Billings Montana DPHHS (CPS) Caseworkers, Being Cornered by Federal Law Suit Filed By Billings Mother Krissy Sanchez

February 26, 2018




Montana News Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from

By; Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings, Montana DPHHS and their case workers are being backed into a corner by a Federal case that was filed by a Krissy Sanchez.  The Montana News reported on that Federal law suit that was filed and according to Montana News inside sources in the local CPS office, several meetings have taken place that CPS called with various County Officials to figure out a way to keep control of their state case because the Billings, Montana DPHHS  office is faced with the reality that this Federal law suit may take the “Power” away from the local CPS Case workers and local CPS corruption may backfire and CPS caseworkers may go down in a trail of legal fire and smoke.


Currently, a Federal Motion For Emergency Injunction has been filed by Krissy Sanchez who is trying to protect her children from CPS who is ignoring Constitutional laws, Federal laws, State Laws and their own CPS policy handbook. 


Sanchez’ is seeking from the Federal Court an injunction pending a resolution of the Federal Law Suit that she filed against CPS and many of their case workers, including Friedel Inc., among others named in the Lawsuit.


The Federal Court has total jurisdiction over this CPS case and their eventual ruling will affect all of Montana State Courts.


According to Sanchez’s Motion For Emergency Injunction, in her case and literally all of the CPS cases in Montana at the State level, the District Court Judges are refusing to follow the constitutional laws and policies that were set in place to protect children and their families from what is a horrific state interference exercising an uncheck abusive power.


Sanchez wants to show the Federal Court the facts surrounding ethical, illegal constitutional Child removals, illegal state interference with families and have the Federal Court issue an Order or instruct the lower courts, Montana DPHHS prosecutors and all those involved, to follow the law that is already on the books and was written pertaining to the removals, including the return of children to parents and stop the illegal interference from CPS committing illegal acts against countless Montana families.


The Montana News has been investigating the Montana DPHHS at all levels and has been able to dig dirt up on ALL MONTANA CPS CASES WORKERS, some prosecutors and some Judges who are not following the laws either.  Instead, they are violating the constitutional rights of parents, and committing deliberate disregard of State Laws and policies.


Sanchez points out that Court Appointed attorneys, IE (Public Defenders) whose lack of will to fight CPS are literally rubber stamping  CPS removals from their clients at hearings without contesting and putting up a fight.


Scott Twitto the Yellowstone County Attorney has told the Montana News in a phone interview several years back, that CPS “Calls the shots over here.  We basically do as they say.”

That statement alone is very telling of the overreach that the Billings Montana CPS

Office is wielding which is an utter gross abuse of power in it’s self.


The Billings CPS caseworkers do not follow the mandated laws.  For example.  Billings CPS Caseworkers fail to follow timelines nor protect families involved by either State statues or even Federal guidelines.  The District Court Judges are just as guilty as they are also not following the State law timelines that were set in place for CPS to follow. 


Back in Nov of 2017 Krissy Sanchez filed a Federal Lawsuit for an immediate hearing and the return of her children.


In her Case CPS caseworkers did not follow the law and have grossly put the State at risk which the Montana News has already outlined in a previous article.


Sanchez explains to the Federal Court  that her children have been unconstitutionally withheld from her and that she has not been able to even see her daughter for over (5) months and that the CPS caseworker placed her child with an abuser who is on the Court record in Washington as being an abuser. 


Those very same abusers Sanchez stated, abused her when she was a child, beat her on a regular bases, refused to provide her education, forced her into a cult which made national headlines when another child was beaten by those very Cult elders which caused that little boy to die from his beating. 


Those same abusers that Billings, Montana DPHHS (CPS) caseworkers, placed her daughter in also kept Sanchez locked up in a dog kennel along with one of her siblings.  Sanchez, along with her siblings were sexually abused on a regular basis.  


Sanchez was put out on the street by those abusers at the young age of (12).   The abuse list goes on and is endless.


Billings, Montana DPHHS (CPS) caseworkers still refuse to correct their wrong, even though Sanchez has jumped through all of their demands only to find out that Sanchez is not a threat to her children nor ever was.  Yet the state still refuses to correct any of their wrong doings. 


Once the Montana News pointed a bright light on several Billings CPS caseworkers back in Dec 2017, exposing their corruption, those case workers no longer work for Montana DPHHS as their corruption was exposed publicly. Those former corrupt CPS caseworker names are Moyra Anthony and Lorna Foreman.


In the media investigation that the Montana News has been conducting on CPS caseworkers here in Billings, the Montana News now has evidence and will expose that CPS caseworker Jenn Weber for conducting her own business using a CPS computer (State Owned) to conduct financial commerce as a side gig selling her products on social media sites all during the time she was at the Billings CPS office suppose to be working for the best interest of children, yet been paid by taxpayer dollars, using computers that were paid by taxpayers, on tax payers property on taxpayers time. This is grossly ILLEGAL.


Here is a photo shot of Jen Webber.  Notice the time and date she was on social media which is the same time that she was to be working in the CPS office. This CPS caseworker even prophetically states in one of her hash tags, “#Imgoingtoregretthis”

Yet this very case worker is ignoring returning phone calls to parents because she is too busy, she claims.   This very same case worker has made falsified claims to District Court  and has misled

The District Court in order to force Sanchez to adhere to her ideals and standards as an illegal corrupt power play. 


CPS Caseworker Jenn Weber is corrupt and taking advantage of taxpayer time, taxpayer owned property, taxpayer money in an attempt to enrich herself on social media selling her products.  (Makeup, lotion, face products ect.)  


Sanchez asks the Federal Court to give guidelines to the Lower Courts, Sheriff Department, District Courts, CASA and its people undeniable clarity and uniformity in the application of State law.  Regardless of how the merits are resolved, Sanchez wants the Federal Court to enforce the law that the Montana DPHHS (CPS) is not following.


Sanchez goes on to say that the confusion and uncertainty benefits nobody except CPS





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