Common Sense Gun Control: Part (3) There Is No Great Sacrifice Than To Lay Down Your Life For Another To Live Freely

March 16, 2018




Good morning everyone, I hope you had a stellar week, and now you get to get out and enjoy the weekend !


As the debate over gun control continues to dominate the news, I am seeing a gradual rising of prices for semi-automatic, tactical rifles. In response to your increased interest, I have put together a selection of AK-47 rifles and pistols as well as a couple of our best selling tactical shotguns. My gut tells me, our political leaders are simply not interested in working on anything that doesn't include "Russian" meddling, so the likelihood of any significant change to our current gun laws, is slim to none. Nevertheless, every time action is threatened, prices seem to increase.


On a more upbeat note Browning continues their 2nd Amendment Rebate offer, which gets you 10% off the retail price of their products. If you are considering a Browning product, now is a GREAT time to buy.


I have continued the series on Common Sense Gun Control, and in part 3, 'There is no greater sacrifice than to lay down your life for another", I address the issues of response time, arming teachers and the failure of yet another government agency to protect us. I think you will find this article of interest and I hope it will encourage open conversations about these specific issues. As always, please let me know your thoughts.


Last weeks article concerning Social Media, created a firestorm of comments. I really underestimated just how many of you were concerned about the effects it is having on our society as a whole. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with me and for talking to your kids about the issue. If more of us could find the courage to address uncomfortable issues with our friends and family, perhaps we can find a way out of this mess.


Have a GREAT weekend, please be safe, and love on your kids.....Marc

Marc Arms

Catalog of Firearms

March 16, 2018


Featured Items


Century Arms



Heavy Battle Rifle 7.62 NATO


Red Army Standard

RAS47 7.62 x 39


Red Army Standard

RAS Zhukov Side Folder 7.62x 39


RH10 Romanian

Side Folder MagPul 7.62x 39


Zastava N-PAP DF

Under Folder 7.62x 39


Red Army Standard

C39V2 milled 7.62 x39


Red Army Standard

C39V2 MagPul MOE 7.62 x 39


C39V2 Zhukov Side Folder

7.62 x 39


Zastava PAP M92 10" Pistol

7.62 x 39


Draco Romanian AK 12.25" Pistol

7.62 x 39


CV39V2 10.6" Pistol

7.62 x 39


Draco NAK9 Pistol

9mm Luger


Red Army AK-47 75 Round Drum




2nd Amendment Sale


Buck Mark Micro Bull 22 LR


Black Label 1911 380 ACP




Shockwave your choice 12 or 20 ga


Rock Island Armory


M-206 2" 38 Special


M-200 4" 38 Special


Featured Article


Common Sense Gun Control

Part 3 There is no greater sacrificethan to lay down your life for another






TM-1950 AR Style Tactical 12 ga


SDS Imports


Cheetah 12 AK style Tactical 12ga


American Tactical


FX-1911 Military 45 ACP


GFX-1911 Commander 45 ACP


Marc Arms

Pre-owned Firearms


Smith & Wesson Mdl 915 9mm


Smith & Wesson Mdl 5904 9mm


Star BM9 Baby 1911 9mm


CZ83 32 ACP


Beretta Nano 9mm


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CAI CETME 308 heavy battle rifle

$ 639.00


This CETME heavy battle rifle chambered in .308 (7.62x51 NATO) caliber was assembled in the U.S. by Century Arms of Delray Beach Florida. Assembly of this rifle was done using original Spanish CETME parts combined with a U.S. made receiver. This rifle uses the CETME or HK G3 magazines, which provide 20 rounds of the powerful 308 cartridge, making this a true example of a heavy battle rifle. 

SKU# 2253X

Red Army Standard RAS47

$ 639.00


This is the US version of the Soviet Red Army Standard RAS47 7.62x39mm Semiautomatic Rifle. This rifle features a chrome moly 4150 barrel with a nitride finish, a stamped receiver and a T-shaped magazine catch. Elevation-adjustable rear sight and a conventional drift post front sight. Side scope rail. Dust cover. Includes one 30-round Magpul mag. Made in USA.

