CPS Caseworker, Gerry Hill openly discusses Newmeyer case in public

May 10, 2018



Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from.

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Another family steps forward in support of the Newmeyer family.  This time Wallace and Marilyn Smith from Helena.  According to Wallace he has attended 1st Lutheran Church in Helena.  He stated that a little girl was adopted by the Newmeyer’s and that child had constant behavioral problems and did not want to follow any rules.


The boy that Newmeyer’s adopted was no problem ever.  


 CPS eventually took the boy.   According to several third party sources who have come into contact with the young man,  the young man has begged, pleaded, cried to be able to come home to his father and Mother, (Keith and Raye).

Yet CPS caseworker Gerry Hill has told the child that his parents don’t want him and hate him and wish that they had never adopted him so that is why he cannot go home.   


 Why did Gerry Hill lie? 
How could he tell the truth when his entire file was made up of false allegations and falsified information to the court. 


 So, the CPS caseworker Gerry Hill made up yet another lie to tell the child in order to hide all the other lies that he had told many in the public including Judge Menahen.

Wallace Smith told the Montana News Investigative reporter that Keith and Raye are a very loving, caring parents.  He expressed that both children learned English in about (9) months after arriving in the United States.


Gerry Hill personal life reflects that he is very liberal and hates conservative people, their way of life including the God they believe in.


The CPS caseworker Gerry Hill, has been heard  in the bars, talking to individuals about the Newmeyer's laughing that he made an extra money on this one.  Hill further expressed to individuals in the bar, that he knew Keith was a conservative Republican and Raye was a conservative Democrat and how he hated their conservative simple way of life.


Keith and Raye never ever raised their voices towards the children, instead they would always be calm, loving, and verbal approach the children in that manner.   This does not sound like what Gerry Hill was telling the public, which was probably the same thing that he told the court.  Of course Judge Menahen probably does not know the true facts regarding the Newmeyers and their children. 
Instead, the judge was relying on falsified documents prepared by CPS caseworker Becka and CPS caseworker Gerry Hill.  Both of them talk in open public places as to how they planned to terminate the parental rights of the Newmeyers.


A witness by the first name of Sandee has verified that the boy wants desperately to come home, yet CPS caseworker Gerry Hill quickly got a no contact order against the Newmeyers from seeing their son stating falsely to the court that the boy was traumatized to see his parents.   What a crock of crap CPS caseworker Gerry Hill committed.


Hill even told an individual in the bar that he made that up because he was not going to allow the Newmeyer's have the luxury of being parents because they were meek and simple people and did not deserve to be parents.


Yet here is how CPS is required to treat parents:


If Child and Family Services Division (CFSD)
is assessing a report of child maltreatment,
you have the right to:
 Be treated with dignity and respect, free from
 Have the report of child abuse or neglect assessed
in a timely manner.
 Be notified if you are the “alleged perpetrator” and
be told information about the report and why an
assessment is being conducted (without being told
the identity of the reporter as prohibited by Montana
 Know the outcome of the assessment.
 Speak to a supervisor if you have concerns regarding
the Child Protection Specialist’s actions.
 Participate in developing a safety plan for your child
if a safety plan is necessary.
 Suggest and provide the contact information for an
alternative adult family member or family friend who
may be able to safely care for your child if CPS is
advising that it is necessary to remove your child from
your home and create an alternative plan of safety.
 Visit any children removed from your home, unless
visitation is determined not to be in your child’s best
 A court hearing if your child is removed from your
 Be notified of and to take part in hearings involving
your child, be represented by a lawyer, receive copies
of all documents filed with the court, call witnesses and
cross examine witnesses, request court hearings, and
appeal decisions made by the court.
 Tribal representation—if you or your child are Native
American, the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
procedures and protections may apply, and the tribe
will be notified in writing of the child’s removal. A
Qualified Expert Witness will be assigned to ensure
compliance with ICWA during court proceedings


None of this was afforded to either Keith or Raye Newmeyer.  Does Judge Menahan known about this?   probably not as his head was in the sand and his butt was in the air sniffing CPS's poop.


Stay tuned as the Montana News will releases more articles that just keep getting worse.

Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from.



This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

                                                                                                             License# AINS-ID-80896CYP 

                                                                                                             License# USPRESS-ID-80896CYP

                                                                                                             License# IWGP-ID-74810-CYP-18



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