with Chairman Kim Jong Un, we need to understand how the Korean Peninsula became divided. As is the case with most aspects of history, many people have no real understanding of things that happened nearly 70 yeas ago. Most of the surviving Vets who fought in the Korean Conflict are elderly and have long ago, made their peace with God and their personal feelings about the war. Learning about our history is no longer a lynchpin of academia, due to the bastardization by the Liberal elites running our colleges and universities.


Understanding the past and learning from our mistakes has been replaced by the attempt to re-write history and paint the US as the singular reason, for all the worlds problems. Yet once again, the truth is somewhat different from what you may have heard; and hopefully, this essay will help you understand how we got to where we are today and how we can move forward for the good of all mankind.  


In the early 1900's Japan began flexing its muscles by expanding its territory through the all too familiar concept of colonization. 


During this time period, many nations were engaging in expansion by way of colonialism. Great Britain, The United States, Turkey and Russia all moved to expand their territory and reap the benefits of acquiring natural resources as well as negotiating trade agreements. Many believe, Japan viewed these expansions as a "green light", to further expand their own territory. One of the regions chosen for expansion by Japan, was its neighbor Korea. In August, 1910 Japan effectively annexed Korea with the signing of the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1910 and ushered in what was seen by the Korean people as a brutal occupation of their homeland. In 1919 the Korean Peninsula saw nationwide protests against Japan's harsh rule of the Korean people. As a result of these protests, Japan relaxed its iron grip and the peninsula saw considerable urban growth and commercial expansion. As we look back on history, we can now see, Japan did not undertake this development for the benefit of the Korean people; but rather, as a means of increasing their "war chest" for future expansion.


In the early 20th century Japanese activist and ultranationalist Tanaka Chigaku, coined the phrase "Hakko Ichiu", which translates to "all the world, under one roof". Tanaka then penned what has come to be called, the Tanaka Memorial. This document outlined the strategy by which Japan would make Hakko Ichiu, a reality. Hakko Ichiu, became the political slogan used to justify Japans' aggressions in the 1930's. Japan has always had economic limitations, brought upon by its lack of natural resources, and if it was to make Hakko Ichiu a reality, new resources must be acquired. 

On September 18, 1931, the Japanese invaded the sovereign Chinese region known as Manchuria, and with this invasion, WWII became a reality. During this time period, the Japanese once again began their harsh and brutal treatment of the Korean people. Many Koreans were forced to work in labor camp-like conditions, manufacturing the weapons of war, Japan needed to continue its aggressions. Tens of thousands of young Korean women were drafted as "comfort women", essentially, sex slaves for the Japanese soldiers. Japan would rule in Korea until September 2, 1945; when, as part of the terms of the Japanese surrender, the Korean Peninsula would be divided along the 38th parallel, (what we now call the DMZ) with the territory to the North being under the control of Russia and the territory to the South being under the control of the US.


On June 25th, 1950 North Korea, backed by China and Russia invaded South Korea. Under the treaty ratified by the United Nations, the US came to the aid of South Korea and what we call the Korean Conflict was begun. For the next 3+ years the US and her allies fought the North Koreans, Chinese and Russians to a stalemate. On July 27, 1953 and armistice agreement (temporary truce) was signed by the combatants, essentially ending the fighting; however, no peace treaty was signed and North and South Korea remained in a state of war. What was termed the Demilitarized Zone along the 38th parallel, would now become one of the most heavily fortified areas of the world. 


For 68 years the Korean conflict was allowed to remain un-settled, until President Donald Trump was elected as our 45th President. During the transition period between the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration, Obama warned Trump, "North Korea, posed the single biggest threat to our National Security." Then, in typical Obama fashion, he dumped the problem into President Trumps lap and headed to the golf course. Almost immediately, North Korea, increased their ballistic missile program, began testing nuclear weapons and threatened a nuclear strike on the US. In a change from the nearly 70 years of "strategic patience" with North Korea, President Trump responded immediately by ramping up political pressure on North Korea. A war of insults began between the Kim Jong Un and President Trump, driving the media on both sides of the political aisle to once again, declare the President as an unstable, madman, unfit to hold the Office of President of the US.

Recognizing the US needed China to apply pressure to the North Korean regime, President Trump invited Chinese General Secretary, Xi Jinping to his Mar-a-lago estate, for a meeting and dinner. In what had to be one of the most surreal and stunning moves ever witnessed by a visiting foreign leader, our President, excused himself, just as the dessert of chocolate cake arrived at the dinner table. Explaining to the Chinese leader, he had to authorize the bombing of Syria, in retaliation for their use of chemical weapons. Trump, made the call and returned to the dinner table to enjoy his cake, telling the Chinese Leader, I had to do it, I didn't want to, but I warned them first, everyone heard me. Everyone but the media that is, who once again, had their heads explode in a fit called, "Trump Derangement Syndrome".


You may not like President Trumps style, his language, his Tweets or even his orange skin and tiny hands; however, he makes his position of putting America First, very clear to anyone intelligent enough to see how much he loves our country. Six months ago, North Korea was threatening nuclear war, and today, thanks to President Trump, we are talking to North Korea about denuclearization of the entire Korean Peninsula. Yet, the Trump haters continue to cheer for the failure of our President and our country. Will President Trump be able to make this deal a reality, only time will tell. From the time Donald and Melania Trump rode down the escalator of Trump Tower to announce his intentions to run for President, the media has tried to tell us what to think, believing they alone possess the moral high ground of righteousness. Rather than cheering for failure, how about you look at what President Trump has already done for "We the People". As of today the stock market is up nearly 5,500 points, conservative judges are now in the majority in the US Supreme Court, unemployment numbers for Blacks, Hispanics and women are at an all time low. The tax cuts of 2018, have put an average of $ 2,000.00 worth of "crumbs" into the workingman's pocket. Our Military is once again fully funded and America is strong again. Don't take my word for it, look at your 401K, look at your paycheck and look at how much differently, the world view of the United States has changed.


I get it, if you don't like President Trumps style, his language, his Tweets, his diet coke consumption or his vision for our country. But do us all a favor, stop cheering for the failure for our country. Many Americans feel exactly as I do, and we are growing very tired of your whiney attitudes and unpatriotic behavior.

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