The Second Civil War: Is President Trump, The Calm Before The Storm?

June 1, 2018




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By: Marc Kelley

The concept someone must be punished for the pain and suffering brought about by the Civil War remains today. When groups like Black Lives Matter and the Black Bloc Movement are legitimized and their dishonest rhetoric is accepted as fact, hate is allowed to fester. Impressionable young people are indoctrinated into a culture of violence by professional athletes, and celebrities who model behavior which is contrary to the core principles of respect. Our young people have not only lost the ability to communicate, but they have lost the ability to think critically. Social Media allows them immediate gratification regardless of the level of vitriol of their posts. In what may very well turn out to be the largest experiment in group think, this thing we call Social Media, is really nothing short of an addiction and should be treated in much the same way as alcoholism and gambling. Addictions destroy lives, create animosity and promote hate.This cycle of hate is not a new concept for us, but rather a continuation of the same flawed thinking, that led us to take up arms against one another in what we called the US Civil War.


 The Civil War began as a war to keep the United States together as one nation; however, as the war continued on, the reasons for the fight began to change. President Lincoln realized we were fighting to uphold and continue, Thomas Jeffersons' belief in the "immortal declaration", that "All men are created equal." Lincoln found these words in our own constitution and realized, no Republic, could on one hand, extoll the virtues of liberty and freedom, while on the other allowing the enslavement of another human being. Many liberals and pro slavery Democrats were quick to point out, Lincoln's epiphany was little more than a strategy to win re-election in 1864. Our country had been at war for nearly three years and some Northerners believed, a deal should be struck, which would allow the practice of slavery to continue and would thereby, bring the war to an end. To make matters even worse for President Lincoln, the Democrats chose as their candidate, to run against him, the disgraced Union General who initially led the Army of the Potomac, and was ultimately responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our countries bravest men.


General George McClellan considered himself to be of superior intellect, as a result of his birth into a prominent and wealthy Philadelphia family. Like his Confederate counterpart, Robert E. Lee, McClellan was a graduate of West Point Military Academy and while he did very well at West Point, much of his time was spent studying military theory, strategic principles and logistics. McClellan was meticulous in his planning and organizing; yet, it would be these very characteristics, which would prevent him from success on the battlefield. McClellan constantly overestimated the strength of the opposing force and continually requested reinforcements. The results of McClellan's inability to lead, would often leave large portions of his men sitting on the sidelines, as a battle raged on. McClellan was relieved of his command by President Lincoln for his unwillingness to fight to preserve our country and this action created bitter resentment between the two men.


McClellan almost immediately began using his wealth, power and privilege to mount a political attack on Lincoln. In what many say has not been seen in our countries politics until 2017, the Democrats, led by McClellan began an all out war attacking President Lincoln. The media fueled the division covering stories of how President Lincoln was burned in effigy in public displays. Political cartoons portrayed him as a crazy, unstable buffoon, who lacked mental clarity and was bent on the apocalyptic destruction of the civilized world. Much like today, talk of a "Blue Wave" was the cry of the Democrats, as they ran their campaign to prevent Lincoln from a second term.


However, all of the cards were not yet laid on the table. General Ulysses S. Grant would do what McClellan was unwilling to do. Grant would deliver military victories deep into the South at: Vicksburg, Chickamauga, and Chattanooga. By the time of the 1864 election, the Confederate Army was in disarray, the people of the North sensed victory was at hand and President Lincoln would be re-elected in a landslide. In todays terms, the only thing missing, was a book called, "What Happened."

It is almost surreal, when one studies the history of the US Civil War and juxtaposes the events of 1864 with the events of 2018. Once again, we see the wealthy, liberal, elitist attempting to push their identity politics, cultural norms and disdain for our country, onto a very patriotic segment of our country. The Founding Fathers, would never have tolerated the professional, political class which has been created in our country. Fueled by greed, corruption and an insatiable lust for power, our Republic is under attack from within. Once again, our great nation will be defended by those of us who believes in the Constitution and the rule of law. Who believe in the Right to Free Speech, the Right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Religion, to self determination and the idea, All Lives Matter. We the People, are proud of the veterans who gave their last full measure of devotion, in defense of our liberty and freedom. The media calls us the forgotten men and women and feign understanding for what we have endured. The elites on both coasts, attack our belief in God, disrespect our Flag and protect the most violent criminals from law enforcement, because in their minds, they are better people.


I am sure President Lincoln had many dark days in the White House and I am equally sure, he like President Trump, loved our country. What followed the end of the Civil War, was our country struggling to be the beacon of hope, the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have come a very long way and we have a great deal further to go, before we can rest. I for one hope and pray, our country will once again come together as one nation, under God. Yet a storm looms on the horizon, and it begs the question. Is President Trump, the calm before the storm, or can he, like Lincoln, lead us to the path our Founding Fathers envisioned, for our great nation ?



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