The Thin Blue Line Between Good And Evil

March 23, 2018



From the Author:  " I wanted to take a few minutes to recognize the OUTSTANDING work done by law enforcement this week, in an article entitled: The Thin Blue Line Between Good and Evil. I hope you enjoy reading the article.


Have a GREAT weekend, be safe and love on your kids.....Marc"


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By Marc Kelley

This week has brought about a much better week for law enforcement. In Austin, Texas, the combined efforts of the local police department, the FBI and the BATF&E, resulted in stopping a deranged individual, hell bent on terrorizing a community. When law enforcement works together at the local, state and federal levels, the results speak for themselves. These actions represent law enforcement, keeping their promise to "serve and protect." It is a refreshing day indeed, to know our top law enforcement agencies are no longer represented by the likes of James "Kenesaw Mountain Landis" Comey, or Andrew McCabe and his band of liberal miscreants. The Officers and Agents who worked this case, represent some of the best our country has to offer and hopefully they will be recognized for their outstanding work. 


This week also brought news of yet another school shooting. Expecting to hear the left jumping up and down again, calling for "common sense" gun control, I began watching the news coverage. As first reports were available from the local Police in Great Mills, Maryland, the word was "we have the situation contained." Very little news coverage followed this initial report and I was certain, yet again, our political leaders would follow their usual commentary. However, I could find no uninformed or even any mis-informed politicians, calling for the ban of "assault rifles, bump stocks or high capacity magazines"…the silence was surreal at best.




As word of what had actually happened at the Great Mills High School, began to leak out, it became very clear why, this school shooting, was not getting the usual coverage. The fake news networks realized, this was their worst case situation. At 7:55 AM, a Great Mills High School student entered the school armed with a handgun and the intent to kill. After wounding two students, the 17 year old shooter was confronted by School Resource Officer, Deputy, Blaine Gaskill. Deputy Gaskill responded to the sound of shots being fired and immediately sought out the source of those shots. Official reports state, Deputy Gaskill engaged the shooter within 2 minutes of the sound of the first gunshot. With his own pistol drawn, Deputy Gaskill ordered the shooter to drop his weapon. Rather than following Gaskills commands, the shooter wheeled, raised his weapon and fired. In response to the the shot, Deputy Gaskill returned fire. Gaskill's single round struck the shooter, killing him and bringing the assault to an end…the time was now 7:57 AM. 


It is unclear, if anyone had the time to place a call to 911 before Deputy Gaskill ended this event. What is abundantly clear, is the fact, Deputy Gaskill's willingness to act, undoubtedly save the lives of many otherwise defenseless students. In my book the deputy is a true hero and we owe him our gratitude for his actions. How will this hero be treated? Will there be school walkouts and marches in support of armed guards or teachers…I do not believe so. Instead, the left has focused on the point, the shooter Gaskill engaged, was armed "only with a handgun" and not a "deadly assault rifle." The banality of this statement, in and of itself, is disgusting, and only serves to diminish what little credibility remains for the anti-gun coalition. Even in the face of undeniable proof, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun, the left cannot admit Deputy Gaskill is a hero.


Don't expect to hear much about this event in the days to come. Clearly, the outcome of events do not fit the anti-gun narrative of, "guns are bad, no matter whose hands they are in." For now, it is up to those of us who believe, sheltering in place, gun-free zones and restricting the inability to protect oneself, are absurd concepts. It is up to us to speak out and recognize just exactly what is at stake for our country. The greater part of my life is behind me now; however, I am unwilling to stop fighting for what I believe is right. I fight to preserve the freedom and liberties I have enjoyed. I fight for the principles our country was founded upon and I fight for the American way of life, it is a just and nobel fight, which we must win. 

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