SKU# 2403N

RAS Zhukov Side Folder MOE

$ 725.00


The RAS47, is Century Arms premier, stamped ,AK rifle and includes multiple upgraded features over foreign made variants. The RAS47 is stamped from 4140 steel that is nitride treated and has a chrome moly 4150 nitride treated barrel. The RAS47 sets the standard for stamped AK rifles and is compatible with AKM features and after market components.The advanced flat side rail offers the ability to have four times clamping improvement over any traditional rail for return to zero capability due to additional surface area contact and indexing points with the AK Micro Dot Side Mount. The RAS47 is one of the most accurate AK rifles on the market. The RAS47 Zhukov, with its side folding capabilities and adjustable length of pull, comes with Magpul's MOE grip, and extended Zhukov handguard. These accessories provide exceptional ergonomics as well as the ability to accept MLOC accessory items. For added value, there is a storage compartment built into the grip. Includes 1, 30 round magazine and a full 1 year warranty.

SKU# 2405N

RH10 Romanian Side Folder MagPul

$ 849.00


Century Arms RH10, Semi-Automatic Rifle, 762X39 semi auto , These Imported Romanian Built rifles feature a hammer forged chrome lined 16.5" Barrel, The barrel is threaded with removable bird cage style flash hider .The RH 10 has the Hooded front sight and fully Adjustable rear RPK style sight fro both Windage & Elevation . Other nice features are the scope rail on the left side allowing you to add scope mounts and optics to the gun. Black Finish and equipped with the popular Magpul Side Folding Stock, Magpul Grip & Magpul Handguard comes with 1 -30 round mag. One year warranty from Century Arms SKU# 2424N

 Zastava N-PAP DF AK-47 under-folder

$ 615.00


The Zastava N-PAP DF AK-47 under-folder, is the Serbian version of the AK-47 with the under folding butt stock. This rifle is also built in the famous Zastava Armory and is chambered in 7.62x39. A very good quality AK, with the classic look of the under-folding stock, this rifle features a full wood furniture with the exception of the pistol grip which is synthetic. A rugged, reliable AK-47 with the classic look at a GREAT price.   SKU# 2174N

Red Army Standard

C39 V2 Milled AK 47 

$ 815.00


The C39v2 American AK the newest addition to the C39 line of rifles, is 100% American made without the use of any imported parts. It is built on a milled receiver machined from a solid 11-pound block of 4140 ordnance steel. Enhancements include a T-shaped magazine catch, compatibility with AKM furniture; bolt hold-open safety, enhanced dust cover and standard AK sights. The C39v2 is coated with black nitrite and uses a new enhanced trigger group. The C39v2 barrel has a concentric left hand 14×1 metric thread and is ready for a variety of muzzle attachments. SKU#2398N

C39V2 MagPul MOE

$ 915.00


The C39V2, milled from 4140 ordnance quality steel, is the premier milled AK rifle available. The rifle includes multiple unique upgrades over the standard AK as well as incorporating key features of the first 100% American made original C39 rifle. The C39V2 sets the standard for milled AK rifles and is compatible with AKM features and after market components. The advanced flat side rail offers the ability to have four times clamping improvement over any traditional rail for return to zero capability due to additional surface area contact and indexing points with the AK Micro Dot Side Mount. The C39V2 MOE comes with Magpul's MOE grip, handguard, and buttstock. These accessories provide exceptional ergonomics as well as the ability to accept MLOC accessory items. For added value, there is a storage compartment built into the grip and buttstock.


C39V2 Zhukov Side Folder

$ 1,050.00


Century Arms C39 V2 Milled AK Side Folding Rifle MAGPUL ZHUKOV, 100% American made! Accepts all standard AK magazines. Features a milled receiver machined from a solid 11 lb. block of 4140 ordnance quality steel, larger tee shaped magazine catch, AKM furniture compatible, bolt hold open safety and an enhanced dust cover. The chrome moly nitride treated barrel now has a concentric left hand 14x1 metric thread that is suppressor ready. This rifle comes with the new side rail mount exclusive to the C39 V2 and uses the new Century side optic mount #SC1327 which provides a return to zero capability and the ability to field strip the rifle without removing the scope mount (side mount SC1327 Sold separately ). All test rifles passed a 5K round endurance test. Comes with one 30 rd. Magpul mags., Zhukov-S stock, MOE AK pistol grip and Zhukov handguard. Barrel: 16.5" with a 1:10" twist, Overall: 26" stock folded, 35.5" stock collapsed, 38" stock extended. Includes 1, 30 round magazine and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

SKU# 2400N

Zastava PAP M92 10" Barrel



This is the Zastava M92 PAP, chambered in7.62x39. This pistol features a stamped receiver with hinged top cover, chrome bolt, Krink-style rear sight, dual aperture front sight, bolt hold open notch on the selector and will come to you with one 30 round magazine.

