CPS Caseworkers Gerry Hill and "Becka" Making Up Own Rules Regarding The Newmeyer Case, Judge Bought It Hook Line And Sinker

May 10, 2018














Montana News Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from

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Per Montana statute 41-3-301, CFSD must provide notification to the parent upon removal of a child and that notification must include “may have a support person present during any in-person meeting with the social worker concerning emergency protective services”:  


Was this done in the case of Keith and Raye Newmeyer?  


No, it was not.  In fact, Becka refused to allow the Newmeyers that support stating that the meetings with the Newmeyers were confidential.


Not only did CPS caseworker Becka and CPS caseworker Gerry Hill both violates the Montana Law the egregious violating the rights of the Newmeyers.  Even when the Newmeyers reached out to the Judge about what was being done to them, they basically were told to shut up and sit down.

The law was written for a reason to keep law and order.  But with CPS caseworker, Gerry Hill and Becka, they operate outside of the law.


  Case in point.


CPS's own handbook claims that there are relevant policies that CFSD policy manual addresses in section 402-3 which talks about the structure of contact recommendations between parent and child.


 In that particular section it clearly states that, "It is the responsibility of the CPS to ensure that visits between parents and the children are scheduled.  It is not the responsibility of the parent to request visits in order to see his or her child."    Did this happen in the Keith and Raye Newmeyer case?  NO, in fact, to run interference with that section 402-5  Caps, Case Worker Gerry Hill filed a no contact order against Keith Hil and his wife barring them from seeing their children.   Using the excuse of the child felt traumatized was completely made up and a total lie.


This section that was violated, you will find here.


However, the Montana State Legislative body needs to create and pass laws that force CPS to follow guidelines and rules to just not allow CPS to make up their own "reasonable efforts to reunify" but toe be very specific with MCA laws that direct CPS to all visitation regardless of what CPS tells the courts.


Once Again in the case of  Keith and Raye Newmeyer, they were never allowed to see the children but,  were told that the children did not want to see them.  


When those that are in power make up their own rules and change the rules from case to case or day to day like in the case of the Newmeyer family, no wonder there is chaos in the Court rooms regarding family law cases.   The Court have been hoodwinked by DPHHS.


You, the viewer might be using the ludicrous terminology that this is "fake news"  well then the joke is on you because Montana families are being systematically torn apart by an out of control governmental system that employs angry CPS workers / so called social workers, who have massive daily problems themselves or have a criminal power intent to harm innocent children, including their families.  


CPS worker Gerry Hill has a long history of skirting the law and even making up his own laws as he is on a EVIl power trip.  


Unfortunately for CPS caseworker Gerry Hill, he is getting too close to the sun and his wings will be melting soon as what comes around goes around.  A person cannot be hateful to others and not think that it will come full circle.  


Montana News Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from


This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

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