Helena CPS Case Worker "Becka" Violated Montana Confidential Laws Regarding the Newmeyer Case

May 12, 2018

Montana News Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from

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Helena, Montana, --//MNA Press//-- People who know the Newmeyer family are outraged over how DPHHS/ CPS/DFS treated an innocent family.  One wonders,  how the legal system as gotten so turned around.


 It's like they call EVIL GOOD and GOOD EVIl.




Has the moral compass of CPS Social Worker Gerry Hill and "Becka" gotten that close to a magnetic corruption field that they have lost their ability to know right from wrong?    


It would appear that way based on how these two Helena CPS caseworkers operated when dealing with Keith and Raye Newmeyer.


Both of these CPS caseworkers openly talked about the case to various members of the public.


Gerry Hill talked openly in a local bar, Becka talked openly in the 1st Lutheran Church in Helena.


They showed malicious intent when the sought out people in the public who they thought they could turn against an innocent family.    


Basically, CPS workers Gerry Hill and Becka committed a crime and should be locked up for what they did.  If the public did that CPS would have the local authorities bring a paddy wagon over to load it up with those who squeaked confidential information out.


Any information about a CPS case or their family client (s) that they are working on,  is considered under the Montana Statues as being CONFIDENTIAL. and may NOT be released except as authorized by federal or state laws, with regulation and rules, court orders or attorney general opinions.


In the Case of Helena CPS caseworker Becka, she shared confidential information to the whole body of the 1st Lutheran Church regarding an adopted girl and a boy who,  she took from  Keith and Raye Newmeyer.


As written in one of the last articles that the Montana News published,  Lowell Bartels and a church secretary not only witnessed this among many other church members, but Lowell Bartels verbally, reprimand CPS worker Becka, but she was determined to talk and so she did.   TO THE WHOLE CHURCH BODY.


This is an act of criminal behavior at the very least.


Did not CPS caseworker Becka not understand the rules?  The Montana News will educat,  Helena CPS case worker, Becka on Sharing confidential information as apparently she missed this day in class.


Becka here are the rules you should have applied, but which you did not, but showed total disregard for such rules.


The Montana law allows a CPS case worker to share case information with non-DPHHS entities responsible for the child's protection, diagnosis, care, treatment, supervision, or education when necessary to meet a child's needs.


What  type of information are we talking about?


That depends on the type of information that is requested or needs to be shared,  or the person who is requesting that information or who might need that information.


More importantly, what is the purpose for which they need such confidential information and the stage of the server that the CPS case is in.


Becka you failed on all of these points.  You deliberately,  violated the confidentiality of the Newmeyer's  adopted Ukrainian children, not to mention the violations you committed against Keith and Raye Newmeyer.  


You know the confidentiality of those children and the information  (including records and information relating to the reports, investigations, legal actions, and the provision of services to those children was and is governed by several combinations of federal and state Montana Laws and regulations.   You are guilty of committing confidentiality violation crimes,  CPS worker Becka.


Just to remind Becka in case she forgot,  Carol Belinea can testify against you and so can many 1st Lutheran Church members who you disclosed confidential information to.  Did you forget about what you stated to them about your Newmeyer case files?   


They remember, and if this case ever gets into federal court, they will regurgitate things you stated to them to a federal judge when the time comes.

Stay tuned as the Montana News sheds more light on Helens CPS case worker,  Gerry Hill.


Montana News Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from



This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

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