SKU# 3089N

Draco Romanian AK Pistol 12.25" Barrel

$ 695.00


This is the Draco Romanian 12.5" Barreled, AK Pistol chambered in 7.62 x 39. The pistol features a 21" OAL with a black matte finish, hardwood stock paired with a polymer pistol grip. This pistol will accept any std AK magazines and will come to you with 1, 30 round magazine.


C39V2 Pistol 10.6" Barrel

$ 849.00


The C39v2 AK pistol is a high value pistol package sharing the same features as the full-size rifle models such as a milled 4140 ordnance grade steel receiver, receiver side rail (compatible with the Century Arms AK Micro Dot Side Mount), 4150 nitride-treated barrel, RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group, with the addition of quick-detach attachment points for easy mounting of a tactical sling.The firepower and reliability of an AK-47 packed into pistol form, makes the C39v2 pistol a perfect option for the modern prepper, the ultimate backup or truck gun, or simply something for a day of ultimate fun at the range. 


Draco NAK-9mm

$ 695.00


This is the new Draco NAK-9, 9mm pistol. This is a Romanian made, stamped receiver, AK style pistol chambered for 9mm Luger. This pistol accepts Glock 17 and 19 magazines and includes 1, 33 round magazine

SKU # HG3736-N

Red Army AK-47 75 round drum magazine

$ 105.00


If you are looking for increased capacity for your AK-47 rifle, consider the Red Army Standard, AK-47, drum magazine. This durable steel drum holds 75 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo and is easy to load. Simply pull the levers to flip open the top and then drop in your rounds. After a few spins of the built-in key, you are ready to go! This drum fits all AK-47 rifles with a double stack magwell.

SKU# 78A

Browning Buck Mark Micro Bull

Reg Price $ 315.00

Rebate   $ 31.50


Your Cost $ 283.50



The Browning Buck Mark Micro Bull features a 4" bull-barreled rimfire pistol with rubber over-moulded Ultragrip FX abmi grips. Comes with Pro-Target adjustable sights, two spare magazines and a zipper closure pistol rug.

Browning Black Label 1911-380 Full Sized


Reg Price $ 549.00

Rebate $ 54.90

Your Cost $ 494.10


The Browning 1911-380 is 85% of the size of its original design, making it ideally suited for concealed carry for a wide variety of shooters. Unlike other 380 ACP autoloaders on the market, the 1911-380 is the only authentically designed, full-featured 1911-style handgun currently available that is chambered in 380 ACP. The 1911-380 is slightly larger than all of the popular micro 380s, the grip is long enough for three fingers to fit comfortably below the trigger guard; the slide and barrel are longer, yet the 1911-380 only weighs 3-5 ounces more than subcompacts. These slight increases make a big difference when shooting — reducing recoil and allowing for more comfortable shooting, more control, and more accurate follow-up shots. 

Mossberg Shockwave

$ 359.00


Mossberg Shockwave offers Mossberg's legendary pump-action reliability in a compact 14" barreled package.The Shockwave Raptor bird’s head pistol grip is uniquely shaped to minimize felt recoil. The 590 Shockwave is classified as fully-compliant by the BATFE, so this model requires no Tax Stamp for transfers.


Available in YOUR CHOICE of 12 or 20 Ga






Common Sense Gun Control


Part 3: There is no greater sacrifice, than to lay down your life for another

Syndicated by: Montana News

By: Marc Kelley

During my career as an Emergency Department RN, I witnessed first hand, acts of incredible courage by what were called "common people". "Common", not in their actions, but in their belief, that all life is precious and each individual life has value.


I was raised to understand, there are people who, whether we know them or not, are entitled to respect, simply because of their willingness to act, when confronted with evil. Without regard for the dangers they faced, these heros stepped forward, without hesitation, without orders and without a second thought. While many people find themselves in dangerous situations, simply by happenstance, many others get up each and everyday, put on the uniform of law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics. These individuals, kiss their families goodbye and walk out to face whatever the day will bring.


I considered working with these individuals to be both an honor and a privilege because of their instincts to relieve the suffering of another human being. None of the people I speak about acted solely because they were paid to do so or took an oath to protect us. They act out of love and recognize they act because acting, was the right thing to do.


Over the weekend I spoke with a young woman who is a teacher in an outlying middle school here in Montana. The school is 20 miles from our city and the response time for law enforcement, greatly exceeds the time it takes for a deranged killer to slaughter innocent, unprotected children.


This woman spoke to me, with tears in her eyes, telling me about the ridicule she endures from some of her fellow teachers and administrators, because of her belief, teachers should be allowed to carry a firearm at school, in order to have a fighting chance, if confronted by deadly force. She spoke eloquently and fully comprehends the responsibility of carrying a firearm.


