Billings Men Rodney Alex Cabrera And Zachary Allan Hankel Both Arrested For Multiple Different Felony Charges

February 7, 2018






by:Donald Cyphers investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings man Rodney Alex Cabrera and Zachary Allan Hankel both were arrested and charged with multiple different charges.


On December 2, 2017 at 10:00 in the evening, a complaint was received by the Billings police that a person stole his sister’s vehicle and that person was in the Holiday located at 790 South Billings Blvd.


This person was identified as Rodney Alex Cabrera.  Cabrera is considered as a Co-Defendant to Zachary Allan Hankel.


Billings Police according to Police records had been searching for Rodney Cabrera.


Billings Police Officer Romero before arriving at the gas station, checked on Rodney Cabrera’s NICI jacket for a photo of what Cabrera looked like.  Once Office Romero arrived at the Gas station, he saw Cabrera in the check out line.  Officer Romero made contact with Cabrera and asked him what was his name, and if he was Rodney,  Cabrera stated “yes”.


Officer Romero then requested some I.D. from Cabrera and Rodney Cabrera gave to Officer Romero an I.D. that had the name of “Kole Myhre.”


Officer Romero told Cabrera that that I.D. was not him and he then placed Cabrera under arrest.


Billings Police had been looking for Cabrera because Cabrera had and outstanding warrant for his arrest for (2) counts of Burglary.


Officer Romero walked Cabrera to his patrol car.

Cabrera had been driving a white vehicle bearing the license plate 3-56557C.  In the vehicle were two other individuals, Zachary Allan Hankel and Rodney Cabrera’s girl friend Mackenzie Breeann Shores.


Inside of this vehicle were numerous bags.  Officer Edwards continued to question Zachary Allan Hankel who indicated to Officer Edwards that the vehicle was registered to Rodney Cabrera.  Billings Police Officers requested to search the vehicle but Rodney Cabrera refused to allow them to search his vehicle.


Both Officer Romero and Edwards knew the history of both Cabrera and Hankel and that both had a history of drug use.  Cabrera was arrested for obstructing a peace Officer and for the outstanding warrants for his arrest. 


Hankel was “tripping” from his recent drug use.  Cabrera and Shores also admitted to

Officers that they were high on Meth and various other drugs that they recently ingested or smoked.

Cabrera’s vehicle was searched and this is what was discovered by the Billings Police Officers.


6.9 grams of Meth 2.1 grams of a blue crystal (1) foggy glass smoking pipe, 3.1 grams of green leafy substance, Metal bowl with Meth residue in it, multiple syringes, 3.1 grams, a bag of drug paraphernalia, 3 blue pills which was identified as Morphine, (2) smoking pipes, both with Meth residue, spoon with meth residue, syringe, cotton balls, 4 whit pills identified as morphine sulphate, 2 ornage pills identified as morphine, 2 green pills identified as alprazolam, 1 light pill identified as morphine, many syringe needles loaded with meth, 5.5 grams of a green substance, $327 cash (2) diesel watches, (2) sim cards,(8) cell phones, (2) wireless headphones, Pink I-pad, HP computer, (11) pairs of sunglasses, and the list is endless of what police think are stolen items.

Rodney Cabrera was a suspect in two separate burglaries.


Billings Police feel that the 2002 Chevy Impala Vin#2g1wf5229342336 and the $327 cash are assets from or being used in the course of drug distributions.  Hankel was charged with possession with intent to distribute (5) counts, Obstructing a Peace Officer, Possession of drug paraphernalia.



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