Tracy Sibra AKA Tracy Rearden Goes Into Hiding To Protect Children From CPS and Abusive Ex

April 5, 2018





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The spot light on is being turned up a bit brighter on U.S. Marshal Morgan Kasuske, who has come into focus of the media bright light cross hairs for getting involved with a CPS case in Big Sandy Montana in regards to a woman by the name of Tracy Sibra aka: Tracy Rearden.   


Tracy Sibra was deemed by the courts as a fugitive at law because she took her children in an attempt to protect them from what she alleges as abuse from their father.


Kasuske, raided the parents home and sheds,  causing much damage to their home(s) and sheds as Kasuske was fulfilling a search warrant to enter the various properties that Ray and Amy Sibra own in search for Tracy Sibra who as he Kasuske discover was not and had not been on or in those properties for several months before the search warrant was signed authorizing Morgan Kasuske to go searching for Tracy Sibra aka Tracy Rearden.


CPS was using the Marshal Office as a weapon.  Morgan Kasuske was happy as a federal agent to get involved in a family state case.   Kasuske to his benefit did have a Court Order or search warrant, however the plot thickens as to  Morgan Kasuske’s  history.


Morgan Kasuske  graduated from the University of Great Falls and currently is a Criminal Investigator acting as a Deputy Marshal for the Unites States Marshal Service.  Morgan Kasuske has filled this position as Deputy Marshal now from about 2010 to 2018 which is about 7 years and 11 months give or take a month.


Before that Morgan Kasuske was a Great Falls Police Officer and was employed by the City of Great Falls.    Kasuske was employed from about June of 2000 to July of 2010 which is about 10 years and 8 months, give or take a month.


The Montana News will go into a troubled rough history that Kasuske had while he was employed as a Police Officer in Great Falls at a later date and time.


For now, according to the University of Great Falls records, Kasuske studied Criminal Justice  and Sociology while attending during the years of 1995 up to the year 1999.  Kasuske was then hired just months later to work as a city cop on the streets of Great Falls Montana.  Kasuske prides himself on being an expert in the Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention fields.


But this is where the glowing picture stops regarding Morgan Kasuske.   If a person goes back a few years, you will find that Morgan Kasuske known now as deputy Marshal Kasuske, was involved in taking a man’s life, killing 29-year-old Thomas Posted on May 8, on 2013 


The Simple version of this story would be great as if Marshals Morgan Kasuske and Marshal Jeremy Fisher saved the lives of other officers as they both waited outside the back door as several officers were trying to serve a felony warrant on Thomas Pulst.  They say that Pulst  fired his guns towards them, then fled out the back door where Kasuske shot Pulst, SIX times.


  Morgan Kasuske became a political creator of habit by becoming a Federal law Enforcement Representative for the Special Olympics torch run in Montana.  So, is the fact that Kasuske shot and killed Pulst instead of disarming Thomas Pulst or using more of non lethal take down, more appropriate ?  According to  Coroners inquest, a jury did find no wrongdoing in the shooting of Pulst, however to be fair to Kasuske Pulst did have Meth in his system at the time of the shooting .  


Now we go back to the Tracy Sibra case.   In this case, Deputy Marshal Kasuske was assigned to find Tracy Aibra aka: Tracy Rearden who CPS via the courts were able to get an arrest warrant issued out of Cascase County Case# BDC-17-418.


In this case Kasuske once again used excessive force when he served that warrant on Ray and Amy Sibra’s homes and properties, looking for their daughter of which he did not find, because she had not been their for  many months prior to her disappearing in the the night with out even telling her parents, Ray Sibra and Amy Sibra where she was going with her child as she feared for their safety and the safety of herself as she had been threatened by Law Enforcement on behalf of the father so Tracy claims.


Kasuske literally destroyed property in his power play to intimidate and harass and bully innocent grandparents who were taken totally by surprise as to the actions of Morgan Kasuske.  Kasuske did thousands and thousands of dollars in damage to the property of the Sibras.


Kasuske even at one point, waited till Amy was at a funeral then approached her vehicle slid under the vehicle but could not find the GPS tracking device that he had put their 30 days or so earlier.    When he could not find that GPS tracking device, he threatened, bullied, accused Ray and Amy Sibra of removing his GPS tracking device. 


The elderly Sibra family had no knowledge that they were being tracked.  So how on earth would they have been able to remove something that they had no knowledge of?    By now, the actions of the crazy acting lunitc  Kasuske, in his expertise in the Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention fields was showing his dull wisdom, after, wrongfully accusing Ray and Amy Sibra.  Kasuske decided that he better take one more look  under the Sibra’s car,   low and behold he found his GPS tracking device after he just accused the Sibra’s of moving the device.  Kasuske was observed  hiding the black GPS tacking device in hand has he rushed to get into his vehicle and then  sped away.



Now back to the shooting of Thomas Pulst,  In this case Kasuske Law Enforcement’s memory probably was just like his memory regarding the GPS tracking device that he placed on the Sibras vehicle.


He just MAKES THINGS UP!!  There is a thin blue line between GOOD & EVIL,   Which category does Morgan Kasuske fit in ?


This makes a normal thinking person wonder if former Police Officer Kasuske now Deputy Marshal Kasuske has a mental memory issue, or is it pure hate towards his fellow man Hmmm….


You, the viewer read and decide for yourself.

This article was published by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter License# USPA-ID-US/VI-01/29995

                                                                                                             License# AINS-ID-80896CYP 

                                                                                                             License# USPRESS-ID-80896CYP

                                                                                                             License# IWGP-ID-74810-CYP-18











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