In great detail, she explained her understanding of exactly what is required for the approval process to actually get a Concealed Weapons Permit.


Yet, even when faced with all of the added responsibility, she believes in her heart, she herself would act, to protect her students. She also spoke of her understanding and respect for individuals who choose not to own firearms, based on their personal belief system. She is outspoken, unapologetic and steadfast in her belief, every law abiding individual has the right to defend themselves, as well as the right to access to firearms, if that is their choice.


Even though I had just met this young woman, I found myself in the rare position to play devils advocate. Rather than resorting to the all too familiar racial slurs and hate filled tactics of the liberal, anti-gun coalition, I posed several questions concerning what she believed, was behind the violence which is seemingly ever present in society today.


You may well not like her answers; however, this is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to engage in a discussion of options.


At the risk of loosing her job if her views were made public, this young teacher spoke of the amount of parenting she is required to engage in with her students.


"Many, but certainly not all" parents fail to parent their children because they are "too busy with their own lives, lack the skills necessary to effectively parent or simply are unaware of their children's activities". Some parents have bought into the idea "their child's right to privacy, supersedes the rights of security for all".


This young teacher believes, her position, will ultimately cost her a career she loves deeply.


The driving force behind this thought process is "academia" itself. Today our colleges and universities are littered with professors pushing the liberal ideology under the guise of tolerance. The fact of the matter is, liberals have no tolerance for anyone who dares disagree with their position. If you speak up to support traditional family values, you are a racist and a bigot.


You have no right to Free Speech, because your views are "hate speech". If you support Christian values, you are either uninformed, misinformed or simply mentally ill. If you support the 2nd Amendment, you are personally responsible for the death of each and every person who dies by the hand of a deranged individual.


These positions are indefensible and so weak as to be unable to withstand scrutiny; yet, this is what our children are being taught in our absence. This campaign of brainwashing is very real and it must be stopped.


I very much enjoyed my time talking with this young woman and I have to acknowledge, what she spoke most passionately about was the love and responsibility she feels for her students.


In Parkland, Florida, we witnessed this love and personal sacrifice first hand when we learned two, Marjory Stoneman Douglas faculty, confronted the shooter, placing their bodies between their students and a madman. They willingly gave their lives to protect their students. If they would have had a firearm, they would at a minimum, have had a chance for a different outcome. 


When you juxtapose the courage and self sacrifice of theses teachers, with the actions of the School Resource Officer and the Broward County Officers who were the first on the scene, it makes me sick to my stomach. Images of law enforcement officers hiding behind their cars, as children are being murdered seems a surreal notion. For me, two questions must be addressed.


First, is non-engagement of an active shooter, the policy of Broward County Sheriffs Department? Second, we see the words "to serve and protect" on virtually every law enforcement vehicle in our country. Is this simply a catchy motto with no real meaning, or is it backed up by brave men and women, who are willing to stand up and confront evil?


I began this essay talking about the brave men and women I have known personally and their willingness to act, when called upon. When politics is held in greater regard than honor and duty, something is very wrong. Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, has done an unspeakable disservice to his department, his deputies and to his community. Leadership comes from the top down, yet time and time again we have witnessed the politicization of our law enforcement agencies. No longer can we rely on the upper echelon to do what is right, because they are too busy pushing a politically correct agenda and have lost the moral courage required to do their job. In my opinion, Sheriff Israel has no right to wear the uniform of law enforcement. He has nothing in common with the brave men and women we call cops and firefighters….Marc



Rock Island Armory M206 Snub Nose 38 Special

$ 245.00


This is the Rock Island Armory M206, chambered in .38 Special. This pistol features a 2" barrel, 6 shot capacity. The pistole will come to you with with both the presentation wood grips shown here as well as a set of rubber target grips, factory box and paperwork. The Pistol features fixed sights and functions both Single Action as well as Double Action. This pistol has been part of the Marc Arms inventory for some time now and has established itself as one of my best sellers. 

Rock Island Armory M 200 4" 38 Special 

$ 249.00


This is the Rock Island Armory M200, chambered in .38 Special. This pistol features a 4" barrel, 6 shot capacity, synthetic grips, fixed sights, parkerized finish and functions in both Single Action as well as Double Action. This pistol has all of the features offered by its snub nose cousin, but is fitted with a 4" barrel for those who are interested in in larger revolver. 

Emperor Sey-Lan TM1950 12 ga Tactical Shotgun

$ 399.00


This tactical shotgun from Sey-Lan Arms is a Turkish built, AR style 12 ga, magazine fed semi-auto shotgun with a 20" barrel and 5 round magazine. This beefy 12 ga semi-automatic shotgun is simply BAD TO THE BONE. If you enjoy the AR style platform and want to kick up your firepower, this one id just the ticket !

Cheetah 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic

Kalashnikov Style

Shotgun Package

$ 579.00


The Cheetah 12 is the next evolution in 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Kalashnikov styled shotguns. This shot gun is offers improved ergonomics for easier handling, faster shooting and delivers the maximum firepower needed to be an apex predator. This is what you have been waiting for! Accepts all Saiga Mags and Drums and Most Saiga Accessories. This shotgun features a 19" chrome lined barrel, with a 3" chamber. Last round hold open, adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front sight, Gen 2 improved bolt carrier group and a 4 position gas system.


Package includes:

AimTech 9-13" adjustable bi-pod

ProMag 20 round drum

1 OEM 5 round box magazine

ATI FX Military 1911

$ 399.00 


John Moses Browning’s 1911 is without a doubt the most timeless semi-automatic handgun ever to be conceived. The summation of Browning’s previous work in handgun development during the late 1890s and early 1900s, the 1911 was revolutionary both in terms of operation and power for a sidearm. After Colt’s submission proved reliable in 1910 testing, the US Army adopted the pistol in April of 1911, thus dubbing it the Model of 1911, or M1911 for short. The ATI FX M1911, is a classic, full size 1911, chambered in 45 ACP. This pistol remains faithful to the original 1911 design and features a 5" barrel, fixed sights, wood grips, a parkerized finish and an 8 round magazine

ATI GFX 1911 Commander 1911

$ 399.00


This is the smaller version (Commander Sized) of the full sized FX Military. This pistol features a 4.25" barrel, 7+1 capacity, low profile military front and rear sights, mahogany grips and a parkerized black matte finish.

Marc Arms Pre-owned Firearms

Smith & Wesson

Mdl 915


$ 369.00


The Smith & Wesson 915 is a single action / double action 9mm, 15 round, semi automatic pistol which was produced from 1992-1994. Initially marketed as a budget friendly 9mm pistol, the 915 found a huge following among law enforcement agency's and have continued to be sought after for their reliability. The pistol features a 4" barrel paired with an aluminum alloy frame and carbon steel slide.

Smith & Wesson

Mdl 5904


$ 369.00


The 5900 model pistols are Smith & Wesson's 'Third Generation' series, replacing all previous heavy-caliber models except the Model 52. Features incorporated in these pistols include a fixed barrel bushing, greatly improved trigger pull, 3-dot sights, improved wraparound grips, beveled magazine well and a double-stack magazine.

Star BM9

9mm (Baby 1911)

$ 289.00


This is a very nice Star Model BM9 chambered in 9mm Luger. Overall the pistol is in excellent condition. The finish shown minor handling marks, but virtually no holster wear. The bore of the pistols 3.77" barrel is bright and shinny with strong lands and grooves and is free of rust or pitting. The grips are agin in excellent condition shown minor handling marks. The pistol will come to you with 2 eight round magazines, the factory paperwork, box and cleaning rod. The Star BM9 is a single-action semi-automatic pistol produced by Star Bonifacio Echeverria, S.A. in Spain. Although its external appearance resembles the classic M1911, its design is different in several respects. The Star does not employ the 1911's grip safety but utilizes the 1911 like thumb safety.

CZ-83 32 ACP

$ 329.00


The CZ 83 is a compact, single/double-action, semi-automatic pistol with a conventional blowback action. This type of action allows the barrel to remain solidly fixed to the frame, resulting in improved accuracy over pistols with pivoting barrels. The low bore axis of the CZ. 83 provides for less muzzle rise and quicker follow-up shots. For added convenience, both the frame-mounted thumb safety and the magazine release are ambidextrous. The pistol will come to you with one fifteen round magazine.


CZ 83 15 Round Surplus Magazines

Used But Good Condition

$ 23.95 ea

Beretta Nano 9mm

$ 285.00


The Beretta Nano is an outstanding choice for a carry pistol. Chambered in 9mm with a 6+1 capacity and a 3" barrel, this pistol packs plenty of punch. This pistols is a "Salesmen's Sample", is in outstanding condition and appears unfired. In addition to the original packaging, box, and gun lock, this pistol will come to you with 2 magazines. 

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